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EA’s Servers are under a DDOS Attack; The Sims 4 Gallery & The Sims Mobile are affected (UPDATE)

UPDATE: EA Help has released an official statement saying that their servers are back up and running!

Over the last two days EA’s servers have been a target of numerous “DDOS attacks” – as they’ve stated.

In case you don’t know what a DDOS attack is – it’s a targeted Distributed Denial-Of-Service attack which causes overload in server bandwidth – usually resulting in the target’s servers becoming overloaded and going offline.

In this case, EA’s games have become the latest victim of these attack by an unknown source. The attacks are causing an outage on all online modes in EA’s games – including The Sims 4’s Gallery Feature that lets you download other people’s creations as well as The Sims Mobile, which completely relies on EA servers. Origin client is also affected by this, meaning that you won’t be able to go in Online Mode as well as download games that you haven’t previously installed.

The DDOS attacks began early on April 14th. Even though EA has managed to get their servers back up a few hours afterwards, it seems that the attacks on their servers continued, causing their online services to go offline once again.

It’s unknown when EA’s servers will become stable and functional again, but we’ll definitely keep you posted once they are!

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  • What about the sale? :( i was planning on buying a couple of bundles yesterday but my origin wouldnt go online. I hope it gets fixed before the sale is over!!

  • I really wonder why people do this? What’s in it for them??

    That’s why origin said that I couldn’t go online.. I was wondering why I couldn’t so now I know..

    Good luck on fixing this problem and to maybe even locating the hackers..

    • Whats on it for them is: while the team over at ea is busy trying to get the servers back online someone sneaks in and steals ppl personal information. Im hoping because all my transactions are thru xbox ill be ok.

      • EA deserves everything negative it gets. It sucks for the gamers but EA is a horrible company that sales broken games and refuses to give refunds

  • Omg earlier my game crashed and then Origin started a download. It said something about checking pack and it took like 10 minutes but it went through all of them. I was wondering what was happening so I’m assuming this is why.

  • We need to own our games. When we pay we should be allowed to load the game without logging in. That would make it less likely to get hacked. We should have the option to go online for updates and if we needed to for the gallery.

    • I can start up my Sims game without loading/logging in to Origin. It’s a mostly offline game anyway and when I had no internet just before Xmas I could still play all the expansions etc… But yes an actual ‘copy’ would be better to own

    • You don’t need to log in to origin in order to play. I’ve never once allowed my game to connect to origin to play. Start your game directly from the the .exe file instead.

  • Hello, is here somebody with advice please? My game today just stop exist! I play trought Game center but when i go on the game is there make your first sim. I really dont know what i can do is happen with this update :/ (i send message to EA but still no respond)

    • Check your EA folder and see if your original version is still there. I had a similar problem after the update, as the update had changed my game’s language in origin. I just had to switch the language back in origin and then delete the newly dled version in my EA folder. Might be the same problem as you have?

  • All of my photos turned black. Years of family photos. I refuse to continue playing because I’ve had the same family since the day I bought the Sims. Since then I’ve had 5 children and all of our memories are gone.
    Is there any help you could offer me?

    • Do you use custom content?
      I had this problem recently after I tried to do a batch fix through Sims 4 Studio, but I did it wrong the first time around, which caused the Mods folder to no longer recognize anything IN the folder as custom content. When I tried to load a household that used a lot of CC, the Sim’s preveiw appeared black, and when I loaded it, I got a notification saying that any custom content I had used was no longer in the game or was unrecognizable and had been removed.
      Thankfully, I kept the backup files for that batch fix and just replaced everything, and things were fine after that.
      Since then, I’ve learned how to NOT screw it up. Basically, don’t touch or remove anything if you are not told to.
      (I’m not sure if that’s the same kind of problem you’re having or not, but I know that the sims will turn black if custom content you used had been removed or was not recognized in the Mods folder.)

  • They are bored. There is nothing else to do indoors. So they practice their hacking skills. It’s a challenge to see how much damage they can do. And if it’s malicious, then they are trying to get other private information.

  • Is this why the gallery is constantly disconnecting from my wifi and taking forever to load? This has been going on for 6+ months. I’ve had my router replaced and I’ve used 2 different computers. Still disconnects and runs slow

  • Good. EA deserves everything bad that happens to them. All they do is destroy beloved franchises and companies in the name of a few bucks.

    • @ Fakename Bruh you sound like you were involved. If you’re that put off by EA stop involving yourself in their games and news. You’re mad about the choices that a few people make as if everyone working for EA is on board with every decision. They are no different from any other company, especially pro profit companies. Most people who have jobs don’t support everything their supervisor or boss does but they still need to pay the bills, eat and have a roof. This situation also caused trouble for many of their customers who have no part in EA’s decision making. Like I don’t understand players who hate a company that much but still play their games and wish bad things happen and honestly I don’t wish to understand having that much resentment. Did you work on a previous EA title or own rights because then I’d get it.

    • What’s against ea? They have really high quality games. Please don’t say these things. You don’t know if they are having rough family problems. It’s really not nice to say these things. I hope you learn your lesson.

  • Need for speed heat isn’t connect to the ea too what was that problem why some people want cheat in the game . They didn’t want play game like human

  • Has anyone been experiencing their sims game just closing out when it’s in loading stage, like when saving or traveling? I can’t even play the game that long cause anytime I go to travel or save my game it just closes out and takes me to the start menu.

    • My game a couple of days ago (and I’m not sure if it had anything to do with these recent DDOS attacks or if it had to do with the recent update) repeatedly would freeze when I would play for a length of 10 minutes and then I would try opening build/buy mode and the game screen would go white and completely close the entire game.

      • Are you a Mac user or use mods? I remember a modder mentioned that origin does something with the game every 10 minutes that contributes to lag. Also I’ve heard some people mention they get some bad lag or the game crashes with build and buy but the lag has been ongoing. Usually for me when the game crashes it was a bad mod or when I didn’t have enough memory before my new computer. I don’t really remember regarding the origin comment but I assume in your case this is all a new development. Maybe try repairing your game? Check through official TS4 bugs or the official TS4 forums to see if others are having similar situation.

  • I came to play and went to make my male Sim exercise and it told me he couldn’t as he’s pregnant. How the hell does a male sim become pregnant. How can I undo this??

    • Your sim must have been abducted by aliens. If you don’t want the baby, you can send it back after its born. If you have a mod called mc command center, you can stop the pregnancy.

  • does this include sims freeplay as well? I have been having trouble loading sims freeplay as it kept shutting down on its own in the loading screen.

  • If only we could play games that we BOUGHT without ORIGIN like before it would be great ! I mean god everytime I want to play after hard day there is a problem or a new upload to do. I am a women not a kid, I dont’t have two or three hours in front of me, when I want to have some fun times on games I can’t. I bought TS4 and I just want to play with the application of the game. I miss the simplicity of the 90s.
    Origin sucks. If TS5 is on it, it will be the first time I don’t buy it.

  • After the update about 90% of the world’s Sims stopped having hair and wearing clothes. Including my sim. I did a reinstall and now my sim keeps her clothes and hair but the world some are still running around in underwear for the majority.