Creating Posts

Sims Community now lets you to submit your own posts and articles! This means you get to share your own thoughts, viewpoints, ideas, stories, creations and more for hundreds of thousands of people who visit the website each month!

So, how to submit a post?

  • Create your profile!

    To submit a post you’ll first need a Sims Community Profile! Simply register your account HERE, fill in your details and verify your account via e-mail to get started!

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    Choose your post format!

    We currently have 6 post formats that you can choose from. Each post is explained thoroughly down below!

  • That's it!

    Your post will be reviewed in 24 to 48 hours! You’ll receive a notification as soon as your profile gets approved / rejected.

Post Formats

Story Posts

Create and write whatever comes to your mind! Well, almost whatever…

You have the freedom to write up any post related to The Sims that you want with the categories that are given to you! Thoughts, unique articles, news findings, community creations are just some of the things you can share!

Gallery Posts

Have a cool storyline that you want to share with the world? What about a really funny moment that you want to tell? With gallery posts you can share screenshots from your game, Sims-related imagery and more that’s uniquely created by you!

Classic List Posts

Do you really want to get some points across through a list? What about sharing your Top 10 moments? Those are just some of the things you can do with list posts!

Trivia Posts

Put others’ Sims knowledge to the test by crafting up a Trivia Quiz post! With Trivia Posts there’s only one option for each question that’s right so create carefully!

Personality Posts

With Personality Quiz posts there is no right or wrong! Personality posts will help determine many things within the simming community such as which packs suits their playstyle best, which traits from The Sims would they pick and more!

Poll Posts

There’s no better way to see what the community thinks about a certain topic than to form a poll!

Post Rules, Tips & Guidelines

(Please note that this feature is currently in the beta stage, meaning that certain rules, tips and guidelines are subject to change)

There aren’t too many limitations with creating posts and articles on Sims Community. However, there are a few guidelines and expectations that need to be met in order to have your post approved and shared to the world:

Post Rules

  • The post you make should have at least 100 words.
  • The post has to be Sims related – this is a website about The Sims Franchise after all.
  • Written content has to be in English language.
    • In case the content comes with a few spelling / grammar errors we’ll make sure to correct it. Posts with too many errors will unfortunately be declined.

Post Tips & Guidelines

  • Self-promotional posts that talk about your own creations, stories and videos are fine. However if you want to introduce your creations to the world it’s recommended that you write, explain and introduce your content to our readers.
  • Paragraphs are super important. It’s recommended to seperate your post in paragraphs and headings if you talk about several topics in your post.
  • We have a bunch of different post categories that you can choose from. Make sure you add your post to an appropriate category and add keyword tags from your post to the post editor.


  • Users who abuse this tool, create unrelated content and spam the website will receive a permanent ban.

Submission Information

  • You can submit one post per day.
  • It can take up to 48 hours for your content to be reviewed. If you’re signed into your account you’ll be immediately notified if your post has been approved or declined.
  • Our administrator team will message members whose posts have been declined with the reason why. Members who submitted their post that have the potential to be fixed / improved will be messaged with some tips and information on how to improve their posts.


  • Each published post will be promoted across our social networks including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr – counting over 300 thousand followers in total.
  • You get to share your unique content and promote your creations to hundreds of thousands of people that visit the website every month.
  • You can link your social networks to your profile, meaning more exposure for your personal outlets.

So, what are you waiting for? Start writing your own post today!