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The Sims 4 Official Survey: Vote for Potential New Features and Improvements!

The Sims Team has released another big community survey for The Sims 4!

In this survey, you’ll be voting and prioritizing some of the potential features that might be coming to the game in the future. You can vote on the official survey by clicking the button down below!


Here’s all the ideas that they’ve listed in the survey:

Culinary Quest

  • Take on the role of master chef. 
  • Find the best ingredients, create recipes, and keep that kitchen running through the dinner rush. 

Fan Club Creator

  • Immerse your Sims in fandom. 
  • Create fan clubs, collect rare memorabilia and express your love, drive a craze that could take over the town. 

NPC Story Progression

  • Now your neighbours come to life. 
  • Sims outside of your household live their lives from birth, marriage and death. Imagine the possibilities when the drama can start next door. 

Shopping Malls

  • All your retail needs under one roof. 
  • Hang out, find deals, and discover that perfect outfit for the night ahead in full retail experience, mall cop included. 


  • Immerse yourself in the world of cheerleading where focus is king and distractions are dangerous. Keep the team together, build routines and make sure to stick the landing. 

Growing Pains and Life Issues

  • Life is hard. Now your sims feel those physical and emotional changes as they grow up. 
  • Realistic reactions and emotions bring deeper connections to the world around them. 


  • Whether you’re an aspiring Debbie or Danny Ocean, build your team to seek out and recover the stolen artifacts to return them to their rightful owners. Can you execute the perfect plan, or will your team end up in the slammer? 

Modern Love and Romance

  • From love at first sight to digital dating, discover a wide variety of relationship types for your Sims. Explore their desires, taste and preference. Take them on a journey to discover what works for them. 

American High Schools

  • Cafeteria cliques, racy relationships and SAT struggles, the halls are alive with the sound of drama. 


  • Go solo or build your super group, find your style and perform your way from YouTube celebrity to sold out stadiums. 
  • Feel the pressure and demands of keeping the band together, record company demands and the needs of your adoring fans. 

World Suggestions

  • Brazilian Beach Town
  • South African City
  • Spanish City
  • Korean City
  • Swiss Mountain Town
  • Chinese Countryside
  • Scottish Highlands
  • Italian Vineyards
  • Greek Islands
  • Costa Rican Rainforest

Deepening the existing content

  • Long term desires
  • Connections to family members outside of the household
  • Being born with traits
  • Short term desires
  • Control of Sims that are not currently on the active lot
  • Emotions
  • Consequences of making or breaking relationships
  • Developing traits over time
  • Family evolution outside the household

New CAS Item Additions

  • Tattoos
  • Shoes
  • Makeup
  • Tops
  • Accessories
  • Bottoms
  • Hair
  • Full Outfits

New CAS Features

  • Burns
  • Prosthetics
  • Dual Eye Colour (Heterochromia)
  • Vitiligo
  • Stretch Marks
  • Scars
  • Body Hair

Additional Gameplay and Items for Life Stages

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  • I’m begging for the Korean city and growing pains/modern dating/consequences to behaviors/ neighbor story progression. I also want more content for children/toddlers and elders! I feel like they have nothing to do!!

    • Ok, here’s my 2 cents. I’ve been playing Sims since The Sims 1, and let me say that Sims 4 has great character creation and build wise, but gameplay isn’t very interesting it’s far too limited, and unless they step it up I and many other simmers likely won’t buy Sims 5 right away. EA, please let the Sims team work on this game more. You used to be very flexible in Sims 1 and Sims 2 days and honestly it made you more money back then and respected as a company. Sims 4 still needs work. It feels too much happy all the time, not enough drama or anything bad hardly ever happens. Sims needs more teen and adult elements, It’s T for Teen, but feels like E for everyone. Story progression is a must. We need more realism, adversity and drama. Life pains and issues sounds good. Sims 4 is too happy, not enough realism, Sims 2 nailed that and made it challenging sometimes. Emotion system needs work, Sims all act the same and get along even with enemies, personality is so bland. Zodiacs should have never left, Zodiacs with emotions would have been a complete system. The player has to try hard to make anything remotely bad ever happen. More random bad things need to happen that aren’t always in the players control. More depth. And 3 Traits doesn’t make a sim feel alive enough. Burglars and fire fighters need a comeback as do cars and helicopters. If you add the mall, all clothing should become locked after a sim is made unless cheats are enabled, like what Sims 2 did, this way buying clothes will feel rewarding, otherwise malls and buying clothing just won’t work since it’s already unlocked by default. Business needs updated, you should be able to go approach and hire anyone and have many employees like Sims 2 did, Sims 2 business was perfect. Chef career honestly should have come with Dine Out, Heist should have came with Business. And fanclub’s should have been in Get Famous already. The modern dating sounds cool as does High Schools, but unless the gameplay and personalities don’t get tweaked to be better it will be unrealistic, and lackluster. We need more personality, interaction and better gameplay. Sims 4 still has the potential to be so much better, and so much more.

      • This comment NEEDS to be sent directly to the big guys. I 100% agree. I miss so much of the drama and totally bizarre gameplay sims had! (Robbers were one of my absolute favorite features; everytime that classic burglar music kicked in, Id get the biggest adrenaline rush lol)

  • Should add teenagers as young adult is more towards 18 year olds, what about the ages between 13-17.

    I also thought that you could have the option to control not control other members in the house hold as it can get a bit out of control sometimes. Or you might what to live in the same house hold as someone but not want to be in control of that member (if you get what I mean)

    • *Had a typo in the second paragraph*

      I also thought that you could have the option to control or to not control other members in the house hold as it can get a bit out of control sometimes. Or you might what to live in the same house hold as someone but not want to be in control of that member (if you get what I mean)

      • Sorry wasn’t concentrating I was meant to say that they should add more things to do with the teenagers e.g travel to school with them, Add school house parties, proms/school dances and even young love

  • I would really like patches so I don’t get the crashing error every time I am in build mode or leave cas mode on ps4. If this was fixed so I could actually play again, all of these ideas sound great. Different colour hair and skin would be awesome also

  • I have been begging for more to do with baby sims so they are more sim and less object since launch. It would be sooo amazing to have more to do with them.

    To have them not connected to a bassinet
    To be able to carry them around and properly cuddle them in a rocking chair (We need those too!)
    Take them for walks around the neighborhood in a stroller (toddlers too). A verity of stroller choices that can work for infants and toddlers, doubles etc.
    Bring back cribs and change tables.
    To be able to put them in Baby Swings and Play pens.
    To be able to change their close and have some create-a-sim options for them.
    To be a proper age stage.
    More nursery decor and baby toys

    As for Toddlers+
    I miss having to teach my toddlers how to walk
    More playground options (toddler/baby swings and seesaws for examples)
    Treehouses / clubhouses for kids
    Toy kitchens/workbenches
    More toy verity that they can get skills from.

    Locations wise the sims already has a lot of Asian influence (which isn’t a bad thing, I love it and the Chinese countryside and Korean city are options 2 and 3) I’d LOVE to see some Scottish influence added my #1 choice.

  • I want to have middle life crisis back for adults and prom for teens. I want to be able to run a resort.

  • I really hope that they update the game play on babies! It would also be great if there were consequences for making or breaking a relationship, long term desires, and Family evolution outside the household. Also I really like the NCP story progression, culinary Quest, and Heists! I really hope these features are brought into the game!

  • If there was a way to have sims’ traits impact their descendants, that would be awesome. I’m often left feeling like a sim’s traits are going to waste at the end of their life.

  • Shopping at the mall would be kind of fun. Having more than one house is kind of necessary. Dine out needs to be improved. Can we fix that before doing anything else? Dine out could be so good. Maybe we can get a patch improvement for Dine out with the Master chef thing you are talking about.

  • Dear Sim team,

    I feel like certain gameplay elements from the survey needs to be addressed in more detail. Things like:

    – Malls. Malls as you’ve described them, would only have a purpose in the game if you override the entire wardrobe function and actually have clothing cost simoleons like in the Sims 2. If all the clothing is free and available in any buy-mode closet, there’s no point of having fashion stores at a mall.

    -Cities. Please include more apartments in new worlds if you’re not going to give us the ability to create apartment lots ourselves.

    -Traits. What we desperately need is for the sims to have more personality. The existing traits don’t provide much of that since they’re more focused on hobbies or skill building, and especially not when you can only pick up to 3. What good would being born with/developing traits do if you already only gain one trait every child-teen-adult life stage anyway?

    These new gameplay elements would be great in my opinion, but only if some existing gameplay is overridden or more is added than what the survey describes.

    • I should mention it’s not just the clothing, it would be best for accessories, hats and jewelry to cost money too if you plan on making malls with fashion stores. But I think having to save up for new outfits and accessories would make gameplay more challenging and rewarding too.

  • Several things I want and need for TS4 (and which better be included in TS5) and hopefully some these will be added soon. Also … Release the babies!

  • Dear Sims 4,

    Can you Please find a way for their to be a sale because of this pandimic,please for the supporters please.i plan on getting Sims 4 on my Xbox and it cost alotttt!!!!!!!!!! so yeah I was hoping you guys could lower the prices down on the game packs and stuff thanks for the best game in the world!

    Sincerly ,

    • Yesss!!! It’s so expensive on Xbox, considering the tiny amount of stuff actually in the expansion packs, it’s just greed!

  • We need more ethnic/diverse details. More options for hair and skin tone. More piercings for face and honestly body. Height should play a factor. I am 5ft and my husband is 6’5. There should be more tattoo options from head to feet. As far as playing the game there should be more mini stories that a little quick press action button. Like for example if a criminal should snatch a purse press one of the buttons (console buttons) to either chase or yell for help or just call the cops) since there is a police officer job in get to work. Then with the whole lawyer career too. The sim can either press charges after a couple of days or let it go. But if the sim doesn’t respond then automatically the case is closed. That’s what I’d consider more NPC development. Also I’d love love love new wallpaper and floor designs. I have so many ideas seriously. Also why can’t the writer (when making a screenplay) go to a director and create a movie or something. There should be a new aspiration for the animals like a new path, maybe bring in bunnies and horses. I love playing the Sims. I almost forgot they should also add new trophies and fix how to get the triplet trophy. I’ve tried everything forever and still haven’t been pregnant with triplets. Thanks I’m sure no one will read this whole thing. Add me on the PS4 Harmony21. Peace and Love!!! Happy Simming!!!!!♥️♥️♥️

  • We need more features like flowing clothing or hair flowing or moving by wind. I know that is probably very difficult if not impossible now but hopefully with effort and work on it now we can eventually have that in a Sims game!!!

  • Would also love to see more elderly gameplay, canes and wheelchairs. More gameplay features for elders, maybe funerals when they die cause it’s so sad to see them ignored. Maybe like bingo night, wheelchair races…. lol I swear I’m being absolutely serious but it sounds so hilarious tbh. I really want more elderly gameplay features. At least give us canes and/or wheelchairs.

    • Yes!! I have been begging for elder stuff and cc!! I dont know why but i have a strange draw to playing as elders..They’re just so cute! Honestly i voted for the knitting stuff pack in the hopes theyd go all out for the elders- unfortunately its lookin more pinterest mom than adorable grandma. Also funerals would be really nice. Ive always thought of the sims as some cruel breed. They sob when grimm comes to take the body away and then when he leaves they all just kinda walk away to their bedroom and woohoo or make an omlette or whatever weird “mourning” ritual they have. Of course, theyd need to figure out how to keep a corpse around the house until the actual funeral RIP oo maybe they could pull a little weekend at Bernie’s stunt!

  • Oh yes!!! Height! We need different heights for sims, maybe more of a death reaction. I hate how sims just fall over and die, wish some could die more peacefully like slowly vanish in a bed. I swear I’m done commenting lol!

  • I love the idea of having a Swiss mountain town or an Italian Vineyard! Maybe there could be more of an influence on Tuscany and an option to pay for tours and wine tastings at the wineries. Have more farmers, maybe the option for goats and cows if we add vineyards!

  • Sims story progression 100% populating the town based off of diff personalities and letting them do their thing is a must.

  • For me, I feel like the console edition needs a little more love. I’m not sure if it’s just me, but there’s been a persisting issue since I’ve got the game where Sims might take a moment or two to think about the next action in queue before they make their way to it, even (or maybe especially) in ultra speed mode. In the Cats and Dogs pack, when Sim autonomy is full off, Sims are often witnessed canceling some actions, like painting or eating, to interact with said pets. To work off of this, an option to add could be to allow/disallow autonomy for Sims to interact with pets on their own.

    For features, I would most definently want proper 2 player co-op as a start to proper multiplayer. Local and/or online would be awesome. I also wouldn’t mind seeing players take control of their pets to an extent, because I’m sure a lot of people wish they could cause their own mischief as a pet.

  • I feel like when we Create-A-Sim, I think that it shouldn’t just be Maxis created. I kinda want the game to have some CC things in create a sim because for some people, it isn’t fair because some people might not be able to get cc . Especially because some people are using Xbox’s and ps4’s and can’t exactly like, search cc and download the things they want From cc. *if you understand what I’m trying to say*

  • Vote for NPC Story Progression!Yes,there is a mod for it but don’t forget us console players!
    My favorite city out of the mentioned is the Chinese Countryside

  • I would love to have more gameplay for elders and babies/toddlers. Walking canes, mobility walkers, telling stories about their childhoods to their grandchildren, spoiling grandchildren, bingo games, living in a nursing home… all sound great to me! As for the young ones, I agree with Sandra Fraser 100%!
    I do find it a bit strange teenagers were left out of the survey. Does that mean they’re already working on some additional features for that life stage?

    I also think it would be really cool to have an Italian vineyard (or nectar yard as it would probably be called, haha) world for the Sims 4, as it’s a vibe we don’t really have in the game yet. Love some Tuscan architecture and hills with harvestable peach and olive trees for farmers and maybe the archeologists could have some digging sites with ancient Roman objects, so Selvadorada wouldn’t be the only interesting world for them!
    A Korean city would be a great combination with the Bands idea. You would be able to create a cool over the top K-pop band!

  • I love the growing pains and life issues, american high school, cheer, and modern love and romance, and i love the entire genetics and imperfections list.

  • I feel that if cheering and high schools were a part of a singular pack, that would make it much more enjoyable. Children and teens leave through an unappealing rabbit hole for 7 hrs for class…no school dances, no sports, just nothing. One more thing: Baby clothing!

  • There was a section about what we wanted to add to the CAS options, and there were two options I thought should be in the same category. These two options are Scars and Burns. This is because if you burn yourself badly enough you get a scar that lasts for a very long time. Even if you don’t burn yourself badly you can still get a scar from it but it just won’t last as long as if you burned yourself badly.

  • I would love it if Teen Sims looked more like Teens and not just slightly shorter Young Adult Sims. Maybe bring back The Sims 2 feature where Teens could develop acne.

  • My suggestion is that you take away like the choosing between toddler, child, teen, young adult, adult…. Every body knows when you’re a toddler and when your a child and a teen and young adult and adult and when your elder…..

    Put in ages….. You start obviously by by 0……then you go up till the average death of elders today… That’s about 89 – 90 it gives you longer time too play and you can play like a life story….

    And please put in burglars that is after all what happens in real life…. Thank you…. Regards TBOTHA

  • I really want to see bands with fan club and korean city, u could have a whole kpop band from it! Also NPC story progression!

  • Sims 4 needs prosthetics. This will force them to fix the inconsistencies in some leg models being solid meshes and others being properly segmented. I want actual upgrades not just another set of hair styles and animations.

  • One of the biggest things I’ve been wanting is the ability to change the height of sims because there’s this crazy thing called not everyone the same age is the same height

  • I would like to see a Spanish world I would also like to be able to do more with babies like just hold them I would like the babies to be born with traits

  • Dog walkers
    Strollers so you can walk with family and dogs.
    Farm house decor and maybe a farm pack. With pig, horses, chickens

  • Can we just get a High School pack that includes all the ideas except heists and culinary of course.

    Creating a band or join cheer, going to the mall with friends after school, being a part of your own fan club with other people from school, having more content for being a teenager (and other ages) by having modern romance and growing pains. Plus with NPC story progression, there would be something new to experience every day at school.

    These all connect together well and I would love to see it. ;-;

  • Honestly I do like that they did a survey but at the same time it is kinda like: here is a survey of all the things you have be wanting….. tell us about it we might listen to it for the first time in years.
    I started on sims 2 and it was just so fun to play the things that happen the storylines ingame and everything, then with the sims 3 it was sort of hard, not because I didn’t like the game play more like the issues it had with the open world… and the graphics weren’t my favourite(they were not my cup of tea… felt too realistic in a way) but it felt more natural than the sims 4 things which happened meant something(cheating, death, birthdays, etc..) I loved to create big complex and sort of complicated families those things don’t mean much in the sims 4. The sims in TS4 just feel so dumb… no story, no impactful emotions or relationships. to this they they still feel sort of rushed and uncompleted…

    • sorry forgot to mention that it annoys me that in this survey teen were skipped over. Like skinnier young adults, who are not able to fully work
      that’s it my entire rant..

  • Bands! And more music to play, more genres, also music production with the pc and a midi to make any music and publish it online and have revenue on that.

  • I have been playing sims since the beginning. I love what you have done with CAS in sims 4 but for the gameplay I really wish it was alot more like sims3 and sims2. Sims 3 active Map I loved you didn’t have to load if you wanted to go around town. It made alot of activites. Storylines were better in sims2 and sims3 but I must say sims 4 graphics and alot of things are better like the movement in the game and the tools are easy peasy. I really hope sims 5 will take what we all have to say into mind

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