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Major outage on Servers Worldwide; EA Games and Cottage Living Release affected

UPDATE: The Sims has released an official statement on the outage and missing preorders:

Today there’s been a massive outage over at Akamai technologies – a company which offers network delivery to major companies including Playstation, Steam, Amazon and yes – even EA Games.

Because of the outage many players have reported they’re unable to download the latest Expansion Pack for The Sims 4 – Cottage Living. The issues also have been reported by Console players who tried downloading the game from the official Playstation Store and Microsoft Store but were unable to due to the outage.

The outage is currently being investigated by Akamai who are responsible for this worldwide server outage of services. Check out their full statements down below:

We’ll update the article as soon as we get a confirmation that Pack downloads are working for all platforms!

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