Will Wright’s next Simulation Game is getting its Community!

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Announcing our community partnership with Will Wright’s next video game – Proxi.

Will Wright, the master mind behind some of your favorite life simulation games (The Sims, SimCity, Spore to name a few) is back with a big project. Proxi, the name of his next big venture is aiming to simulate the closest, most precious thing a human can have – memories!

Gallium Studios is an indie game development studio behind Proxi. Made by developers, artists and experts in the life simulation genre. Will isn’t the only person to have past association with working on life sim games. Some folks within the studio have previously worked on IMVU and Second Life, as well as other games. Making the story and possible turnout of this video game project much more exciting!


We have much to talk about Proxi, Gallium Studios and their Ambassadors Program. As well as announce our exciting new project!

Let’s dive in:

About Proxi

Proxi is an upcoming HD video game title from Gallium Studios, founded by Will Wright and Lauren Elliot. I wrote first about the game back in 2018 when it was first announced. During its course of development, the game had changed much in features, technology and focus. With the latest version bringing Artificial Intelligence to help you shape your memories to the best!

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In Proxi, memories from your life become the basic building blocks that your gaming landscape is built from. To make it simple and fun, the player simply types or speaks a story, and Proxi automatically takes its best guess to create a complete diorama – using 3d models, photos, graphic backgrounds, sounds, music and special effects which you can then modify and edit any way you like. (A bit like a magic version of the creature creator from Spore.)

Once you’ve added a few memories, you are then given a world to place and arrange them any way you like. They become like the buildings in SimCity with your mind as the city. The world, much like Sim City, is an interactive simulation that comes alive as you continue to design it.

– Gallium Studios

Proxi will soon get its first beta test for PC, and I’m excited to get the first look!

Proxi Ambassadors Program

This is your chance to be a part of Will Wright’s next game foundation!

Proxi Ambassadors Program

Proxi is inviting fans of the Life Simulation genre to join their community as they ramp up for their first reveal. Plus, players who want to get involved with the game’s development, beta hands-ons and more might want to consider joining the Proxi Ambassadors Program, which is open for a few more days.

If you’re interested in testing out Proxi and being directly involved with feedback sessions and exclusive events, this is the right opportunity for you!

Players who get accepted will be among the first ones to get their hands on Proxi. You can read more about the program by clicking the button below!

You have until December 12th, 2023 to send in your application for the Program.

Life Sim Games: Our Next Project

I’m excited to take this article as an opportunity to announce Life Sim Games – our next website currently in development!


This year has been busy for the Life Simulation game genre. We’ve had an announcement of Life By You from Paradox Tectonic, followed by InZOI and onging updates from the exciting indie project – Paralives. Plus, The Sims Franchise as a whole has been super busy this year with 3 Expansions, the return of Stuff Packs and ongoing Content and News releases.

Joining the Proxi Ambassadors program made me want to seperate The Sims from the rest of the Life Simulation genre. Considering that Sims Community has been built on the foundation of Sims players and fans alike, this seemed like the best decision to make.

I’ll be announcing some exciting opportunities to join the Life Sim Games team in early 2024. Until then, we’ll still be doing casual reports about certain Life Simulation games outside of The Sims universe.

In 2024 you should expect Life Sim Games to be your new home for Proxi, Life by You, Paralives and InZOI news and updates. With Sims Community remaining your main central station for all things The Sims!

Life Sim Games will have direct community partnership with Proxi, bringing you exclusive content, interviews and online events to fans and readers. I can’t wait for the next chapter!

So, about Proxi again…

I’m intrigued!

There was a period in the course of Proxi’s development where the devs considered adding an NFT mechanism to the game. I was very critical of this decision and am very glad to say that they’ve removed this concept entirely.

The developers had good intentions towards creators to help them brand their Proxis and have them under the sole ownership of the player. However, they thoughtfully moved their focus towards better game technology and features.


I’ve always been a fan of Will Wright’s games (and I’m sure you have been too if you’re reading this here). With inspiration from both Spore, The Sims and SimCity, Proxi is looking to be one charming video game. And I can’t wait to start reporting on it next year!

What are your thoughts? Let us know what you think about Proxi and our upcoming project Life Sim Games down below.

You keep up with Proxi’s official community over on Discord! The team will be doing their first ever AMA with the Proxi developer team. Prepare your questions for Monday!

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