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The Sims 4 Official Survey: Vote for Potential New Features and Improvements!

The Sims Team has released another big community survey for The Sims 4!

In this survey, you’ll be voting and prioritizing some of the potential features that might be coming to the game in the future. You can vote on the official survey by clicking the button down below!


Here’s all the ideas that they’ve listed in the survey:

Culinary Quest

  • Take on the role of master chef. 
  • Find the best ingredients, create recipes, and keep that kitchen running through the dinner rush. 

Fan Club Creator

  • Immerse your Sims in fandom. 
  • Create fan clubs, collect rare memorabilia and express your love, drive a craze that could take over the town. 

NPC Story Progression

  • Now your neighbours come to life. 
  • Sims outside of your household live their lives from birth, marriage and death. Imagine the possibilities when the drama can start next door. 

Shopping Malls

  • All your retail needs under one roof. 
  • Hang out, find deals, and discover that perfect outfit for the night ahead in full retail experience, mall cop included. 


  • Immerse yourself in the world of cheerleading where focus is king and distractions are dangerous. Keep the team together, build routines and make sure to stick the landing. 

Growing Pains and Life Issues

  • Life is hard. Now your sims feel those physical and emotional changes as they grow up. 
  • Realistic reactions and emotions bring deeper connections to the world around them. 


  • Whether you’re an aspiring Debbie or Danny Ocean, build your team to seek out and recover the stolen artifacts to return them to their rightful owners. Can you execute the perfect plan, or will your team end up in the slammer? 

Modern Love and Romance

  • From love at first sight to digital dating, discover a wide variety of relationship types for your Sims. Explore their desires, taste and preference. Take them on a journey to discover what works for them. 

American High Schools

  • Cafeteria cliques, racy relationships and SAT struggles, the halls are alive with the sound of drama. 


  • Go solo or build your super group, find your style and perform your way from YouTube celebrity to sold out stadiums. 
  • Feel the pressure and demands of keeping the band together, record company demands and the needs of your adoring fans. 

World Suggestions

  • Brazilian Beach Town
  • South African City
  • Spanish City
  • Korean City
  • Swiss Mountain Town
  • Chinese Countryside
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Italian Vineyards
  • Greek Islands
  • Costa Rican Rainforest

Deepening the existing content

  • Long term desires
  • Connections to family members outside of the household
  • Being born with traits
  • Short term desires
  • Control of Sims that are not currently on the active lot
  • Emotions
  • Consequences of making or breaking relationships
  • Developing traits over time
  • Family evolution outside the household

New CAS Item Additions

  • Tattoos
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Tops
  • Accessories
  • Bottoms
  • Hair
  • Full Outfits

New CAS Features

  • Burns
  • Prosthetics
  • Dual Eye Colour (Heterochromia)
  • Vitiligo
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars
  • Body Hair

Additional Gameplay and Items for Life Stages

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  • please make custom content available for consoles. it sucks playing the sims for years and supporting the development yet you cant have full abilities like pc users can.

    • I also want custom content on console that would be amazing. I have multiple packs but it would be an amazing game with custom content. I sucks not having it. seeing these other players that can afford a pc with Custom content is sad and I feel very left out.

      • i just want to able to have gender neutral or non-binary sims, man. i’m so tired of having to misgender them

    • The sims have no input on whether or not CC is available to console players. That’s entirely on the console company itself because on consoles you just can’t download custom content and there isn’t even a Mods folder you can put it in, because consoles don’t have a file application like computers and laptops.

    • The problem with custom content (cc) on the console is more the console itself
      Microsoft and Sony are usually against mod support on their consoles because the can’t make money with it
      lots of games failed getting the permission and even Bethesda which is a very big games company had to fight years to get it

  • NPC Neighbors being more interesting!! Yes! That would affect the game more realistically. Shopping malls next! We use our imaginations so a lot of the other options aren’t as needed imo.

  • If Sims really wants to be true to life and as inclusive as they claim to be .. they’d add:
    Dual Eye Colour (Heterochromia)
    Stretch Marks
    Body Hair

    Not because we voted it in, but because there are already Simmers who have all of this and none of their Sims reflect that. Sims has been on the forefront of being inclusive but now we have to vote whether or not to include body traits that exist and can’t be helped? I have to PAY EXTRA just so I can have a Sim that looks more like me genetically? I can understand clothing, but not body types and traits and changes.

    I already feel a way that there’s never a POC hair that looks genuinely nice in base game. We shouldn’t have to also deal with being left out for what we can’t help.

  • Ok, So what I was thinking if they were going to incorporate malls for the sims 4 they should have locked clothing. So when your sim goes into a clothing store and buys new clothing it’s unlocked and you can access it in cas. I also think it would be cool to have seasonal sales. So some clothes only come at certain times during certain seasons. Unlocking clothing would be like unlocking festival tee shirts or work clothing. There could also be different stores for different types of clothing and price ranges. I also feel like there should be spaces where you can have restaurants inside the mall and kids play place where kids can hang out. I feel like there could be a lot of opportunities with the mall. Maybe we could also incorporate a feature where you can make your own store and clothing brand.

  • I really hope that eventually we get all of these. It would be great to see the game developing in a more realistic way. I do hope that one day we will get more traits and CAS options for basegame for those of us don’t who don’t have many packs or none at all.

  • I unfortunately missed the April survey, but if I could’ve voted I would have picked Greek Islands! It would be so cool if we could add some mythology to the game, maybe even play as a demigod! Imagine sims could summon one of the Olympians and try to have a baby with them, among other things. You could burn vegetable offerings to try to curry favor with the gods, etc. This is really out there but perhaps even a live demigod hero career where you have to go fight different monsters. Think The Odyssey or the Percy Jackson books. lol. Please consider! Thanks!

    • I’m completely sold on this Greek Mythology track, here are a few more ideas:

      1) A new aspiration to be invited to join the gods on Mount Olympus, a hidden world in the Greek islands you can access through somewhere in the neighborhood like a tree or a rock OR SOME ANCIENT RUINS. You could get something minor assigned to you that you’d be the ‘god’ of. Maybe you could have the option to ‘tell Greek myth’ as you learn more about them to other sims and have selections like ‘Odysseus and the Cyclops’ and ‘the birth of Athena’ along with ‘Discuss Ancient Greek Monsters’ with selections like ‘The Hydra’ and ‘The Minotaur’ and ‘Cerberus’

      2) You could summon the gods individually and try to build a positive or negative relationship with them that will effect gameplay. For example, if you upset Aphrodite, you’d tend to be unlucky in love. If you impressed Hera, you might find yourself super fertile, etc. Perhaps you could give them offerings of money or vegetables or items from your inventory. You could ask Aphrodite to help you build charisma or Ares to help you build mischief, etc. and earn skill points faster.

      3) If your parent was lucky enough to conceive with a god or goddess and you were born a demigod, you would have a corresponding trait. Like Poseidon’s son being one with the ocean or controller of the sea creatures. Also, demigods could have actions specific to them and their Olympian parent, like when you’re a doctor and you can flirt by checking temperature.Perhaps you could complete quests offered to you by the Olympians. Maybe there’s a list of quests you can pick from? Like in the acting career with auditions or freelance gigs. This could be a live career like I mentioned where you can slay hydras and things like that, maybe there’s a quest that will take you to The Labyrinth, Olympus, Hades’ underworld palace, Poseidon’s undersea palace, etc.

      4) Maybe you could tie the mythology into the archaeology career with the ruins, You could purchase Classical Mythology books, The Iliad, and The Odyssey to build a Mythology skill, Perhaps there’s a corresponding degree or two you could add to the University.

      5) You could add Lyres and harps to the musical instruments, and the ancient Greek aesthetic could look really awesome in build mode items. Not to mention how cool the togas, jewelry, and sweeping curly hairstyles and laurel wreathes would look in CAS, just please include both silver and gold options when it comes to metals. Maybe throw in a black for the ‘evil’ sims.

      Thank you so much for your consideration! I’ll be crossing my fingers for the Greek Mythology pack! I have almost every game pack, expansion pack, and stuff pack spanning all the way back to Sims 2, and by far I would be the most excited for Greek Islands! I can’t imagine I’m alone on this.

      It doesn’t have to be entirely Mythology, the current day Greek Island aesthetic is almost as nice as the ancient Greek Island aesthetic. lol

  • I would like to see more career path options. We have career fields such as medical, culinary, law enforcement, criminal, theater, architecture, painter, sports, etc. But I would like to see career fields such as aviation, travel, conservation, botany, parks & recreation, farming, landscaping, special education (this could even be a branch of the education career), gifted education (this could also be a branch of the education career), occupational therapy, speech therapy, behavioral therapy, psychology, child psychology.

  • Can we please get horses added to the pets expansion pack? There are so many people who want the horses added back! Maybe with different riding styles/competitions like western, jumping, dressage, trails?


  • Can we get cc on consoles and can we have more age thing like a small child and a preteen also more relationships like grandparents and you know more family also can console players get mods please and i like the idea of CAS and it won’t let me vote but 10 stars for npt and 8 for malls 6 heists.

  • Can you please consider adding preteens to the game? I feel like it’s an importante life stage. And there can be a lot of gameplay that can be added if preteens are included.

  • u think for the family trees that you shouldn’t cut it short and instead keep where the first generation of the family started and so on and make the relationship names as ancestors and great grandparents. i just like the idea of see where the bloodline started when i play a generation play through

  • Personally I think you should have a selected number of clothes to start the game and they have to be plain and as you move on you get clothes from shops gifts and other ways

  • I think the there should be a appearance Pack where you can get birth marks birth defects red cheeks the choice or long or short eye lashes height diftenses I would love to see that in the sims it adds more realism to the game with out getting mods

  • I think these are all amazing ideas but my favorites definitely have to be any of the new cas items. I myself have many scars from surgeries and even have a stupid hot stovetop burn and would absolutely love to see these in the sims 4.

  • I think that a Baby Expansion Pack should be added to the game. Maybe there can be new interactions with the baby, being able to customize the baby and being able to dress the baby. Also, there should be new high chairs, strollers, cribs and toys.

  • We need a pack for couples being able to cuddle in the bed again! We would love that so much. More Romantic options!

  • i think that the sims 4 should do a beds pack. in the pack they should add in bunk beds and they should make it so that the bed frames and the mattresses are separate so you can customise the beds more.

  • Am I the only one craving for bands? :( I think it would be awesome to make sims become rockstars or maybe part of a kpop band and perform in stadiums full of sims.

  • WE SHOULD HAVE PRETEENS IN THE SIMS kids are to childish and teens are to adult I want to have kids that are right in the middle they can start to develop attitudes and go through changes like puberty. They can make it happen if sims can get fitter.

  • Why can’t they have a pack for more supernaturals. Like if the sims 4 wanted to have a japan and with that expansion or game pack you can create kitsune(fox spirits), train as a samurai, ninja, or ronin and go on some type of adventure.

  • I just wish there was a proper grocery store. The grocery store freezers in Get to Work Suck Bad!! It is too darn tidious to fill them and there are no aisle shelving for canned goods, cereal and all that. Also, if there were working shopping carts for groceries the same animation could be used to push a baby stroller or carriage. That would THRILL ALot of Simmers. I Pray for a propper Grocery Store stuff pack, like the one in Sims 2. I played the Sims 2 one for hours and hours. Back then I was working in a Grocery Store and the Sims gave me a chance to OWN one :)