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The Sims 4 World Patch Installer and Enhanced World Lighting 3

Enhance the lighting of worlds in The Sims 4!

  1. Zerbu
    Sims 4 Version Required:
    The Sims 4 World Patch Installer allows you to install mods that edit the outdoor lighting in The Sims 4 .world file.

    Enhanced Lighting

    The program comes with my Enhanced Lighting patch, which is probably what most people are downloading it for.
    • No more blue tint [or orange tint, in Oasis Springs]! You can see the outside of buildings in all its glory, without the tint detracting from the feel of it.
    • The sky has been updated based on the early Create a Sim export screenshots from Gamescom 2013.
    • The brightness has been modified to stay near the “Afternoon” brightness for longer, so the world will look its best for longer before getting dark.
    To install Enhanced Lighting or another lighting mod:
    • Open up TS4WorldPatchInstaller and click the “Apply Patch” button.
    • Navigate to the “Patches” folder (in the program folder) and select “Enhanced Lighting”, which comes with the program.
    • Wait for the notification that the installation is complete.
    Notes and Warnings
    • To uninstall, right click on The Sims 4 in Origin and click “Repair Game” which will revert all world files back to the defaults.
    • The world files may revert after installing a patch for The Sims 4. If that happens, simply run the program again.
    • The world files will need to be uncompressed in order to accept changes. Therefore, installing this will increase the amount of disk space the files use.
    • I didn’t include Windenburg’s shorter days in this version, so days in Windenburg will now be the same as in other worlds. I don’t know when or even if I’ll make a version that has shorter days in Windenburg, since they seem unneccesary.
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Recent Reviews

  1. joeyyyyyyy
    Version: 3
    update to cats and dogs
  2. zemimsky
    Version: 3
    Finally some realistic and amazing lighting for amazing screenshots :D Thank you :D
  3. simlishh
    Version: 3
    I really love this mod. It's a great alternative to SweetFX if you're not able to use that!
  4. giediprime
    Version: 3
    Looks so different, kinda refreshing
  5. Thanasisman12
    Version: 2
    to me it does not serve me anything
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