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The Secret Life of Mrs. Crumplebottom: Challenge Showcase (+ Giveaway Results)

Welcome to the August Sims Community Challenge showcase! What a month it has been! As a quick reminder, the August Challenge was to furnish the challenge shell and create a story about Mrs Crumplebottom’s secret life. Everyone really went to the next level with how you furnished your shells as well as the stories about Mrs Crumplebottom. The sheer variety of what Mrs Crumplebottom was hiding from us was brilliant. There were many moments when I found myself asking if I truly knew who Agnes really was!

Before we jump into the showcase and reveal the winner, I would just like to say a huge thank you to everyone who participated in the August Challenge. It was very close and incredibly difficult selecting the creations to showcase as well as the overall winner. It’s times like these that I remember just how creative The Sims community can be, even when you provide a set of rules to follow. Each and every build truly reflected Mrs Crumplebottom’s secret, and many of the stories had me blown away for one reason or another!

So, without any further ado, please virtually join me in congratulating Simsienella who is the winner of our giveaway! Congratulations! 

Note: While Dottydot89 was our original winner of the giveaway, they had already received a copy of The Sims 4 Cottage Living and requested that we chose a new winner.  All four creators featured in this showcase were entered into the redraw and a winner picked at random. This post was updated to reflect the new winner after the redraw took place.

Mrs Crumplebottom’s Secret by Simsienella

  • Story: Oh Jerry! It’s been 50 years now that #MrsCrumplebottom s childhood love gone missing. Since that dark day, Agnes is collecting all the evidence she could find. Every night, she is sitting in her bedroom trying to figure out what happened to her Jerry, while it seems that the town has forgotten all about it. Everyone is a suspect and so Agnes build a time machine in her basement, top secret of course, to travel back to that fateful day to find out the truth
  • Click here to view on The Gallery

Here are some more of our favourite entries from the August Sims Community Challenge! It was honestly so hard to decide this month. There were just so many amazingly creative and brilliant builds shared.

Mrs Crumplebottom’s Secret by Dottydot89

  • Story: Mrs Crumplebottom has a secret…. She is a many, unhappy person by day (expert at swinging that handbag) but if you didn’t already know, she is the head of the Batuu Resistance by night. She keeps her cottage as boring as possible, with nice plants all in a row out the front and a garden with shed in the back. But wait, there is a secret second entrance into the shed that leads to the Batuu Resistance headquarters in the basement. Mrs C can also access the headquarters from a secret door in her living room. Downstairs, she has the full resistance network going on. Her ‘handy’ receptionist will not allow any unauthorized personnel into the basement. There is a shower/changing room facility, fully stocked kitchen and dining area; we are also not forgetting the bar with DJ, darts board and Sanacc table. Mrs C has a full lecture theatre for plotting new campaigns. The information is gathered in the high security spy and monitoring room with computers, monitors and other resistance monitoring tools. As and when you are ready to go; there is a fully stocked equipment room with weapons, helmets, lightsabers and storage lockers. Lots of assistance is around in the form of robots, R and BB units. Enjoy and may the force be with you, Mrs C and all the resistance fighters.
  • Click here to view on The Gallery

SC Shell Challenge by DumbDoreen

  • Story: It has been known for decades that if you partake in scandalous activities, you should expect to suffer Mrs Crumplebottom’s wrath. Most believe it is because she is a prude, or is bitter, or simply detests love… in fact it is quite the opposite! For you see, Mrs C has a secret hobby… In her spare time, she likes to arrange gnomes to recreate famous romance scenes. Idle flirting is an insult. There are 9 scenes to be found!
  • Click here to view on The Gallery

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