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The Sims 4 Mods: UI Cheats Extension and MC Command Center have been updated!


Plenty of us in the community who play The Sims 4 on PC like the additional layer of control in Gameplay that certain Mods provide. Probably one of the two biggest mods used by the modding community are UI Cheats Extension and MC Command Center. The first one lets you take full control of gameplay via easy shortcuts in the User Interface while the second lets you control pretty much every aspect of the game.

Unfortunately with the latest Sims 4 update many have reported weird glitches while having these mods enabled (even though we always say – disable your Mods before their new versions come out!). UI Cheats Extension was specifically causing the most issues with the new Sims 4 version – causing a lot of weird visual glitches and misplacements in the User Interface.

Luckily, both Mods have now been updated! The UI Cheats Extension Mod now works perfectly for The Sims 4’s latest version, with some additional functionality added:

v1.20 [11/10/2020]

  • Updated for game version 1.68.154 (Snowy Escape patch).
  • Added a new spellbook cheat.
  • You can now cheat bits, pieces, and Galactic Credits with the household funds cheat.
  • The relationship cheat now works for object based relationships.
  • Fixed that the temperature icon can trigger the eco footprint cheat when eco footprint is not available in the current neighborhood.


MC Command Center has also been updated with a new hotfix to reassure there are no gameplay issues. You can get the new hotfix version by clicking the button below!


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