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The Sims 4 Get Famous Acting Career Gig Feature is broken; here’s a workaround

Many simmers have been reporting that after the latest update for The Sims 4 they’re unable to attend Acting Career gigs – one of the main features that’s been introduced with The Sims 4 Get Famous Expansion Pack.

As described by an EA Answers HQ member Psychotps, the issue happens after your Sim accepts an Acting Career gig. By the time when you’re supposed to travel to any gig that you’ve chosen – nothing happens.

Gig is assigned a date/time. That date/time will come and go and never get the option to go to the gig.


The Sims Team has acknowledged the issue and it’s currently being investigated. Until we get a proper fix for this issue there is a workaround that will ensure your Sims get to their acting gig…

The following workaround has been discovered by Crinrict:

  1. Cancel any stuck gigs you already have. You won’t be able to complete them
  2. Get a new gig
  3. If you don’t have the perk that allows you to skip auditions, you’re allowed to travel until you have to go to the audition. I would make sure you’re on the home lot before the audition starts.
  4. Do not travel, Go to CAS, the Map, Household Manager or reload the save game until you get the pop-up to go to work. No Loading screens allowed between the audition and the gig.
  5. It’s no problem to let the the Sim go to the audition or other rabbit hole events. If you have another active career you play in that household, always send the Sim alone.
  6. Once you get the gig pop-up you can join the Sim at the set and do the task there. There should be no problem fulfilling them.
  7. You can then travel again until you get the next gig.
  8. You can save your game in between but not re-load or turn off.

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