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Improve the quality of Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Kit with these Mods!


Functional Light Switches, Lit Candles and more – check out the first Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Mods!

Just a few short days after the release of Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter, the community was quick to throw in some major mod improvements for the Kit!

Some of the new objects from this Kit weren’t in their finest look, with the biggest dip being in the texture and mesh quality of the items.

The main approach to some of these objects is that they’re better when looked far away. After all, they’re just clutter items that should fill in the space. Still, the attention to some of the objects’ details, or lack thereof, makes the game’s art style immersion a bit harder to achieve.

If you’ve gotten the new Kit or plan doing so, we recommend some of these Mods to help improve your immersion and add new function to the Kit’s items! There are 3 great Mods listed, including improvements to the Candle, Light Switch Functionality and various improvements for the organiser Clutter item.

Sims 4 Bathroom Clutter Mods

ScentsibleSim Scented Candle (lit up)

Why not have the new ScentsibleSim Scented Candle actually light up? This quick mod fix solution from SixamCC lets the new candle shine brighter.

ScentsibleSim Scented Candle Mod

Various Bathroom Kit Fixes

This all-in-one solution Mod pack from littledica contains several improvements. Including the added light function to the light switches and object texture improvements.

Various Bathroom Kit Fixes by littledica

Plastik Teen Organizrz Edits

PlasmaJanes has a brilliant solution for one of the organiser clutter items, completely removing the low quality hair ties from top! Including two versions – without the hair ties and without both hair ties and the brush.

Plastik Teen Organizrz CC Improvement

You can easily add these Mods and CC solutions to your Sims 4 game. After downloading linked .zip’s or .package files, extract them to Electronic Arts > The Sims 4 > Mods folder. The improvements will await you in your game!

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