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Experiences Mod Pack 1.5

Your Sims' past experiences, financial status and more will shape their life journey.

  1. Zerbu
    Sims 4 Version Required:
    The Sims 4 Experiences Mod Pack is a revamped version of Affective combined with my abandoned Cradle-to-Grave mod. Its main feature is that when Sims are in a certain emotion, they will build a “skill” based on that emotion, which enables Sims to randomly gain a Moodlet based on their past experiences. This means that what your Sims do will have a greater effect on their future. There are also other features related to a Sim’s past and the condition they’re in.

    In order to help promote SC Social, this mod will be available here 24 hours before going on my blog.


    Lifetime Emotions
    • There are lifetime emotion skills for Angry, Confident, Embarrassed, Energized, Focused, Inspired, Flirty, Playful and Sad. Bored and Tense no longer have their own skills (while they did in Affective) but will instead boost Sad and Angry respectively.
    • Just like with Affective, younger Sims will build their lifetime emotions faster than older Sims.
    • A Sim’s financial status now also effects how quick they remember their experiences. Poor Sims will remember most emotions faster than rich Sims, with the exception of Angry and Confident, which rich Sims remember faster.
    • Unlike Affective, which had Sims enter a Moodlet of a specific level based on the skill, Experiences has Sims enter a Moodlet based on a random chance depending on the skill level, which can build up and increase if the chance is triggered while the Sim already has it. This means Sims will no longer be neutral one minute and suddenly gain a +4 Inspired Moodlet.
    • Sims who are level 4 or above in a lifetime emotion skill can reminisce about an emotion while they’re already in it. This is a basic social interaction that will force the Sim to receive the lifetime emotion’s Moodlet (or if they already have it, it will become longer or increase in level).
    Financial Status
    A Sim’s Net Worth (lot value combined with money on hand) will have an effect on how they interact with the world.
    • Sims with a Net Worth of less than §10,000 will have a permanent +3 Sad Moodlet which can only be removed by getting more money.
    • Sims with a Net Worth of between §10,000-§50,000 have a random chance of receiving a +1 Sad Moodlet every so often.
    • Sims with a Net Worth of §200,000 or above have a random chance of receiving a +1 Confident Moodlet, which increases to +2 for Sims with a Net Worth of §300,000 or above.
    • Richer Sims will build Fun and Social needs slower than poorer Sims.
    • Sims with a Net Worth of less than §80,000 will receive the “Grateful for Family” and “Grateful for Partner” Moodlets when they’re around their family or partner for long enough.
    Note: Sims with starter funds (in one-Sim households, which is the lowest amount of money you can start with) will usually have a Net Worth of between §10,000 and §20,000. You'll usually have to go out of your way to have it less than §10,000.

    Age Changes
    A Sim’s age will have a greater effect on their emotions and needs.
    • Child Sims have a random chance of receiving the Sweet Childhood (Playful) and Hyper Childhood (Energized) Moodlets which have a random level of 1-3.
    • Teen Sims have a random chance of receiving the Swing of Gloom (Sad), Swing of Anger (Angry) and Swing of Passion (Flirty) which also have a random level of 1-3.
    • Child Sims’ Fun decays at 2x the normal rate.
    • Teens’ and Young Adults’ Fun decays at 1.5x the normal rate, and Social decays at 2x the normal rate.
    Rags to Riches Aspiration
    Experiences introduces a brand new aspiration, Rags to Riches. This is like the Grilled Cheese aspiration, in that it has to be unlocked. The aspiration will become available for all Teen and above Sims in the current household when the Net Worth drops below §10,000.

    The goals involved earning money, buying objects and eventually becoming rich!

    Sims who complete the aspiration will receive the Intriguing reward trait, which allows them to reminisce about any emotion at any time, regardless of their skill level or what emotion they're currently in.

    Child Party and Teen Party
    Experiences marks the return of the Child Party and Teen Party social events from the abandoned Cradle-to-Grave mod. These function similar to normal Social Events in that there’s a set of goals to complete, but the goals are tailored for the specific age groups.

    For Experiences to work properly, please check "Enable Script Mods" in the options menu. A script is needed for the custom social interactions appear, as well as to silence the notifications you receive when you build one of the lifetime emotion skills (they don't contain anything useful, just text telling you to enable Script Mods).

    • The game doesn't seem to calculate the Net Worth of inactive households correctly. Therefore, reactions to financial status will only effect the active household.
    • If you come across any issues, please report them and provide as many details as possible.
    Thank you @Jacobomv and @DownInSimsLand for creating screenshots for the Child Party and Teen Party social events, as well as everyone else who submitted theirs and voted!


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Recent Reviews

  1. Fmolly424
    Version: 1.5
    I've done everything I can think of. I've spent hours looking up info online and watching how to videos to make sure I'm installing the mod correctly and it still wont work.
  2. evbakk24
    Version: 1.1
    This really makes the emotions funnier to play with. :D
  3. Alexia2011star
    Version: 1.1
    Absolutely amazing!
  4. xPastella
    Version: 1.0
    This is AMAZING! Zerbu continues to surprise me ^.^
  5. jovjovan
    Version: 1.0
    I absolutely love this Mod! Makes Emotions function just like The Sims Team presented them back in 2013
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