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Features from Community Stuff Pack 2017 Voting that Eco Lifestyle will / might include


If you’ve been around in the community in 2017 then you’ve probably heard or participated in the first ever The Sims 4 Community Stuff Pack project – which eventually turned into The Sims 4 Laundry Day Stuff Pack!

The process of creating this Stuff Pack has been pretty much the same as the process of creating the upcoming The Sims 4 Nifty Knitting Stuff Pack. Players were able to choose the pack’s general theme, the main gameplay and the items that will be included within the pack.

In April 2017 there were several themes that you could vote for – eventually the winning theme was Eco Living. The Sims Team had suggested plenty of gameplay features that could be included in this Stuff Pack. The only problem was that only one gameplay element (from many that The Sims Team has brainstormed) would be included into a pack now known as Laundry Day. Eventually Laundry won as a primary gameplay element and others have been either forgotten about or eventually added bit by bit with some of the previous packs…until now.

Looking back at their brainstorm board that the team has drew up there are PLENTY of features that will (and might) get added into the upcoming The Sims 4 Eco Lifestyle Expansion Pack!

Down below I’ve compiled a list of all the gameplay features that they’ve suggested on the drawing board with information if we’ve gotten such features in the game already and can we expect them in the upcoming Expansion Pack.

Please note that I’m speculating on some of the gameplay features down below and that they might not be introduced in the pack as we get more information. I’ll make sure to update the list as we get closer to the release! Also note that Eco Lifestyle will have a lot more features that haven’t been mentioned on this board!

  • Pottery – probably not
  • Clay Wheel – probably not included
  • Syrup from Tree Taps – a possibility?
  • Chopping Wood – probably not.
  • Magic Gnomes – we have ’em?
  • Light Switches – a possibility?
  • Clothesline / Wash Tub – included with Laundry Day
  • Ironing – probably not
  • Repurposed Bath Tubs (wash clothes, garden / plants) – probably not
  • Reclaimed Wood on Woodworking Bench – a possibility?
  • Well Pump / Water Collection – confirmed!
  • Bill Reduction – confirmed!
  • Solar Cooker – a possibility?
  • Litterbug NPC / Trait – although the trait itself is not confirmed, litterbug NPCs are a thing!
  • Butterchurn – probably not
  • Hampers – included with Laundry Day
  • Laundry Washer / Dryer – included with Laundry Day
  • Solar Panels – confirmed!
  • Solar Roof Tiles – confirmed!

  • Wind Turbines – confirmed!
  • Tree Shaped Wind / Solar – confirmed!
  • Shipping Container Homes – confirmed!
  • Composting – a possibility?
  • Tiny Home Furniture – somewhat already included with Tiny Living Stuff
  • Freegans – confirmed!
  • Raw Food – confirmed!

  • Wild / Weed Gardening – somewhat introduced with Seasons
  • Juicer / Blender – probably not
  • Canning / Jarring – confirmed!
  • Bees / Beekeeping – introduced with Seasons
  • Gardening TV Channel – probably not
  • Greenhouses – somewhat introduced with Seasons
  • Hydroponics – a possibility?
  • Vertical / Hanging Gardens – vertical gardens are confirmed!
  • Sewing Machine – nope
  • Chicken Coop – well, we have a coop full of worms if that counts?

  • Jam Making – probably not
  • Floral Arrangements – introduced with Seasons
  • Park Ranger Career – that’s a no from me
  • Box Vegetable Garden – confirmed!
  • Plantable Window Garden – definitely a possibility!
  • Recycling – confirmed!
  • Eco Friendly Aspiration – a possibility
  • Eco Friendly Trait – a possibility (note that new aspirations and traits have been confirmed – we just don’t know what they are yet)
  • L or Eco Hate inverse option – a possibility
  • Allergies – nope
  • Kale Plants – a possibility?
  • Grass Roofs – confirmed!
  • Candle Making – confirmed!
  • Soap Making – a possibility?
  • Cow Milk Plant – really unsure about this one
  • Adopt-a-Street Cleanup – a possibility
  • Community Gardens – confirmed!

  • Eco Living Activist – confirmed!
  • Nudists – introduced as a Lot Trait with Island Living
  • Recycled Metal Statues – a high possibility on this one!
  • Blacksmithing – unlikely
  • Servo – introduced with Discover University
  • Home Fusion Power – a possibility
  • Off The Grid Lot Trait – introduced with Island Living into the Base Game! Might see a huge revamp.
  • Craft Juice Keg – introduced with Discover University
  • Reclaimed Wall Materials & light filtering – a possibility
  • Stained glass – I doubt.
  • Glass Blowing – that too.
  • Under Counter / Tiny Fridge – introduced with Discover University
  • Nectar Making – you’ll be able to craft your drinks!
  • Nectar Fridge – a possibility?

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