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The Sims 4 Official Survey: Vote for Potential New Features and Improvements!

The Sims Team has released another big community survey for The Sims 4!

In this survey, you’ll be voting and prioritizing some of the potential features that might be coming to the game in the future. You can vote on the official survey by clicking the button down below!


Here’s all the ideas that they’ve listed in the survey:

Culinary Quest

  • Take on the role of master chef. 
  • Find the best ingredients, create recipes, and keep that kitchen running through the dinner rush. 

Fan Club Creator

  • Immerse your Sims in fandom. 
  • Create fan clubs, collect rare memorabilia and express your love, drive a craze that could take over the town. 

NPC Story Progression

  • Now your neighbours come to life. 
  • Sims outside of your household live their lives from birth, marriage and death. Imagine the possibilities when the drama can start next door. 

Shopping Malls

  • All your retail needs under one roof. 
  • Hang out, find deals, and discover that perfect outfit for the night ahead in full retail experience, mall cop included. 


  • Immerse yourself in the world of cheerleading where focus is king and distractions are dangerous. Keep the team together, build routines and make sure to stick the landing. 

Growing Pains and Life Issues

  • Life is hard. Now your sims feel those physical and emotional changes as they grow up. 
  • Realistic reactions and emotions bring deeper connections to the world around them. 


  • Whether you’re an aspiring Debbie or Danny Ocean, build your team to seek out and recover the stolen artifacts to return them to their rightful owners. Can you execute the perfect plan, or will your team end up in the slammer? 

Modern Love and Romance

  • From love at first sight to digital dating, discover a wide variety of relationship types for your Sims. Explore their desires, taste and preference. Take them on a journey to discover what works for them. 

American High Schools

  • Cafeteria cliques, racy relationships and SAT struggles, the halls are alive with the sound of drama. 


  • Go solo or build your super group, find your style and perform your way from YouTube celebrity to sold out stadiums. 
  • Feel the pressure and demands of keeping the band together, record company demands and the needs of your adoring fans. 

World Suggestions

  • Brazilian Beach Town
  • South African City
  • Spanish City
  • Korean City
  • Swiss Mountain Town
  • Chinese Countryside
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Italian Vineyards
  • Greek Islands
  • Costa Rican Rainforest

Deepening the existing content

  • Long term desires
  • Connections to family members outside of the household
  • Being born with traits
  • Short term desires
  • Control of Sims that are not currently on the active lot
  • Emotions
  • Consequences of making or breaking relationships
  • Developing traits over time
  • Family evolution outside the household

New CAS Item Additions

  • Tattoos
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Tops
  • Accessories
  • Bottoms
  • Hair
  • Full Outfits

New CAS Features

  • Burns
  • Prosthetics
  • Dual Eye Colour (Heterochromia)
  • Vitiligo
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars
  • Body Hair

Additional Gameplay and Items for Life Stages

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    • They forgot teen in life stages. I really want more gameplay for teens and elders. Also can I get an African city NOT like South Africa :/

      • Sims 4 feels so empty to me. I played around with Sims 2 and while clunky it felt so alive with crazy little details added in and expressions and actions that feel “better”. Sims 4 needs someone who loves the series and knows all of the possibilities Sims truly provides. All these features would be great so long as they can be free, so many features that should be Staples for Sims are locked behind paywalls that were used literally 20 years ago. Meanwhile fans have made amazing mods for the game for free.

    • This server worries me because we’ve already had one asking questions similar to “Deepening the Existing Content”. Does that mean they haven’t started working on any features relating to those? It’s been over 5 years, it’s about time NPCs have story progression and we have meaningful traits.

      • It takes a long time to develop new packs. I don’t know for sure but it can be that a team is working on previous survey’s and a new team is asigned to this survey. I hope they really get good ideas from this survey’s and that they listen to us. Can’t wait for the new packs and updates that are comming!

  • Please, think twice before ranking Adulds and Young Adults high. They have 90% of all content. Other life stages need gameplay and content too!

  • I can’t choose just one, who could? The ones that stand out to me for story progresses is shopping malls, growing pains and life issues, modern love and romance. For world suggestions is Italian vineyards and Korean City. For Deepening the existing content is Long term desires, Connections to family members outside of the household, and Emotions. For New CAS Item Additions new additions on everything would be nice Tattoos, Shoes, Makeup, Tops, Accessories, Bottoms, Hair and
    Full Outfits. As for New CAS Features
    Prosthetics, Dual Eye Colour (Heterochromia), Body Hair and new additions of beauty marks on the face would be nice. Also outside the box but if The Sims 4 had a multiplayer option to where friends can visit each others households and travel together that would be amazing especially with all this COVID19 going on currently. It would be nice to hang out with friends still. Lastly cars would be fun to have agian but customizable cars would be nice The Sims is know for customizable everything. Thats one of the reasons I fell in love with The Sims. I know it’s alot of suggestions but The Sims are where miracles happen!! I will continue being a faithful player regardless what you decide.

  • Being able to control my sim inside and see inside the community lots woulf be INCREDIBLE!!! I’ve been wanting that back since Sims 1!

  • They forgot teen in life stages. I really want more gameplay for teens and elders. Also can I get an African city NOT like South Africa :/ I’m still waiting for better darker skin tones.

  • Concerns me so much the fact that we have to vote for NPC’s having their independence (inteligent AI) because we had that in the third game and it had already had to be in it, my NPC’s only have babies and marry etc because someone had to do a mod.

  • We need more depth to the game in relationships, traits, and family evolution. I’m play Sims 2 almost as much as 4 because it’s more intricate in these details. I really appreciate the chance to provide feedback, I just hope the feedback doesn’t lead to redundancies in the game.

  • Defintely shopping malls and deeper emptions growing pains etc. And i’m sure everyone agrees with me that we need something to improve babies and interactions with them .BABIES DESERVE IT !!!

  • I know this probably won’t be possible but i really, really want to play with cc and mods but I play on console so if there was any way of trying it like an extra app to go with the game that takes u to somewhere you can get cc or any other way :) Thx

    • That would be nice; I play on PC and wish console players had the ability to experience the same mods as us. I think that would be something Xbox or PlayStation would have to figure out though rather than EA

  • Teen don’t have much to do either bring back the parties when parents are away bring more punishments or longer ones. Make the maps lager so that once in the world it can be a open world so they can drive cars like sims 3

  • Still want cars, longer eyelahes, yes control my sims when they are visting community lots in can see in the community lots

  • Would be nice have actual Asian world. Love Chinese & Korean cultures. Also more gameplay for babies toddlers nd children. Story progression is a plus Definitely.

  • Amusement Parks , road trips and daycare centers would’ve been a good idea too!
    Amusement parks would give alot to the worlds alongside road trips. Imagine the family vacations, club trips and memeories made with friends on road trips. (a scrap book feature would be cool with this so our Sims can look back on memories ). And daycares because let’s be real….it’s needed.
    AND….cars….trains…buses….P L A N E S…skateboards. Bring back The Urbz aesthetics!!!! #simscommunity

  • with makeup, can we get more eyelash options? hyped for more tattoo options (can a job under artist be tattooist???)


    here for swiss mountain, deffo need a snowy landscape for skiing, snowboarding


  • I would love to see more road trips. Introducing The ability to travel around in cars. I will be okay with an over head view and controlling with the LS or arrows of some combinations with the PC. And/Or a button to accelerate and brake, not necessarily needed. A place of travel; Amusement parks would be a great start. ***SIMS WORLD***( whatever name you all come up with). I love the ideas The Studio has brought to us. It was hard for me to pick just one like someone in the community said. Thanks for such a great game and all of your hard work. Also daycares/ baby siting jobs and an expansion of the work that is available in the game would be great. I believe the “GET TO WORK” expansion pack was a great start. I think it would be great to expand on the already existing jobs in what ever order, and in which ever quantity as y’all see fit. #thesims4 #simscommunity

  • Can I just say how much I love the vitiligo feature? for someone who has suffered with this since childhood, and for a game which I’ve also played since childhood to add this, it truly melts my heart. Love this.

  • I think many people spoke on this already but, African vacation pack would be awesome, or maybe even a Italian Art school. Also more Korean food and South Asian cultures as well like Indonesia

  • Prosthetics would be so cool; I’ve looked for them as something like CC leggings or gloves but can’t find anything. Also can y’all imagine babies that aren’t objects glued to the crib with like 5 interactions

  • I wish babies could have more options like clothing and taking them on a walk on a stroller! Even toddlers on strollers. Búlgars and police

  • Pleaaaaaaase can we have Bags/handbags/rucksacks/purses!! When you click them they can open into your sims inventory…simple, yet a nice touch and accessory to make things more realistic. Imagine sending your children off to school with their backpack with their sack lunch in, or carrying a clutch with your formal outfit! If we can hold rubbish bags we should be able to hold bags! :( :( :(

  • What about tweens? It does not make sense to go from child to teen. There should be a middle school stage.

  • A ‘Lifestyle Intensity Setting’. An adjustable scale in the settings menu that allows players to set how often things like chances, mishaps and sudden life changes, randomly occur.
    It would bring more life to the game some long time players have missed.
    And also allows new simmers to set how fast they want to dive in the game.
    It would be just like a difficulty setting for free will.

  • I really want to be able to play in a band. That would be incredibly cool. And American high schools also sound really fun. It would be really cool to see a mix of these two packs. Maybe something like bands forming in high school and dropping out to pursue music. Or having sims deal with the stress of school and having a band.

  • Another suggestion: School field trips. I feel like teens don’t do much in sims, besides having the second best CAS outfits (next to young adults), so I feel like an overnight/weekend school field trip would add a little more to gameplay. Drama included haha.

  • They need some serious gameplay patches to keep people interested. It’s too predictable. Why can’t kids and teens get into more unexpected circumstances (or all sims for that matter) that ACTUALLY effects your sims development further than just a moodlet. AND IF BABIES STAY THE SAME FOR ONE MORE PATCH UPDATE I swear they are literally soo boring when they could be one of the most exciting parts of the game! Being born with a trait is a cool idea, and if it actually affected how you cared for the baby that would be even better… if more went into caring for the baby that is. A stroller or playmat would be nice and maybe even help the baby gain skills? I have always loved this game but I loved the unexpected qualities that sims 2 and 3 had. It’s all too predictable. Maybe make it uncertain if you could sell your hous (have to put it on the market and accept or decline offers) instead of just receiving what you invest. If your gonna make it lifelike don’t make it predictable. And definitely updates to extended family! Just because I’m not playing as grandma and grandpa or aunt and uncle doesn’t mean they can’t decide to invite the kids fishing or leave a mosey voice mail to their son-in-law. Family reunions, funerals, and better functioning weddings are a MUST. What’s he point of having a family who act like they hardly know each other? Let’s throw an impromptu BBQ in the park and have the fire department Called on us (and oh no a 200$ Fine!). Love the game, but please hear our feedback!

  • Ok not that I encourage teen sex or teen pregnancy but if there’s an option for messing around between teens then there should be consequences for it like in real life.

  • Would really love to see a CAS category for Pronouns. In particular, “They/Them”.

    Also can we please get more ethnic hair and maybe some more negative traits (aka flaws)?

    Thank you!

    • I LOVE these suggestions. We really could go for some pronouns in CAS and also sexual preferences, like being able to make my sim bisexual, pansexual, asexual, etc.

    • Thank you! I’d love to be able to play a sim that could represent me, but as it stands there aren’t they/them sims so I don’t feel represented.

  • Honest, this is probably the biggest update in sims4 least from what I know!I’m really really excited to see what the update is!! CAN’T WAIT!

  • swiss mountain town and the npc story progression as i find it hard to add generated sims with a background so i have to make a sim

  • …so teens don’t exist anymore? cool. because my top pick for the life stage I want developed would be to make teens their own distinct stage rather than adult-lite.

    oh, and the body detail categories? give me ALL OF THEM PLEASE. there’s good cc out there but having it in it’s own category and supported rather than forced to deal with it as tattoos would be amazing. plus it’s mindblowing that you can’t have heterochromia in the game tbh.