Fashion Street Kit Opinion

Did you purchase The Sims 4 Fashion Street Kit?

Were you previously familiar with Fashion Street or Indian fashion before the release of this kit?

Do you feel as if you learned something new about Fashion Street or Indian fashion through this kit?

Do you feel like the kit comes with a balanced amount of content for masculine and feminine Sims?

Do you think there is a good number of items in this kit based on the price in your country?

Do you think the items have enough variety in their swatches?

Do you think this kit does a good job of representing Indian fashion?

Are you satisfied with the quality of the individual pieces in this kit?

Do you think this kit offers a lot of versatility to your CAS experience by being able to mix and match pieces with other add-on packs?

Do you agree with The Sims using kits to bring more cultural experiences from around the world to the game?

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