7 Sins Rehab

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    In this challenge, you will be creating 7 sims with traits and requirements listed below according the the 7 deadly sins. With this, you will also establish a life goal relevant to the sim, and you must work your way towards that goal. After completing the goal, this marks the start of rehab, and you will work with the Sim to recover from the sin and heal them.
    *Custom content allowed
    *Mods allowed
    *Particular cheats allowed

    • For "free space" traits, do not pick anything that conflicts with the sin, such as making a Glutton a vegetarian
    • No cheats that could speed up the process
    • Money cheats are only allowed to build the house, you may not use it towards cheating your way through
    • The Whoohoer mod is helpful towards Lust, but I recommend allowing jealousy. It makes things interesting
    • Lifetime rewards within reason: you may not use steel bladder, hardly hungry, clean slate, etc.
    • Enable or disable aging based on the difficulty you'd like
    • No one else may move in
    • Do not marry

    Creating the Sins

    Names do not matter, but you can get creative (ex. Priscilla Vanity, Ivy Greene, Wanda Periwinkle)
    You may altar gender for this as you please, I am referring to a group of women, but same goes for men.
    Hair, clothes, make up, and eyes should all have at least some correlation to the sin. Normal or irrelevant colors are strongly discouraged.
    The horoscope, taste in food, taste in music, and voice do not matter for this. You can go into depth with it and select accordingly, but it makes no difference to the challenge itself.
    Favorite colors, however, must correspond with the trait.
    • Vanity (Pride): Purple. Given they're full of themselves, chances are, that's because they're pretty. Cake the makeup, and dress her to the hilt.
    • Gluttony: Pink. MUST BE OBESE! As heavy as you can make her! Unflattering clothes and appearance are recommended.
    • Lust: Magenta. Cake the makeup, provide a rockin' body. All of her outfits must be risque and revealing! Lingerie CC is recommended.
    • Avarice (Greed): Gold/Yellow. Dress her in the finest clothes you can find. Fur coats, sashes, designer articles. It doesn't matter if it's in the Athletic category, this woman has nothing but refined clothing. Dress to impress.
    • Sloth: Light blue. Loose clothing and pajamas, even for formal. Don't put her in anything that looks like it'd take effort.
    • Wrath: Red. This woman is nothing but evil, and you must create her as such. Dark makeup and clothing reccommended.
    • Envy: Green. She has many flaws and is fairly unattractive. She envies everyone else, so she must be ugly with jealousy.
    This is completely optional, but here are my recommendations.
    • Vanity (Pride): Business, stylist, political, music, performing arts
    • Wrath: Business, political, evil, military, inventor, alchemist
    • Gluttony: Culinary, science, author, alchemist
    • Avarice (Greed): Unemployed, business, political, doctor
    • Sloth: Unemployed, self-employed, author, artist, part-time jobs
    • Envy: Architectural design, stylist, evil, science, alchemist
    • Lust: Tattoo artist, stylist, spa, doctor
    Minimum Requirements
    • 7 bedrooms, designed per sin
    • A kitchen
    • A recreational room
    • 1-2 Bathrooms
    To make this more interesting, you could buy a large plot of land and make two buildings, one fenced off: a house, and a rehab center
    The rehab center is very "clean" looking, much like a small town hospital. Sims may not share rooms, but you should have many centers in this, such as a computer room, a library, and a gym. This is the healing center for the sims, and you must prepare for each when it comes time.

    Once Healed
    The sims have fully healed when they are far from their old selves. You may dye their hair, change their appearance, etc. You may keep to the trend of using the select colors, but not quite as excessively as before. They have a steady career and possibly a lover, or even engaged or on their way to marriage (you may marry at the end of rehab, but move them out right after).
    Once they have healed, find them a nice home and move them out. You are no longer responsible for them.

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