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The Secret Life of Mrs. Crumplebottom: Challenge Showcase (+ Giveaway Results)

SC Shell Challenge by Sampigz

  • Story: Agnes Crumplebottom is renowned for her handbag martial arts and telling offs, but if you look deeper into her home, you realise how “down-with-the-kids” she is. She loves to dance her shoes off and boogie until the night is dawn. In this quaint cottage you find her husband’s grave, as well as her delicate well-trimmed garden which she likes to take care of when not dancing!
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Mrs Crumplebottom’s Secret by Simsienella

  • Story: Oh Jerry! It’s been 50 years now that #MrsCrumplebottom s childhood love gone missing. Since that dark day, Agnes is collecting all the evidence she could find. Every night, she is sitting in her bedroom trying to figure out what happened to her Jerry, while it seems that the town has forgotten all about it. Everyone is a suspect and so Agnes build a time machine in her basement, top secret of course, to travel back to that fateful day to find out the truth
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Darling Crest by Jacquilantern99

  • Story: Ever wondered what happens when Child Protective Services take away your children? I’ll let you in on a secret. They’re all taken in by Agnes Crumplebottom, here at Darling Crest. Rumour has it that Agnes started this safe haven to try and heal her broken heart, others say it’s to find her long-lost child. We can confirm that both statements are true. Agnes has lived at Darling Crest her whole life (previously known as 1342 Widdowers Drive). She lived there with her father Simon, who adored her. Her mother, Prudence, who despised her. And her older sister, Cornelia, who loved her. Although, as the years passed. The two slowly drifted apart. With Cornelia marrying her high school sweetheart Gunther, Agnes no longer had Cornelia’s protection. With her mother constantly pushing her around, Agnes became rebellious and would stay out adventuring with her friends for hours. This is how she met Erik Darling, it was love at first sight! And once together, they swore to keep their relationship a secret. Until the day Erik proposed! Agnes shared the news with her family in hopes that it would make her mother happy, But she was wrong. Prudence was furious! “Agnes is too young and naive for marriage” But for the first time in his life, Simon stood up to his wife. He congratulated the happy couple and even offered to pay for their honeymoon, little did Agnes know that her time with Erik was up! With Erik lost at sea, Agnes returned heartbroken. But she didn’t return alone. Nine months later, Agnes was blessed with a baby girl. She named her Erika Darling, In honour of her father. But they only had a few hours left before Erika would be taken away from her. Prudence called CPS, deeming Agnes to be an unfit mother. Sadly, this time, Simon did not have the strength to stand up to his wife. Which brings us back to today. Agnes’ hate towards others is not only because they had what she couldn’t, true love & a real family, but also because she sees the sadness in the eyes of these neglected children, and that these parents are just like her mother.
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Thank you again to everyone who participated in the August Sims Community Challenge. We’ll be back soon to share September’s challenge with you.

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