The Sims 3 70s, 80s, & 90s Stuff Assets

Crazy trends. Back again.

Game features:

• Let your Sims be cool cats in the groovy ’70s: From flared jeans and bell-bottoms to halter-top catsuits and platform shoes, your Sims are ready to boogie the night away in style. Pump the tunes on their stereo system so they can show off their moves and their righteous threads. Add some décor to your Sims’ home with minimalist furnishings, a far out disco ball and more. Can you dig it?

• Get, like, totally rad in the awesome ’80s: Your Sim can throw on some legwarmers, a leotard and a headband to get physical at the gym, or rocket up the career ladder in a vibrant structured suit with shoulder pads. Whatever their activity, with awesome ’80s attire they’re dressed for success. From radical pinup pop art to old-school arcade games and a totally slick entertainment system, your Sims will be living in ’80s style.

• Your Sims can get their grunge on in the gnarly ’90s: Whether sporting the anti-fashion-grunge look in tattered jeans and layered tops or a casual-chic outfit featuring an asymmetrical skirt, Sims are sure to get mad props for their ’90s fashion sense. Drag out the distressed furniture for an industrial metal vibe that says your Sims don’t care about the establishment.

• Get new hairstyles and facial hair: Complete your Sims’ retro looks with new hairstyles from their favorite decade, including the feathered look of the ’70s, the poofed tease of the ’80s and a lank grunge ‘do from the ’90s.






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