Content Burnout Sims Community

The Terror of the Corporate Brand

We are putting EA on pause until things get better for us all. Until then, Sims Community is creatively going Open Source!

WARNING: This is an approximately 40 minute read. Sit back down. Relax. Read if you can. Don’t read it if you’re not ready. Or if you don’t want to. It’s entirely up to you.

I truly hope you call me out on my choice of words that are the product of the stress caused by EA. I am truly sorry the way I worded things. And I updated the article. Also, what I told in the article is just the tip of the iceberg that I can’t put a burden on everyone here. Not everyone can, or will understand what I have to say.

And nobody has to. The main goal here is to admit some mistakes, move on, and grow as human beings. I officially have content burnout thanks to EA. They made me hate the game I always loved playing, but hated the pressure of having to play it with abnormal requests.

Also, I tried to reach out to EA so many times, on so many ocassions, for so many years. All this time they saw me as the bad guy, which hurts. I have a plumbob tattoo on my right leg. I just love the game, and I want to continue playing it the way I want to, with the community I love.

We will always be overly dramatic in the first round, but please note that to understand a 40 minute article piece written out of pure emotion and love for The Sims takes time. It’s okay to think we are dramatic, I think so too. But I don’t want to be dramatic anymore.

I am tired of being dramatic for the reasons mentioned in the article. I have anxiety from drama. I just want to play The Sims and enjoy it with the community. No drama, no double motives – nothing. I just want communication, love and creativity.

Don’t worry, the entire Sims Community Team is officially on a one month Vacation starting today. Things will eventually heal and fall into place. Until then, enjoy the little things. Watch the sunset (or rain fall). Play The Sims. Build, create, destroy things. Be mad.

Get back to the things you like doing most. Doing, but not being forced to do. We have a lot of apologies to send out to. But also new projects. When we say rebrand – we really mean that. Until then, take care. Love you all and talk to you real soon


I don’t know how to begin this article. I know I have to start from somewhere, but the question about how many things will change after this article gets published scares me so much. But I can’t continue operating and pretend like things are okay. After almost 10 years of Sims Community I finally got my first massage. I found the true meaning of normal human conversations. And I discovered that certain EA Executives (whose names I don’t know) are responsible for the biggest content burnouts known to man kind. I know, I just got one too. And at this point I don’t know where to go but up. The only way to go up is to tell things like they are, and that is:

My name is Jovan Jović. I’ve been running the Sims Community website and Social Media platforms for more than 9 years. Along with a YouTube Channel, Twitch Channel and so much more that goes into work for a website this scale. And I am about to tell you a story how EA’s corporate ways gave me split personality, destroyed me mentally and gave me an opportunity to change things for the better. Here we go.

The Beginning

It all started in April of this year. Or did it it start in January when I took my first antidepressant pill trying to find the essential root of what’s wrong with me.

Sometimes in the middle of April when I was sitting down in a local coffee shop trying to think what’s wrong with my website. I’ve noticed that there are so many things I want to be changing, including the way that we operate as human beings on the website that all share the same passion for The Sims 4. I noticed that my creative writing on the website has become way too corporate, serious, official when it shouldn’t be that way. It should be playful, witty, creative. Just like The Sims, which this website in case you haven’t noticed has done everything but built a shrine for this franchise. That’s how much people who work on Sims Community love this game. I wouldn’t recruit them if they didn’t have creative, fiery passion towards something so amazing.

My team was always transparent with me about things whenever they feel the need to say things. That’s what I love about them – completely being transparent with their emotions and feelings, and telling me like it is when they feel anxious, unsafe and insecure.

My team was getting actual death threats and way too much snarky comments about a person article piece on The Sims 3 and how my member thinks it’s not her favorite Sims game at all. We were called out to be corporate EA shills who are getting that big fat EA check at our doorstep to say bad things about previous Sims Games. The Sims Community, especially on Twitter, often thinks that if we say a bad thing about previous Sims Games it’s because EA wants to forget about previous Sims Games so that they could sell their latest one like hot cakes.

I never understood the rush towards that way of thinking. Not because it just doesn’t make sense from any point whatsoever. If you buy The Sims 3 you’re still giving money to EA??

I don’t know man. All I know is I cried my eyes out for days because I couldn’t protect them. I didn’t know what to do, but I knew I had to get stronger. To protect the people who work on my website. To protect my friends. I was in the worst place mentally and I didn’t have the strenght and the courage to fix anything, because I couldn’t fix myself. In late November 2021 I started getting panic attacks almost on the daily. It was getting really bad. One time I fainted. I was really scared to find out what was happening with my body.

I started fixing myself. My anxiety. My negative attitude against the world. Because I noticed deep down inside of me that some things need to be drastically changed. They have to. Otherwise I would probably, most likely, oh 100% lose my sanity. Or get a heart attack. It’s one or it’s the other, and those were the very same options that EA was giving me all along.

Why does it have to be that way, why do I have to pick between the things that will lose who I am as a person. A happy, overly excited, creative individual who just wanted to relax and play The Sims 4 when I needed it the most. When my dear mother Snežana passed away last year in April from COVID-19. When I got beat up just a month afterwards, possibly for looking too gay to that certain individual. Nobody was able to protect me in the process,

not the hospital. Not the police. No one. I was alone. I had my brother friends, family, colleagues who all were trying to give me comfort. Who I was giving comfort as well. But deep down I had anxiety, and fear that I have to face this life alone.

This life. This crazy life simulation. I started thinking way too much into the meaning of life in general. So many thoughts inside of my head running at 1000 kilometers an hour that I thought was normal for a human being to go through. Because I was told I should do things that way. By EA.


I started to get better. I started antidepressants. Which were a very good solution for me to open up and finally talk things through with my psychologist. Which I did. For almost 5 months. Almost every week a psychology session where I discover new things about me. My body. My response mechanisms. My overly perplexed brain which was working in so many ways. Perspectives. And points of view. The amazing woman who saved my life and gave me all the right comfort words that I needed.

One of the amazing things that she told me is that I don’t need to be alone in my life. I don’t need to alienate myself from others.

I was like woahhh. What?!! Really?!?!? I’m not doing that!!!!!! And then I tried to alienate my own psychologist. Until I realized that she’s right. I’ve become way too distant from people since everything became cringe to me.

She helped me get in touch with my emotions and discover a whole new side of me. The side where I can open up to my brother, friends, family, colleagues. People. That it’s okay to show your vulnerability. That it’s absolutely amazing to not shy away from your emotions. To cry, to laugh, to smile, to be angry. The very same thing that The Sims 4 has! Who would’ve knew these connections would be at this scale.

I think I’m getting a bit off track and general here, but I don’t care. I’m writing all of this on the website that I worked on ever since I finished elementary school. Because I’m erratic like that. Because I love to talk with people. I love design, architecture, fashion, communication, people. That’s why I love The Sims Franchise. And this sweet little child of mine called Sims Community.

But I grew to hate my child. And then – I didn’t.

Because we’re finally getting back on the timeline. In April 2022, in a random series of events, started working on the rebranding for Sims Community. It started because I wanted to fix a few things with our logo. It turned out that just a few weeks afterwards I hired people to completely revamp this website. Because I couldn’t do it myself. Deep down I knew this had to be the ultimate thing I ever make, because I’m tired. On the verge of burnout.

I met Mirza and David along the way who all hung out in the same Cafe that we’ve been going to for 5 years. The Cafe where I wrote so many breaking news, stories and management for Sims Community. The safe haven where I can go to every morning, drink my coffee and freshly squeezed orange juice, maybe eat a banana or two and get to work that I love doing. I was always wondering why I liked to work in the mornings and not night times. Turns out I hated working on the hours when EA was awake.

Mirza and David were my right hands in the process of putting my thoughts into pixels. Into a rebranding that I wanted to see. The change I wanted to see on my website, and the way people communicate and talk to each other. At first I was getting together with Mirza, Sims Community’s rebranded Graphic Designer who always upped me in ways I couldn’t believe. He knew exactly what I wanted to do with this rebrand.

I told him how I want to see some new wallpapers for Sims Community and how I see the rebrand in general and he would do exactly that – put my thoughts into a very cool design that I envisioned in my head. It’s really cool to have someone who can do that for you.

And then I started telling him that we need to do more. We need tools. We need to seperate all the shapes and forms that we’ve used in the wallpapers and seperate them one by one. Expand them. Grow them. Make them look like a Community.

He did exactly that. In every playful meeting we had in his apartment we would talk about shapes. How they communicate, interact, play together. I also gave him a good analogy thats kind of a gold standard in Brand Designs in 2022: Be playful. Be serious. Try to find the middle ground. And make as much assets you can, so we can see whats good and whats not. You see these Plumbobs? I will need you to make so many variations on them. Think of them like herds of sheep. You have 5 herds of sheep who are differently put together around water – each herd having a different groupation. Alignment. Communication.

And then you have the other 5 herds of sheep who have different wool colors. Each heard with with sheeps that have unique wool color communicating differently between each other.

The explanation is very complex. Thats what was going on inside of my head. And this is what we did together in the end:

Can you see it? Can you see the hurt inside of my brain?

I should probably zoom in.

This is my brain. It used to be just one shape. It used to be just one circle. One plumbob. One line. One rectangle. One zigzag. One wave.

After years of working for Sims Community, it became a crop circle. I remember I panicked so hard after my friend, my graphic designer left my home at around 3AM after working on circles. I sat down at the computer and just stared at the pattern for an entire hour. Thinking about the meaning of life, which eventually spiralled into asking myself philosophical questions about what are Aliens trying to tell us with Crop Circles? Did I just crack the code for Alien Messages?

I didn’t. I was just fucking crazy in my head. I was broken into pieces. I didn’t know that.

Eventually in May I found David who started working on the rebrand of our website. David is a badass dude who worked on hundreds of websites, developed so many WordPress Plugins, and has a solution for every code problem. He can literally do anything with the code. If he can’t, he will admit that he doesn’t know things and he just googles it and learns what other developers do. He is a quick thinker and is confident in his skills.

He also had no clue in the beginnning what am I talking about. What do I want with this rebranding?? It’s crazy, because my head was spinning crazy as well.

We sat down and I’ve shown him my art board that I made with Mirza. Who also is a talented professional, worked on so many projects with so many creative individuals. Who is calm, collected, protects his aura and feelings from getting hurt. Because he’s confident in himself, and knows what to. And what he loves.

Mirza, David and I were then having meetings throughout the month of May where I tried to push my anxiety onto them. My perplexed thoughts and feelings that were hurt by EA. They were ready to quit at any time, and I was constantly trying to suffocate them more with more responsibilities, more shapes, more colors, more! We need more! We need to prepare, and you need to release the Sims Community Rebranding on May 21st otherwise bad things will happen! Oh no!!!!!!!

And then I met Nina. A calm and collected individual who practices yoga, meditation and self guidance. She is mature, a few years older than I am. But she looked way younger than me.

With her I started noticing things about me. How pent up I am from Sims Community. From The Sims Franchise in general. From my way of thinking that was forced onto me for the last 9 years and 16 days. I don’t think like a corporate person that I’ve become, and she took notice of that as well.

She helped me so much with one easy thing. Being herself in her articles for Sims Community. I originally gave her a freelance position on Sims Community to work on articles and help relieve the stress that my team members and I were getting. What did she do?

She was herself in her articles. She did things she loved doing. Being a witty, humorous, intelligent passionate player of The Sims. She plays The Sims since it came out in 2000. She knows everyone. She watches everything. All about The Sims. She likes the drama, the wittiness, the humor, the community. She watches my dear friends on YouTube as well. She loves their content. She loves life, but sometimes it’s too much for her, so she escapes it overnight by playing The Sims 4 with some of the most wicked and funny mods you can find in the community.

And then I approached her with so many demands. With so many requests. The crop circles. The trauma. The EA corporation that was inside of my head.

I often screamed at her too. I didn’t know why I did that in the beginning, but she was calm and collected like she always is. Because her self-control and protection of feelings is through the roof. I wanted to push her to the edge that I was pushed to, but she didnt let that. I was wondering wow, calm people do exist in this world. How crazy…

And then I realized something. It’s time to let Sims Community be ran by the people who are making it to the next level. By pushing the soft launch release date to June 13th, 2022. That would be the first soft launch, and we would be fully developed in July 1st, 2022.

I also came into some very good contacts in this journey. Publisher Collective who I signed a deal with and switched from Google Adsense to Network N who helped me out immensely with financial assets. They are so creative, so talented, and they acquire people with just one thing: passion. Love. Talent. Well, those are actually 3 things. Maybe not all 3 of them, but it doesn’t matter. They noticed me for who I am as an administrator of a super cool website that has a super cool audience. They like people who love their job. Because they love their job. It’s amazing what we can do, especially in 2022. Write about the games we love playing.

I don’t like playing The Sims anymore. I hate it. I discovered that through the series of random events once again, where in the end Mirza, David and I left off for Milan, Italy to get our thoughts together.

I initially told them listen – let’s go to Milan and work on Sims Community Rebrand calm and collected. In the end it gave me insight on my biggest life issue of all.

I had tickets for Charli XCX who was performing on Saturday. We left our hometown on Friday night for an 8 hour trip to Milan. With the car they rented from my own money. To a staying in Milan that I paid with my own passion and love for The Sims and its Community. And I wanted us to earn more and give back to the community.

In the end I started noticing things. We arrived very tired at 7AM. Absolutely exhausted not by just the trip, but what I was saying to them in the car. Explaining my thoughts and feelings. The need to change something. We arrived almost brain dead to Milan. And luckily got a few hours of sleep afterwards.

We woke up half refreshed and wanted to get a first glimpse of Milan and how things work there. I got us 3 Lime Scooters to drive around the city because it’s so awesome. I experienced it first in Brussels last month when I was going to a Marina (and the Diamonds) concert. She was so vulnerable in her performance, I was jumping and crying. Marina looked at me at one point and smiled. I felt so many emotions and started crying. I love her music so, so much. She is an amazing performer holy smokes.

After the concert I looked like I was on molly most probably. Sweaty as hell, jumping, crying. Feeling emotions. Turns out I was just really pent up and was getting a huge emotional relief.

Anyways, I am getting side tracked again here. That is how my brain works now, can’t you see? I am writing this article without proof reading. I will be doing proof reading after I finish this article off. But at this very moment my hands are just writing things that I’m feeling.

I was doing that in Milan as well trying to explain what I want with Sims Community. David and Mirza were sooooo confused. Like what the hell does this dude want now? Why is he making this project so complex than it already is? You already have such a huge platform, a stabile foundation of a website and community. A normal, living, breathing human brand. I didn’t understand why they were painting me to be a control freak, and then I started realizing how much stress I have in my head.

I need to let go off that stress. I can’t wait for Charli XCX’s Crash Tour Concert, which was about to begin in an hour. They were in the front seat of the car letting me play Charli XCX songs to the concert. I was so happy, so relieved to let my head out of the window in that moment. To breathe in the fresh Milan air that they have here. It’s so fucking good. Everything smells of flowers and nice, warm happy things! We even took an accidental detour since Google Maps is so glitchy I don’t even know where to begin. The concert was supposed to happen at 9PM. It was 9:45 when I arrived to Fabrique where the concert took place. I didn’t give a fuck what true hapiness is because I was already enjoying Milan so much.

I arrived at the venue, went in and saw so many gay people. So many happy faces who can’t wait for the concert to begin. It was fucking awesome, especially since Charli was supposed to start her concert in 15 minutes. I got my strongest drink at the bar and immediately the concert began.

She killed it. She screamed her lungs off. Charli almost ripped her vocal cords before and almost didnt make it to this concert as she cancelled two tours stops before that in Europe. Because she too is a passionate individual, maybe overly passionate about her work. She loves her music now, she loves her job. She loves her fans.

I once again looked like I was on molly. You will see that in some of the future articles on Sims Community. The visual impact of EA’s corporate thinking that was enforced on me.

I didn’t care. My heart rate was at 175BPM at one point. I didn’t care, I was sooooo full of emotions, and the relief was amazing. I had to stop at Constant Repeat (my favorite Charli XCX song at the moment). Because I noticed I was losing too much control of myself while dancing. And then I found moderation during the concert. Charli sang Good Ones, said goodbye, and played Taxi, which is an unreleased song that leaked prematurely along with her entire album. She was disappointed in that, I watched a lot of her interviews. I’m an obsessed homosexual who likes so many things, but most importantly the reason behind the art that I love. The story. The emotion.

She got over her leak after noticing how much fans like the song. She plays her entire album before the concert even begins, as a dedication to her true fans that helped her accept the leak.

I sang Taxi with a super amazing fan of Charli that knew the song word for word too. We were so happy, smiling and didnt care anymore about the backstory of her song leaking. Because she fully embraced the leak as a testament for her passion towards music. Because her record label told her that leaks are bad. Because in a way, leaks are 100% an invasion of privacy. Especially if you put your heart and soul into an art project you’ve been working on for so long.

But she got over that. She accepted the leak eventually. She let heal herself and her fans from it.

Anyways. The concert was over. I smoked a cigarette outside. Then I went back in, took my really sweaty tshirt off. You cant believe how sweaty it was – I literally squeezed it afterwards and the sweat was dripping like it was from a faucet. Why was I so overly energetic? Why did I relate to Charli XCX so fucking much to the point I almost lost myself?

And then I waited outside. I waited for Mirza and David who told me they’d be at the front of a concert venue. I waited for 20 minutes and I already thought the worst. What happened to them? Why are they not answering my calls? Did they die in a car crash? Okay, nevermind if they did. Who is going to pick me up then?

Awful. Absolutely awful way of thinking. They were late for only an hour. To me it felt like an eternity with so many restless, angry, stressed out emotions inside of me. They arrived, I came in the car. I immediately started screaming at them and shouting. How can you leave me alone for 2 hours?!?!? Are you crazy?!?!?! I didn’t even let them speak.

And then I told them what I did. The hurtful messages I left them in their inbox. The stress I tried to force onto them that was forced onto me. They couldn’t believe it. First who I am as a person actually. They shouted at me too and tried to speak, I didn’t let them. And then I did. They explained their situation, which once again was just a series of random occurances that will of course happen when you step into the new city. You don’t know where you are.

I should’ve waited. I didn’t. I remember telling them in the car when we were travelling to Milan how fast time goes by in my head, and how I really want to slow it down. I didn’t know how to do that.

We came to our staying and just talked for 4 hours. About our feelings, emotions, thoughts, traumas, normal and abnormal life occurances. We all apologized to each other.

We are now the bestest of friends.

I still have to do some apologizing of course, because the person they told me I was that night in the car is the person I never want to see, hear, or meet ever again in my life. He is absolutely disgusting, vile, predatory and thinks he can control everything and every one. Every single human being in this planet is under his control. He can and will own the world someday.

That person wasn’t Jovan. That person was EA.

Holy shit. That was EA.

I didn’t realize that until I finally had my The Sims 4 Spa Day Game Pack moment. I treated my friends and I to a Thai Massage in Milan. I just wanted to get relaxed. To get over myself. To find the inner balance and let go of the muscle cramps I’ve gotten from going to the gym almost every single day since January.

I grew in muscles so much in the course of 6 months. It’s crazy how fast the muscles grew.

But so did the stress. So did the need to escape from stress. A never ending cycle of stress. Man, I really just want to chill sometimes and play The Sims. I can’t do that.

And then the massage specialist cracked the bones in my right hand. I reflexively cried my eyes out. So many tears were there in the room that was supposed to be chill, Zen, relaxed. The specialist never saw someone cry so much for just relieving a few bones on the right arm.

She hugged me, and said that all is good. Everything is okay. You are human.

I fully embraced the tears. And I fully saw my life in retrospect that happened. And the main culprit of my stress and anxiety. EA.

EA. Those bastards. I am so angry at them. They gave me so much stress. How can they put so much pressure onto a single person who just wants to do what he loves doing? HOW DARE YOU MAKE ME HATE PLAYING YOUR GAME?!?!

I used to be so excited waiting for Packs to release during The Sims 3 days. It was soooo good. Each pack release felt sort of like a Holiday to me. EA took away those holidays from me little by little. Pack release by pack release for The Sims 4.

And then I felt Burnout. Content Burnout. In the most beautiful way possible. The content burnout that I felt when I was with Mirza just wanting to get two beers. I sat down, and I saw that The Sims 4 High School Expansion Pack leaked.


Werewolves, High School, Body Hair, Small Telescopes. So many cool things happening this summer like wow. And then I started writing the article on the leak. Sharing my passion and excitement for the Expansion Pack thats to come. Then I crashed after publishing the article.

I crashed because now I see I have PTSD.

At EA Play 2019 we went to a Game Changers Summit about Building Healthy Communities. iJustine was there giving a presentation along with some other big creators and EA Executives and Employees. Every single Game Changer was in that room. And some of my lovely friends.

Then I got a notification. THE SIMS 4 ISLAND LIVING LEAKED! IT’S ON ORIGIN! WHAT?!?!

I published the article. Basically wrote it in like 5 minutes. And then continued listening about the presentation. All The Sims Creators around me were wondering WOW, We are in Hollywood because of THIS! SO AMAZING RIGHT?!

Well, it just so turned out that our servers crashed 5 minutes after. Everyone looked around me and kept asking me why the site isn’t working. Man I don’t know, I’m trying to watch the presentation!

Then the presentation ended. I walked down the hallway to get outside and have a cigarette because so much stress was inside of me. I walked past Lyndsay Pearson. A lovely, passionate, talented, creative woman who works on The Sims. Who knows ins and outs of The Sims Franchise. Did you know she has a very heartwarming success story?!

She started as a QA Tester on The Sims Makin Magic. She grew to be a Vice President of The Sims Franchise just a few years down the line. She is that good.

I immediately started apologizing to her for my ways. For posting about the leak. She told me don’t worry Jovan. It’s what you do. It’s just an Origin leak, they do it all the time. We hate it, but we can’t stop it. You are not responsible for our mistakes.

I felt relief. I went for a cigarette and continued with the event. Shortly afterwards we were presented with The Sims 4 Island Living at the Hollywood Palladium. To play the game. To give feedback to passionate developers. Full of ideas, love, creativity. It was very good. The entire event was so heartwarming and I loved every moment of it.

Until the last day. I contacted the Global Community Manager for The Sims – SimGuruFrost about an inquiry I have. Basically, now that I have more money earning from my passion towards Sims Community, I should be growing it, right? Bringing in more people than ever before to the community.

We met up in the hotel lobby and I was overly excited to share my ideas with him. I didn’t even let him speak. I told him that i want to go to San Francisco either August or September to do some interviews with the developers. To get a sneak peek on The Sims 4 Realm of Magic. To connect my community with the developers.

He said no. He was shaking as he was telling the story. The story of how the, back then, Director of the EA Game Changers Program was shouting at everyone at EA for letting me into the program.


That’s the general image I have of the situation and stress that was put onto other employees who just love The Sims and their community. I was the black sheep to him.

And listen, it is not my responsibility to tell EA anything about the leaks. I told SimGuruFrost, and we had so many long discussions during that summer: It’s not in my EA Game Changers contract to report on the leaks. I don’t see it.

I don’t even want to get money from reporting you the leaks. I want to. I want to tell you when something happens first so you can have your moment and spotlight for the reveal. So that everyone can have a reveal holiday for a Sims Pack that looked so good.

It needs to be on a contract. It needs to be my job. Because I am just one person, trying to manage a community that I love for the game that I love. I want to do things right.

They almost didn’t let me. They almost got me blacklisted. I know what happened, and which people pushed EA to not blacklist me. And I am so grateful to this day for what they did to me. And forever will be.

But it’s also not really my side of the story to tell. My side of the story is the emotions i felt ever since then. The nightmares that I had every day on a weekly basis.

The nightmare where I want to write an article, and I start writing an article. But then I lose control of my hands, because they get crossed out. It’s a true nightmare, and I’ve been telling it to my friends and family ever since.

They all thought I was stressed too much about the work and that I need to calm down. That is partially true. But they also don’t know how much I love this game. Once again, I have a Plumbob Tattoo on my right leg!!!

I hope they get to see my passion now. I told them I am making a big article. I didn’t know that at this point it would reach over 5000 words. Written in an hour and a half. With hands and fingers that are now completely free. Well, except for my left hand, which is on its 5th cigarette.

Yeah, Electronic Arts Executives game me a huge nicotine addiction. Sometimes two packs a day. You would think that I am the sole responsible person for my own mental health right?


Because EA always had wild expectations from its Creators. Especially from Sims Websites. SimsVIP, who I looked up to so much in the beginning to the point where I wanted to be that website. Where I want to be the first, so I can then have creative control over my own website to let it do its thing creatively.

I also hurt SimsVIP. I think, I don’t know. She also hurt me in so many ways as well. But she was immensely hurt by EA in the process. Because EA had the same expectations from a person who just wanted to be the best in the business. I actually admire that. I really dislike the way that site channeled things in the end. But it’s a testament to the stress that EA puts on Sims Websites.

It’s huge. It’s enormous. It’s a struggle, a battle, a duality of a singular human being. Who wants to play The Sims. Who wants to be creative. Who wants to be the best in the business.

Who, in the end, by a series of random incidents becomes a human swiss-army knife for the game that they just wanted to play.

Not promote. Not watch for the words we write. For the things we want to do. The EA Executive expectations and our possible influence on the Stock Market.

EA is a public company. Things move slow because they’re a public stock investment company. I know that because I spent hours every 3 months listening to the Earning Releases to get some information on The Sims 4 and upcoming Packs. Because initially big things were disclosed in those Earnings Releases: Pack Releases, Growth of The Sims 4, plans for the next generation Sims Game. Or as we call it until we get an official name – The Sims 5.

And EA Executives kept giving slight reminders. At least in my head. To Community Managers of The Sims that I need to contain my excitement. That I need to choose my words. That I need to be careful over the game I love.

Dear EA,

You made me hate the game I love. You really did. In a way that I can’t even describe. How can you do that to a single human being that wants to be creative?! That wants to just relax, play The Sims and write about this awesome community who is THE MOST TALENTED group of people in the entire world?!?!?!?

In the currently evolved EA Creator Network Program we have so many talented individuals. Including Graphic Designers. YouTubers. Sims Websites. Creators. Builders. Storytellers. Fan Artists.

Now also LuddySimmer who did a very good job with our avatars for Sims Community! He is so good, and understands every request I have. By upping the limits with his creativity.

I don’t want to play the mediator here because I only want to protect my emotions from here on out. But, at some point you have to tell it like it is: EA executives are destroying everyone’s creativity one way or another. To the point where we all normalized Content Burnout. To the point where when we get super close Early Access periods, that are 2 days before the release. How can we enjoy the game and do the reporting in 2 days?! With the embargo 1 day before the release?!

Of course, we always get reminders to prioritize our mental health first. But come on man. The Sims isn’t like any other video game in the world. It’s full of talented, creative individuals who just love being creative. And you are suffocating them all with requests that make a person eventually have a split personality disorded!

I actually can’t speak for others. I’m sorry I may have crossed the line there. But, I am human. I make mistakes, I fall back down constantly in life and get back up. Because I love my mistakes. Because I am a human being. Not a robot. Not a Sim in a delicate code that is The Sims 4. That keeps breaking every time due to abnormal requests from EA Executives and Marketing Team that cannot be applied to people who love their job.

Just let people do their job EA, and you will see the benefits one way or another.

I fell, got burnout. What do I do now?

That was a lot to take in, right?

The thing is, I don’t find enjoyment in going through the past experiences that I’ve been through with EA. There are so many untold stories. Confidental stories that I don’t want to share. I shouldn’t.

I just want to let EA Executives and Marketing know this:

You are controlling people in a EA Creator Network and subtly molding Creators by sucking out passion out of the game they just love playing. You are giving them stress about finance, creativity, subtle reminders on what we should and shouldn’t do. As well as giving myself a split personality.

What?! How can you do all of that?!

Nevermind, I want to be calm and collected. I want to turn something beautiful out of an accidental – or non-accidental disaster that was done to me. That was done to so many creators that are scared to admit that.

I am taking things slow. I had my first massage ever, and I will be having them on a weekly basis from now on. As well as discussions with my therapist on how to control my emotions that had to be shut down for so many years. That I finally get to experience.

I won’t say a lot any more about EA. I will say something about Maxis:

You guys have helped me so much with The Sims Franchise. You have paved the way in opening myself to so many creative tools. Ways of thinking. Problem solving. Emotions. Empathy. Love. Passion. Courage. Strength.

Being a human being. Not a Sim. But a human being. You should be fucking proud of that! You are raising an entire new generation of people with your forward thinking. And I don’t want you to stop.

Well, actually I hope you do. I hope you take this day, or even the next few days to recalibrate. To reticulate your splines. To feel the emotions. To process all the crazy shit I wrote in here. The entire community needs to do the same.

Then, we move on to the next step,

The Art of Defeat, Courage and Acceptance

It’s time we let the creativity run free, now more than ever. People seriously need it after going through so much during the pandemic. It’s time we enjoy life for what it is. A beautiful rollercoaster ride of emotions, feelings. Humanity. Pride.

None of that cannot be explained like it can through The Sims 4’s Game Code. And it shouldn’t. Life shouldn’t be explained. It should be enjoyed. Through both bad and good.

I have so many plans now that my creativity is running free now more than ever. I hate EA for what they did to me. I love my brother, family, friends, this community. For opening the huge floodgate of creativity. Because I am turning my trauma into something beautiful. I’m confident in that.

But before I announce the Sims Community Open Source, I need you to know this:

I am sorry. Sorry for being so confused. So erratic. So over the top on my Socials. For confusing you in ways that I can’t describe.

To Pixelade who just a few weeks ago I wrote an entire thread on why he should credit my stuff. He should know better, but he is also under A LOT of pressure. We all are. We all don’t deserve to have our creativity locked in a cage.

I am sorry. I hope we get to talk things soon. I know you can do better. You are talented. You have so many skills on the palm of your hand. Graphic Design, Video Production, Responsiveness that is just not human at this point.

I am sorry to everyone. But I am glad that I can give back.

First of all, I require the following things from EA:

  • A formal, public apology for causing so many psychological issues to its creators. For taking away their creativity. For turning me into a swiss-army knife that hurts so bad.
  • Better communication. I want transparency. I need you to embrace the very people who make your game. Who make your community. I need you to embrace human empathy, love, passion, creativity. We have so much tools in 2022 – I am sure you can think of something that will not emotionally damage us. I believe in that.
  • To arrange a meeting with me one day. Where I don’t talk. Where they just use my desktop through Remote Control, look at the files and folders, and see what’s in my head. And the emotional damage they’ve caused not just me, but so many others.
  • A $100,000 donation to Sarajevski Otvoreni Centar. An LGBT organization in Sarajevo, Bosnia & Herzegovina. You can learn more about the Sarajevo Open Center here.
    • They are amazing. They helped me so much. I don’t even have the words to describe how I love those people. You guys have helped me with your Workshops, Events, LGBTQ+ Parties that you had to organize with security and police so we don’t get attacked, hurt, killed. You deserve the world and more. And I hope you get it when Bosnia’s third Pride Parade takes place. You deserve the world and more.

Sims Community Open Source

I am tired. I did the math with my lovely friends using our creativity. And my brain hurt by EA.

I won’t be tired for long. After this I am going to Croatia to see Lorde live in person. Like she says in Secrets From A Girl (Who’s Seen It All):

I know you’re scared. So was I. But all will be revealed in time.

And it will. I’m sure of that. We just all need to process our emotions. I need to do it first.

I am stepping away from the EA Creator Network until things get better. I know they can. We need time, action, plan, creativity. At this very moment, we just need the creativity.

Sims Community has a signed contracted with OpenWeb – a powerful tool with enthusiastic, strong, intelligent people. That’s used on IGN, Washington Street Journal. Even The Dodo that has cute, heartwarming stories about animals, their rescue and healing.

We are bringing in some creative tools real soon through OpenWeb. Through Publisher Collective who now has our backs more than ever. But we all need to calibrate first what the hell is going on?!

That’s why we are making Sims Community an Open Source Project. Sometime very soon I will be publishing the Sims Community NEW Branding on here. Intact. The exact drawing board you saw way above with so many confused feelings.

I need you all to process your feelings, come back and after you’re ready – we are publishing our first art board. Our branding, our baby. To you. We’ve already told our stressful, emotional story. It’s time for you to turn it into something beautiful.

And you will all do it. I am sure of that. Because the constant battle between being a robot with no feelings and being a creative individual is so tiring. We need to play with shapes, colors, variations. Give a branding a human side.

So many things happening with Sims Community in the near future. We are now stronger ever. With the most passionate, loving, accepting, creative individuals that there are in this world. We will cry, laugh, get over this and be the most talented, most creative people we can be.

But, all will be revealed in time.


– Marina

God I love that woman.

Anyways, talk to you guys when we’re all ready to be playful. To be creative. To be thoughtful. To be human.

Love you all to the moon and back. I am logging off for the day, turning off the comments and having the best day with the people who guided me in the best way possible.

Thank you David, Mirza, Nina, SnarkyWitch, Krista, my previous staff members, future colleagues that I am introducing. My brother, my loving friends. The creative folks behind Maxis. My super charming and intelligent boyfriend.

If I missed someone it’s because I’m human. And because I’m both sorry and not sorry. I want to learn to be unapologetic and automatically do the right thing. But I am just a human being.

So, not sorry.

Talk to you soon. Take care, and enjoy your time off

We will be here when you’re ready. And we will do the same things as before – but even better. Because now we are exploring our creativity.

Jovan, Sims Community 💜

I am not going to proofread this yet. I won’t until maybe soon? Whenever I’m ready. Whenever you’re ready.

But for now, I am 100% sure of the things. I wrote 7570 Words, 40500 Characters. In a matter of 2 hours and 30 minutes.

That’s how tired I was :/

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