How Do You Play The Sims 4?

You just moved in and the welcome wagon shows up at your door. What do you do?

What's your #1 most used cheat?

Which area of the game do you spend the most time?

What's your favourite Sims 4 challenge to play?

Do you play with the premade households?

Do you like playing with supernatural Sims?

What about kids? Do your Sims typically raise families?

What lifespan do you play on?

Do you play poor households or rich households?

Single Sim household or 8 Sim household?

What's the furthest generation you've played to?

Your Sim catches their spouse being a little too friendly with the cute next door neighbour? How do you handle it?

Okay, be honest... Have you ever WooHoo'd the Grim Reaper?

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A cranky old lady who prefers the company of cats and Sims over people. Occasionally peeks out from her lair long enough to chuck Sims articles at innocent bystanders.

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