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Simllywood: FloorWorks (Set1) 1.0

This is a small pack of some flooring I doing for the pack. It has 8 different designs.

  1. BASins
    Hello Everyone

    I'm pleased to introduce you to a part of the new game pack I'm working on.


    This is a small pack of some flooring I doing for the pack. It has 8 different designs all with a 14k gold trims idea for the rich look to these tiles, in addition, this does cast 50$ Simoleon dollars and can help bring up the houses pricing in build(s) mode, very fast to make the home worth a lot. So use at your own risk and I would recommend you to use my other mod here to help cover the prices once you are done building it or use the Weerbesu UI he here

    These are BG friendly so you do not need any expanse packs, game pack or stuff packs

    These downloads already come with the auto installation. however, you’ll still have to direct the installer to your Sims 4 mod folders path once the installer requires you to do so. I did this as some don’t use the same directory as other may (keeping it safe)

    Important notice:
    All my new installation software and content do NOT use “Resource.cfg” As I have my own config file and folder to support any of my creation.

    My Creations do NOT conflict with any other mods or creations

    the auto installer with also checks your file directory to see if it the content requires an update and do it automatically.

    If you have any other question feel free to post a reply below, I get back you asap.
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