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All Stations Unlocked for all Stereos 1.0

Allows all stations to be played on all residential stereos

  1. SnarkyWitch
    Sims 4 Version Required:
    Required Sims 4 Packs:
    • Get to Work
    • Perfect Patio Stuff
    • Spa Day
    • Get Together
    • Romantic Garden Stuff
    • Dine Out
    • Kids Room Stuff

    It's always annoyed me that certain music stations are only available on expensive stereos. There's a couple mods out there that unlock one or two stations for all stereos or they haven't been updated for Dine Out and Kids Room Stuff. I just decided to make my own and share it for whoever wants it.​


    This mod removes the genre restrictions for stereos. You'll be able to listen to every type of music in the game on every stereo, from the cheapest boombox to the high-end floor stereos. Wall stereos and hot tub stereos are included in this mod as well. The retro station has also been unlocked for all stations and the Super Reception upgrade has been removed from stereos since all that does is add the retro station, which doesn't make much sense if you already have the retro station to begin with.

    Public wall speakers are not included in this mod. This is deliberate. The public speakers have specific genres on them to allow you to control what type of music is playing on your community lots when you build them, so I didn't want to mess that up, but all residential stereos, wall speakers and hot tub stereos now have all the stations.​

    Stations Included

    • Pop (Base Game, but Get Together added songs to this station)
    • Alternative
    • Classical
    • Retro
    • Blues
    • Electronica
    • Romance
    • Spooky
    • Winter Holiday
    • Easy Listening (Get To Work)
    • Backyard (Perfect Patio)
    • New Age (Spa Day)
    • Baroque (Romantic Garden)
    • Jazz (Dine Out)
    • Tween Pop (Kids Room Stuff)


    This mod won't be compatible with any other stereo mods. Should new stations be released in future packs, I would think you could still safely use this mod, you just wouldn't have the newly added stations until I've updated the mod. As always, remove your Mods folder from your game when installing new packs or game updates.​

    Known Issues

    • For some odd reason, the hot tub stereos have the "Listen to Baroque" interaction on both the main pie menu and the stereo submenu when Sims are in the hot tub. I have no idea why, but all stations do work like they should in hot tubs.

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  1. BetoCatch
    Version: 1.0
    Does what it should do.
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