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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by simgazer, Jan 17, 2016.

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    Hi everyone! I created this challenge just a while back. It's basically a 30 day creation challenge using The Sims games. When I did this, it was a combination of The Sims 2 and The Sims 4. Since I used The Sims 4 more in this challenge, I thought it would be best to share here and modify one particular day that can't be applicable to the SIms 4. I have changed the toddler part into "child." See image below.
    I enjoyed doing this challenge myself and uploaded all of my creations in my website. They are all available for download (HERE.) Some of the creations are also in modthesims.

    1. Create anything (sims/lots/mods/objects - unless specified) using the prompts given for each day using The Sims 4.
    2. Do not replicate any creation that has already been made by me (seen in the video below). Be creative and original.
    3. Creations must be made in 30 days. If you skip a day because you're busy, do 2 on the next. :)
    4. Upload your creations with the tite "30 Day Gazer Challenge | 30 Day Sims Challenge" and tag them with #30DayGazerChallenge and #30DaySimsChallenge
    5. You must share your creation for each day in pictures here or on instagram, or upload a video of you creating it on YouTube. You may combine all the creations you made in one video after 30 days, if that's more convenient for you.
    6. Spread the love! :p Happy Simming! :brogesture::hearts:

    Here's what I came up with for the 30 Days of this challenge:

    For copy paste reference, here's a list of the prompts.
    All downloads are available at: https//:simgazer.weebly.com


    DAY 1: Simself
    DAY 2: Couple
    DAY 3: Beginner House
    DAY 4: Celebrity Sim
    DAY 5: Favorite Cartoon Character
    DAY 6: Grumpy Old Sim
    DAY 7: A Sim Based On An Old Toy
    DAY 8: Egyptian Sim
    DAY 9: Christmas Character
    DAY 10: Superstar
    DAY 11: 2 Story House
    DAY 12: A Super Hero
    DAY 13: Community Lot
    DAY 14: Royalty
    DAY 15: Adorable
    DAY 16: Vacation House
    DAY 17: Triplets
    DAY 18: Bachelor Pad
    DAY 19: Bachelorette Pad
    DAY 20: Rich Couple
    DAY 21: Cat Lady
    DAY 22: Detective/s
    DAY 23: Teen
    DAY 24: Toddler/s
    DAY 25: A Restaurant
    DAY 26: Sim Hybrid
    DAY 27: Greek god/goddess
    DAY 28: A Sim From The Future
    DAY 29: Ancient (Lot or Sim)
    DAY 30: 5 Sims For Celebration

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    Defiantly trying this out :D Super hyped!
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    ugh I wanna do itt but I have like a million other challenges

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