inZOI Life Sim: Could it be the Next Big Challenger for The Sims?

INZOI New Life Simulation Game

A new life simulator has become a hot topic after making waves recently. The inZOI Life Sim is currently in development by Krafton with a potential release during 2024. The South Korean company behind the game is also home to the likes of Player Unknown’s Battlegrounds and Tera.

However, how have we, as a gaming community not heard of inZOI until recently? Keep reading to find out more about the upcoming life simulation game!

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 13

inZOI Life Sim, What Do We Know?

We’ve gone from not knowing anything about the inZOI life sim to so much just in the past few days.

The creators behind inZOI recently shared a gameplay demo video that showcased not just a first glimpse at general gameplay but also a look at interactions, character creation, building and so much more!

Now, let’s break down the gameplay demo for the inZOI life sim!

Characters and Day-to-Day Life

The gameplay demo starts with viewers following various characters exploring what looks to be a relatively open-world, world. From walking the streets of the neighbourhood, to work or to school, the short section of the video gives a glimpse into how characters act and react to the world around them.

Next, we move on to following the characters into work and assisting them with their daily tasks while there. It really gives you an idea of just how hands-on interactions and tasks with the characters can be. Even the characters’ cell phones are packed with a lot of detail too!

The inZOI life sim gameplay demo also gives us a look at the family schedule. A way that you can keep track of what each member is doing when and where. We also get a glimpse at more in-depth details about family members.

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 4
A first look at the family schedule from inZOI

From this first look, there looks to be a lot of options to be able to truly customize schedules and characters in the game.

You will find that your characters will be able to build their skills through the likes of cooking, cleaning, singing, fitness, painting and learning instruments to name a few. It even looks like there could be an odd mishap if your character isn’t at a high enough skill level just yet.

Even from just this first look at the gameplay demo, there is so much depth and scope to everything that is showcased. It appears that you can really get hands-on with characters day to day-to-day lives and really follow them to and from different activities, errands and more!

Character Creation

If you are looking for depth, detail and a lot of customization options then make sure you pay attention to the character creation for inZOI.

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 5
Character Creation screen from inZOI

From the get-go, you’ll be able to truly create the most unique characters or even a version of yourself in the game. With so many detailed options to go through and experiment with, it would appear that no two characters would be the same.

However, that’s not all!

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 6
Create your own looks with more style features!

You can even go all out on style and create your own unique looks with what appears to be a “create a style” feature. From patterns to colours and different images on your clothing or maybe even being inspired by characters from books, movies and more, create looks that will have heads turning!

Build Mode

Forget everything you know about building life simulation games and check out inZOI’s building mechanics! From the gameplay demo, the building tools look straightforward to use. There appears to be a lot of freedom as to the placement of things such as walls, windows, doors and floors as well as creating outdoor spaces.

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 7

Adding in objects seems to be just as straightforward as well as being able to essentially drag and drop them into the areas you want.

While this is only a demo, it looks like you can create some truly realistic homes with the objects included. Maybe you want to finally make your dream home in the game instead? It looks like inZOI will allow you to do just that!

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 9
One of the many builds you can create in inZOI

As for styles of homes you can make, at this stage, and while still unconfirmed, it looks as though you can make standalone homes or apartments. It will be nice to find out exactly what kinds of builds you can create as development progresses!

Directors Mode and Filters

Players can use Directors Mode to control features such as the weather, schedules and the city in which they live!

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 11
A first look at the Director’s Mode from inZOI

Filters on the other hand will allow you to take your screenshots to the next level and capture all those important moments and memories of your inZOI characters.

13 inZOI Gameplay Demo KRAFTON G STAR 2023 inZOI KRAFTON 12
Level up your screenshots with in-game filters!


From Baby, Child, Teen, Young Adult and more, build your character’s relationships in several different ways. Whether it is a positive relationship or negative, you’ll discover a range of different emotions, interactions and events along the way.

inZOI life sim
Children pulling silly faces at each other in the playground

Community Views

Now, a number of Simmers from the community were given the opportunity to get hands-on with the inZOI life sim demo recently. This gave players a real sense as to what to expect from the game and just an overall feel as to what the game really is about.

From initial thoughts and feelings about the game to more in-depth analysis of certain aspects of the upcoming game features.

Rachel Pedd was one Simmer who was given the opportunity to take a look at inZOI and share their thoughts with the community. You can also take a deep dive with Rachel with additional videos covering the character creation in-depth too!

You can also check out A Cotton Sock’s three-hour walkthrough of their inZOI save file as well as The English Simmer who talked us through aspects of her experience with the upcoming life simulation game.

Keep Up To Date

Want to keep up with the latest in inZOI development? Be sure to follow Krafton on YouTube and also on the Krafton official website.

In the meantime, why not watch the latest development video from the inZOI life sim team that may answer some of those burning questions you may have here?

What Do You Think?

Could Krafton’s new life simulation game become a new challenger for The Sims 4 as well as the upcoming Project Rene/The Sims 5? The hyper-realistic game, even at this stage with the gameplay demo and content we’ve seen is incredibly promising as well as having the potential to have even more features and opportunities added going forward!

Let us know what you think about the inZOI life sim in the comments below and if you’d like to see us cover more about the upcoming game going forward here on Sims Community.

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