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Sims Community is hosting a creative workshop at DKC Incel in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. The event is all about giving creative people physical shapes, colors and blank canvases to give creative people an opportunity to just be themselves.

This is an event taking place in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina. For those of you who can’t attend physically there will be blog posts, behind the scenes looks and more! [INSERT BRAND HERE] is a creative project focused around unlocking creative intuition after burnout.

Have you ever wanted to be creative but something was pulling you away from your creative tools?

Whether it’s just burnout from constantly working or great expectations from a company that you might have signed an agreement with, there are many ways your creativty can just…die out.

Sure, listening to feedback and people caring for your art could be all meaningful to the art and creative process, but more often it can be very discouraging for your creative intuition.

We are going back to basics after taking a break from Sims Community to see what drives people. What inspires them. What happens when you tell creatives to just…be themselves. Without caring for what people might say online, or what a giant corporation might pull you away from and say “don’t do that or we might cut you off”.

The rest of the Sims Community Team is on a paid time off until July while we reticulate our splines. Until then, I’m using all my creative freedom and resources now with the help of other amazing creative individuals to hold a real life event.

I am happy to introduce you to:


[INSERT BRAND HERE] started out with a very simple story, and that is the acceptance of having to let go of the control on Sims Community and allowing others to be themselves. I’ve noticed that all of the people who worked on our website so far have had an amazing creative outbursts whenever they were allowed to be themselves.

In the process of redesigning Sims Community my Brand Designer and Code Developer were both teaching me how to let go of the control on the website. Because they have a lot more to prove to me and our followers than what I’m ordering them to do.

And they were right. Letting go of the micromanagement for Sims Community was one of the best thing that happened to all of us in general. Because I realized there’s so much more to offer to our community and ourselves in the process when there’s no control. When there’s just creative intuition, inspiration and discussion with other people.

We have recalibrated things for our Sims Community Redesign, but the story of the Branding that we’ve created for Sims Community still remains somewhat…untold.

Let’s face it: it’s complex. VERY complex. There is a family of shapes and sizes for each shape that we’ve made. And they can all be combined in an infinite amount of ways.

And it’s only about 50% of what we’ve done with the new branding…

The biggest inspiration behind [INSERT BRAND HERE] was the ramification of endless possibilities with our branding. Which only made us burn out even more. Eventually, the talks about how multi-purpose our new branding for Sims Community started, and we realized there’s more we can do.

And that is seeing how others perceive our branding. How would they add their own personality to it. And how would they break the mold of all the shapes, sizes and colors that we’ve created for our new branding.

The Sims Community NEW Branding is HUGE, but it’s only from the perspective of two people who worked on it.


[INSERT BRAND HERE] is a one day real life event that takes place at DKC Incel in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina.

The event is all about giving people physical shapes, colors and blank canvases to change the story of our current branding and give creative people an opportunity to just be themselves. To insert their personality and way of thinking into circles, shapes, plumbobs and all sorts of playful lines that we’ve made from scratch.

We are giving people digital tools in real life to get a sense of our branding. To see actual colors and designs, and to add their own vision into the blank canvas that [INSERT BRAND HERE] currently is.

The [INSERT BRAND HERE] Event is seperated into 3 different segments:

Creative Workshop

The Creative Workshop is the main segment of the [INSERT BRAND HERE] Event. Throughout this segment people will be given physical tools to make [INSERT BRAND HERE] their own. To fully make their own branding out of the tools that we give them.

Including Brushes, Buckets of Paint, Blank Shapes, Huge Blank Platforms to put together the Brand that people participating want to see. Markers, Workshop Tables, Tutors. And so much inspiration to begin from.

The creative process of putting together the shapes is important. As well as coloring the shapes. And giving them a story.

The beauty of this event is the fact that no one will be told what to do. We will be tutoring people who register for the event with inspiration and ways they could put together something. However, we are letting people be themselves.

It’s important for us to see how others think. What their creative process is like. And what they do with full creative control. We’ve had enough of control, and we want to see how others function without it as well.

The Creative Workshop for this Event will also have a story purpose for Sims Community. Some of the designs and creative visions will be spotlighted right here on Sims Community this summer. We want to honor creative freedom as well and give people good incentives to feature their art on Sims Community, as well as other things which we’ll reveal as the time comes.

Design Discussion

The Design Discussion will take place after the Creative Workshop. We’ll have a strong focus on discussing what others have made using our tools, as well as tell our story of how a branding with infinite amount of possibilities came to be.

This discussion will be recorded and documented for Sims Community. It covers serious (and not so serious) topics of Burnout, Creativity, and Freedom.

People who register for the event are able to parttake in the discussion and ask questions, give ideas, feedback and suggestions about [INSERT BRAND HERE].

Oqueerno Party

Don’t worry – it’s a play on words from our language (Okvirno) which means (Broad, Roughly, Approximately).

The town where I lived most of my days working for Sims Community has always had a safe spot for me to be myself, write my articles for this website and listen to my music. However, we don’t have much opportunities to be ourselves anywhere else. To listen to our songs, drink, smile, hug and cry.

I am using the Event that is [INSERT BRAND HERE] to give people not only the creative freedom, but the freedom of basic human rights. Even if it’s just for one night.

After we conclude the Creative part of the event, we are turning up the music to 100% and giving LGBTQ+ People and Allies to have a safe space to be themselves. Because the norm of the city and country where I live in is heteronormative. Full of patriarchy and ways of thinking that date back centuries ago.

All of this has a huge negative impact on the creative Queer minds of the people in Bosnia & Herzegovina. We have some of the most talented creative individuals living in this country, but they are unfortunately often dramatically toned down by homophobia, transphobia and bigotry.

The Oqueerno Party will last for 6 hours and won’t be documented for Sims Community. At least not the people attending the party.

Because most of the LGBTQ+ individuals here are still scared to show their true selves. All because people threaten us when we paint our nails, hair. When we dress slightly different from the norm that is here. When we think differently. When we love differently.

Sims Community and the team we formed for [INSERT BRAND HERE] has also ensured that the event is accompanied by Police and Security. Just in case someone wants to tell us that our ways of thinking is not right. Or show it through aggressive actions like they sometimes do around here.


[INSERT BRAND HERE] started out as a way of protest. To corporations who think they can emotionally manipulate our creative minds and words. To people who think they can give a human being 50 different mental health diagnosis on social media even after they say they’re perfectly fine now. To bigots who think they can control expression and freedom of human beings.

Additionally, we are thankful to each and every group mentioned above. There is no ill will, just gratitude that they all gave us and infinite amount of resources to write, create, design and teach.

The story doesn’t just stop after our first event. [INSERT BRAND HERE] has a long term mission to offer a completely free space for creative expressions for designers and creatives. Who identify as such, or aspire to become one.

[INSERT BRAND HERE] celebrates creativity and freedom through differences, and rewards mistakes through a path of a new creative solutions.

[INSERT BRAND HERE] in the future will be a platform to promote and support many innovative and creative solutions, projects and brands that are in the making.

Are you ready to become a part of our story?

Entrance and Registration Fees:

  • Workshop: 5BAM
  • Party: 7BAM
  • Workshop + Party: 10BAM

This is an event taking place in Banja Luka, Bosnia & Herzegovina where I live. Although it’s impossible to expect any of you to participate in the event, we thought of a perfect solution. Blog posts, video aftermovie and behind the scenes looks are just some of the things you’ll witness on our website and Insert Brand Here platforms that we are creating.

The entire event is funded by me, with a team of people working on the project that we’ll talk about throughout this summer.

You can also find [INSERT BRAND HERE] on Instagram where you can follow the development, artboards and workshop happenings!

If you’re worried about Sims Community – don’t be! Like we said in our 40 minute article – we are coming back stronger than ever. 💜

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