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The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit: Building The Perfect Loft Space For Your Sims

Building the perfect space for your Sims is important. Be it a mansion or tiny home, apartment or and island getaway, your Sims’ home means everything to them. It reflects who they are as a Sim and the things they like. Now if you Sim finds them self in the apartments of San Myshuno or Evergreen Harbour we all know space can sometimes be a little tight. However, you may have your Sim living in a loft style build you’ve created or downloaded from The Gallery.

With The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit, you can bring your Sims apartment and loft space dreams alive more than you have been able to before.

I spent some time experimenting and trying out different ideas I had using the new Industrial Loft Kit along with Eco Lifestyle and City Living, mainly to get an idea of how those packs would work with the new items. I started with these two expansions as they are the ones that have the options to live in apartments. As expected, the packs worked together perfectly.

I took to Google to get some inspiration for some loft spaces. After around 10 minutes, I had a general idea of what I wanted to do. The results you can see below in the images.


While it was fairly easy to build overall, it was a little more challenging when it came to clutter and decorations. It took some trial and error finding what looked and worked well together, as well as choosing a stand-out colour for the loft space. In this instance, I went with red. Not only did I find that using the Eco Lifestyle and City Living worked well but also Moschino Stuff, Tiny Living, Dream Home Decorator and Paranormal Stuff were great options too. While it wasn’t always items from those packs as the bigger furniture pieces, some of the packs were more for clutter and smaller details in the builds and the ideas I tried out. That’s not saying that other packs don’t work well with The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit, these were just some that were my favourite and stood out to me the most.

Of course, it will depend on what theme you are going for and how much of an industrial look you want to incorporate into your build, but you may be surprised how the new items from The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit fit in with many of the existing options that we have.

Let us know what you think of the new The Sims 4 Industrial Loft Kit in the comments and how you plan to use the new items!

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