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The Sims 4 is getting new Skin Tones, Skin Tone & Makeup Sliders and more!


In a leaked webpage released by the official EA Answers spanish page it’s been revealed that The Sims 4 is getting some major improvements in the CAS department.

SimGuruLyndsay shared a few weeks ago that The Sims Team will be focusing in the coming weeks and months to improve representation in Create A Sim. Those would include new Skin Tones, improvements to the existing hairstyles and more. However the details haven’t been shared exactly how that’s going to be done…until done.

The leaked page from EA Answers revealed that The Sims 4 will be getting multiple updates in the coming months. The first one, slated for PC on October 6th and November 10th for Consoles will be improving two existing hairstyles and adding more skin tones. There is going to be another update in December that will not only add new cool, neutral, and warm tones “with a special emphasis to darker skins” – but that the game will also offer Skin Tone sliders for both existing and upcoming skin tones “which will allow you to modify the selected tone to darker or lighter values”. The upcoming December update will have OVER 100 Skin Tones for you to not only use but make them darker or lighter using the brand new slider.

“To complement the expanded library of skin tones that we’re launching in December, we’re adding new makeup sliders in Create A Sim Mode. Updated customization options offer a new level of control over the appearance of your Sim, so you can create the most perfect looks possible” – said the leaked page.

The team will be sharing more information in late October and early November on how they’re implementing these features to The Sims 4. Maxis also said that they’ll be sharing details about collaborations with external partners, including different highly talented community members to make sure they’re doing the upcoming content updates right.

The updates and changes will require for you to have Uncompressed Sim Textures enabled in your Game Options if you want to use the new upcoming features.

We’re currently waiting for the official English post to make sure all information is correctly translated from the Spanish webpage, which has been found by PekeSims.

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