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The Sims 4 Get Famous Acting Career Gig Feature is broken; here’s a workaround

Many simmers have been reporting that after the latest update for The Sims 4 they’re unable to attend Acting Career gigs – one of the main features that’s been introduced with The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack.

As described by an EA Answers HQ member Psychotps, the issue happens after your Sim accepts an Acting Career gig. By the time when you’re supposed to travel to any gig that you’ve chosen – nothing happens.

Gig is assigned a date/time. That date/time will come and go and never get the option to go to the gig.


The Sims Team has acknowledged the issue and it’s currently being investigated. Until we get a proper fix for this issue there is a workaround that will ensure your Sims get to their acting gig…

The following workaround has been discovered by Crinrict:

  1. Cancel any stuck gigs you already have. You won’t be able to complete them
  2. Get a new gig
  3. If you don’t have the perk that allows you to skip auditions, you’re allowed to travel until you have to go to the audition. I would make sure you’re on the home lot before the audition starts.
  4. Do not travel, Go to CAS, the Map, Household Manager or reload the save game until you get the pop-up to go to work. No Loading screens allowed between the audition and the gig.
  5. It’s no problem to let the the Sim go to the audition or other rabbit hole events. If you have another active career you play in that household, always send the Sim alone.
  6. Once you get the gig pop-up you can join the Sim at the set and do the task there. There should be no problem fulfilling them.
  7. You can then travel again until you get the next gig.
  8. You can save your game in between but not re-load or turn off.

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  • Not working, actually I deleted that perk to if that would be the problem and wait without going outsite that day but nothing happens. I think it works just with a new gameplay.

    • Make sure you are not doing any loading screens during that time such as leaving the game, traveling, social events outside of your home lot, or CAS.

    • Not working my game either. In my game, the sims in the actor’s career don’t go to gigs. However, the auditions are working.
      Even if there in the EA team you would sometimes even bother to do your job, instead of fooling around. That guidance was completely useless, as were you.
      Besides, when you make a new part of a game, what if you test it with all the add-ons that already exist, and not only with the base game. No wonder the game doesn’t work properly when the EA team does the work in the climbing in the butt first in the tree style.

      • This doesn’t work in my game either. I’ve tried all the “remedies” and tricks. There was even a mod that was said to fix it, but it didn’t. This is really frustrating. :(

        • I’m still having the same issue as of right now and I’m highly upset about purchasing this pack and not getting the experience I paid for. Something needs to be done.

          • My boyfriend has the problem too. My get famous pack works fine, but he can’t attend auditions or cancel them. It is still not fixed.

  • Why don’t they just make it so that players don’t have to install the latest updates in order to play the game? When computer games used to be on disks, they weren’t required to install an app store like Origin, or Steam in order to play the games. It was an option for some games. Now that computer games are all digitally downloaded, it’s required to install an app store along with the games that are purchased. Also, for most games, it’s required to have the latest updates installed in order for the players to play their games… Even if the updates have problems that need to be fixed.

    • You can play without updating the game however I do agree that I wished we didn’t have to use origin. It updates more frequently than the games I play using it and sometimes forces you do update origin if you want to continue playing offline which is annoying which sometimes triggers TS4 to update automatically since origin goes back online as default when of my settings usually TS4 won’t update until I manually say so. I do like having a digital copy as disks can get lost or broken overtime so you may not be able to continue playing a game you had on an old computer or if you want to reinstall it after deleting it.

    • I feel like this process was already broken on PS4, when you traveled it got rid of your completed tasks so when you got to the studio, you had to try and get them completed again before film time. Now this. I mean the load time alone is reason enough to throw the TV off the balcony

  • as always, tons of broken stuff in game but Maxis be like “oh, let’t go take care so all paints in gallery would be marked as cc cuz people gets too creative and we’re lame to bring new content which wouldn’t be recolor or remake of what we already made”…. how lame is that…. I can’t wait for Sims4 to be closed so modders could finally make it working as it should…

    • modders care more about us and the game then the company does. Every time I make a magic sims the premade outfits don’t work and when I use move objects cheat everything starts to glitch.

    • I just want The Sims 4 to end too. Like one Game Changers said, a broken foundation can’t be fixed by adding more stuff on top of it. They either have to remake the game from scratch and change its core systems or idk… I need Paralives or TS5.

  • how about make it so you can be a director and direct your own movie, cast fellow Townies to star in the movie. Plus would be cool if the women on set wore pants that actually fit them properly.

    • Would also be nice if we actually got to work with other actors besides the same 2 nobodies every time. Come to think of it I think only one other celebrity is actually an actor the other are either unemployed or something else, it’s kind of stupid. Also no one ever increases or decreases in fame from the time you start playing. And one final thing, we should be able to have the option to become famous rock stars/ singers and a drum set and bass with electric guitar available to buy

  • It worked for me. All I had to do was stay on the lot and basically do nothing outside of it. Walking dogs are ok and inviting sims over is ok. Just do NOT leave. This can get pretty boring if your gig is days away though.. I’ve decided to play a different family until its fixed…sigh

    • That is not working. That is suffering something that is broken in order to make it work. It’s like taping a broke pipe and knowing as long as you don’t FLUSH IT you won’t leak crap everywhere.

  • I’ve notice if another sim is busy during the same time the acting gig is starting it cancels out your acting gig. I had another sim go to work at 12 pm, the same time the gig was at and it didn’t let my sim go to the gig cause of it. I changed it up and it let my sim go when it wasn’t at 12 the time when my other sim worked.

  • I feel until ea FIXES they server issues I can’t even play my sims 4 on norm I’m constantly getting kicked out especially when I want my sim to travel change outfits shop or gallery I feel quarantine in this freaking game too I’ve contacted ea and only temp fixed I’m so pissed!!!

  • Havnt noticed if its messed up for me, but occasionally my Sims dont go to work physically which is funny because they still get payed etc. And i can have them do whatever eat sleep earn skills etc.

  • This is one of the expansions I bought during Quarantine and of course the main reason for buying it was the acting career.. and it doesn’t work – it’s kind if ironic that the way for it to work is to Quarantine your sim until it’s time for them to go to their gig. I want less restrictions to my in-game life to my real life situation as possible.. lol..

  • I was playing with my actress Sim last night, didn’t have any issues that I noticed. I was at home away from home, still got my gig popups like normal.

  • It would have been bloody nice if they’d said this on that load screen instead of pushing new products on us. OR you know FIXING THIS ISSUE instead of pushing that crappy expansion pack.

  • The workaround is not even a real workaround as even if your sim is doing nothing at all, sitting at home, before the gig is set to start, it still will not send them to it. I’ve been having to cancel every other gig because they seem to not work randomly. Makes the acting career a real pain. As soon as I reach the top level I’m quitting this career straight away.

  • Thanks bro its work, appreciate it

    btw can we do another gigs without this process or we must do this again?

  • It’s still not working iv reloaded the game I’ve uninstalled it and all the add ons I’ve purchased and reinstalled them I play on ps4 I’ve reset my PS4 I’ve checked for system updates. I reload the game I go in to build mode and all the other suggestions it still isn’t working and is becoming very frustrating because I haven’t had this problem before.

  • This works for me but it’s still really lame that I have to basically stay in the house for like 2 days just so they can go to the gig. Also I hope they will fix the makeup chair because when I go to the gig for some reason like I cannot get hair and make up. I can’t even click on the chair. I said this to them on Twitter and I hope they notice it.

  • I’ve just installed Get Famous yesterday. One of the reasons I bought the expansion was to “act the part” as they say. It’s so disappointing for a new player to already have problems with the the expansion pack. Video game companies would have this fixed either overnight or that week. It really does tell me how much EA cares about their players experience. The tricks were useless to me and didn’t help at all. In fact, I tried that way before I went here. It really turns me off of sims, especially since the fact that these are so expensive But they don’t even work. Absolutely ridiculous, EA needs to do better than this since Sims 4 has so much wasted potential.

  • I bought the Get Famous pack for ps4 Sims 4 a couple months ago, I have tried all these tips & tricks, even the debug cheat for acting gigs. NOTHING WORKS! I paid for this pack & am not even able to play a huge part of it!!! Fix this Sims, it has been MONTHS, no?

  • When will this get patched over? It’s been months. This work around winter work. Can’t cancel my audition. I even quit the job but as soon as I rejoin it, I’m back in the same position with the same gig that said I failed.