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    You ran away from an abusive home life. While finding a place to crash, you ran into an old man named Roger. You two chatted and you told him your story. Understanding, he mad a proposition for you. “I have a lot of land that I have recently purchased, but unfortunately, all of my money has gone into the purchase. I have a small trailer on the land. You can stay there for free if you help me take care of the land.” You agree to help out. After all, it is a free place to stay.

    About a month after you moved in, Roger passed away. He left everything to you under the condition that you still take care of the land. You decided to do one better. You will build a thriving community so that everyone will be able to enjoy the wonderful land that Roger has bought.

    Getting Started
    Create a teen sim. The gender is up to you. You may choose any trait and aspiration as well, but no customs. Since you are a runaway, you can not go to school, otherwise you would be caught. You also can not have a job because your free time is going to be spent fixing up the land. You can earn money by painting, writing, fishing, collecting, etc. You will eventually be collecting money from rent (residential and commercial). You may find love, but you can not get married right now, nor can you move any sim into your household.

    In Newcrest, choose a lot. Choose it wisely because you will not be able to move again. (I highly recommend the 40 x 30 lot across the ‘road’ from the 50 x 40 lot.)

    Enable cheats by pressing CTRL SHIFT C. Type testingcheats true and press ENTER. Type money 10000 and press ENTER. This will leave you with §10,000.

    Build a 2 bedroom 1 bathroom trailer on your selected lot. You must not go over §10,000. You may If you are having trouble, you may download from the gallery. You can search using #anewcommunitychallenge or #ancc. If you build a lot and would like to upload them, be sure to add the hashtags so that other people completing the challenge can find them easily. You can upgrade this anytime just as long as you have the funds in your account.

    • You are not allowed to use any cheats unless the challenge says so.
    • You may have a partner but the can not move in with you, nor can you get married. There will be a challenge for that.
    • You may have children outside of wedlock. If the child lives with the other parent and you wish for them to move in with you, you can do that as long as they do not bring any funds with them.
      • An easy way to do this is to enable cheats and then click on your child while holding down the SHIFT key and selecting ‘Add to Family’. This will automatically move your child in with you without adding funds to your house.
    • No mods that will add money to your funds. This includes using the child support option in MCCC.
    • No mods that prevents you from having to pay bills. Basically no mods that affects the way money flows in the game.
    • You may not use custom Rewards until the end of the challenge. You may purchase any Rewards that comes with The Sims game install.
    Building Residence
    • It is recommended that whenever you build a residence, you do not add furniture at first. Just add lights, plumbing, and counters. Basically what you would have whenever you first purchase a home.
    • Take note of the Lot Value before adding furniture. We want to assume that the renters will provide their own furnishings.
    • You do not have to do this, but it will save you money in the long run.
    • Each residence collects rent. Please see “Rent/Purchase” section for prices.
    More to Know
    • There will be a common cheat chart at the bottom of the document. You can use the table of contents to automatically jump there.
    • Be sure that you are adding rental income to your family funds every Sunday.
    • There is a Rent/Purchase chart at the bottom of the document, but there is also a printable version in the Printables. Just click the link in the previous bullet. The link to the printables is located in the original document in Google Docs. (see link below).


    This challenge is too long to post here. It contains too many characters. Here is a screenshot of the link if you want to check it out.
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    Hi there - thank you so much for sharing this challenge!

    I've updated the Google Document link so folks can easily click on it :)
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