Absolute Chaos: Why Do I Try Edition

Discussion in 'Sims Stories' started by Orchestra, Jul 24, 2017.

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    First, I am not a very intelligent person, nor coordinated.

    I often look through Sims 4 challenges though I only own Sims 3, because sometimes I can modify a challenge to fit Sims 3 that is not listed on the challenge forum. Essentially, I like to get new ideas to keep me busy, even if I have to put a little time into it.

    Such as, I decided to give the Asylum Challenge a shot. I built a large house and added necessary features in Edit Town prior to creating the household itself. After dragging my feet doing that, I made eight sims. 4 male, 4 female. Given you can only play one character, I put the most consideration into the structure of the one I intended to play. I had my step sister (who was staying the night at the time) assist me in creating the rest. I created uniforms for each one and even had her put them on the characters while I was in the shower so it went faster.

    The real chaos began when I officially started the challenge. One of the skill building items I added was a sculpting station, because it makes money well, and you can make furniture and decorations like Peanut the Elephant or a side table (any chairs made were sold). Another item I bought was an inventor's workbench (you can see where I'm going with this). I got my Sim (Lillia) to around a level 4 or 5 in sculpting and 2 or 3 in inventing.

    About three days in (fifteen minutes real time) the house was complete garbage. None of my other Sims wanted to do literally anything to help and I wasn't going to fix something if I didn't need it. I didn't have a pool, obviously, and the pond in the front was a fountain and fenced off. You always roll the dice whenever you work at the workbench, given you could injure yourself or electrocute yourself or start a fire. I disregarded this, given it rarely happens.

    I rolled the wrong dice, apparently.

    My other Sims were filthy, but not my problem!

    Lillia went to the workbench and got to work, and much to my horror, caught herself on fire. I've witnessed this before and just had my Sim jump into the pool, though this was a different file (and world) completely. You have a very short time to rescue them, so I paused it and had to think quick. The pond was blocked off, I didn't have a pool, and they wouldn't let me use the sink. The shower, right?

    It was broken because I didn't need it!!!

    Screaming and frantically typing, I tried every cheat under the sun and tried clicking everything. My last resort, with 51 minutes (which you all know is not a lot of time) called the fire department. They arrived there literally one second after she turned to ashes. In the midst of the other inmates frantically screaming and wailing over their fallen friend, the grim reaper took her ghost away and left a gravestone and a pile of ashes. Everyone was absolutely destroyed the firefighter had the audacity to say, "That was a close one! Looks like you put out the fire before we got here. Be more careful next time!" and just left.

    I couldn't even fix my shower or sink for days or clean because the death moodlet is -50 and the house being filthy depleted more.

    The worst part was, I forgot to pay the pills so the repo lady came ten minutes later and repossessed the workbench.

    Had she come but fifteen minutes earlier!!!


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