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So, you want your Sim to have a companion while they explore the world of Batuu? Well, you are in luck because your Sim can have either a BB Unit or an R Unit as a companion!

You will need to head over to the First Order District and just around the corner from where your Sim spawns into the neighborhood, you’ll find  Mubo and the Droid Depot.

Here you will find everything you need for your Sims’ BB and R Unit companion.

Getting Started

Firstly, once you have made your way over to the Droid Depot, you will be given an option to order either a BB or R Unit. Each unit costs 1,000 Galactic Credits.

Once you have chosen what kind of Unit you would like, you can go ahead and choose a head, body, and colour scheme. You will be able to see all the options in all the different colours in the body panel. You are also able to own multiple BB and R Units so you can have a variety of different ones to choose from.

Don’t forget you can also name your Droid on this screen or via the pie-menu after you have purchased them.

Droid Maintenance

Of course, you will want to keep your Droid well maintained during your adventures in Batuu and this is really easy to do. Simply click on your Droid and select the Droid maintenance submenu.

Sometimes, interactions might not quite go to plan and backfire for your Droid. Don’t worry! Simply click on your Droid and you will be able to repair them.

Personality Chips

Personality chips can also be bought from the Droid Depot. You will find that the faction you belong to determines which Personality Chips you can buy. The Chips allow your Droid to have a new voice as well as a new personality and cost 175 Galactic Credits. Once installed, you are good to go!

What else can you buy from the Droid Depot?

Your Sims can also purchase toys and scrap from Mubo. Prices range from 75 Galactic Credits to 350 Galactic Credits depending on what you buy. You can also purchase Toy BB Units and R Units to take home and decorate your Sims home.

What Next?

There are a few things you can do with your Droid companion but how do you take the time to get to know them and build up that relationship? You will be going on some adventures with them!

Your Droids have the ability to follow your Sim around but you can also ask them to wait in a specific place, cause a distraction, unlock supply crates and even shock other Sims.

Your Droid companion is also able to play music from two new radio stations. Batuu and DJ R-3X Radio are available to listen to while out and about!

Droids at Home

Droids are not just limited to Batuu. While you can’t ask your Droid to follow you or cause a distraction, you can continue to listen to the Batuu radio stations and all of the normal radio stations and also play with your Droid. You are still able to replace Personality Chips that you have in your inventory and tinker with your droid as well.

What kind of Droid are you going to build while in Batuu? Let us know in the comments or come chat with us on social media!

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