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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Mr.Ultraviolence, Feb 25, 2016.

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    How will your Alien sims get home?:alien:

    Requires: Get to work (for alien sim)

    Optional: Get Together (for clubs)

    Your Alien sim Crashed Landed on Earth while trying to complete a Mission to find Rare Collectable. Now, your Alien sim stuck on A strange planet Lost and scared, how will your sims get home? the story continues now.


    -Must be A alien sim and is only available to wear there Alien suit.

    -No Restriction on hair, makeup, Accessories etc.

    -Must have the genius trait. the rest are up to you.

    -You Can have only two sims in your household but they have to be siblings.

    -No Cheats.

    -No mods or custom content that can help or cheat your way through the challenge.

    -If your sims leave there lot not wearing there disguises they will have to go back to there home lot and put there disguise on. (even if there at work)

    -One of your sims will need to be in the scientist career and will need to be level 10 in the rocket science skill and will need to reach level 10 in the scientist career and level 10 in the logic skill in order to work on A Rocket ship. (building it and flying it)

    -Your Alien sim are not Able to have a baby or a relationship with a human sim only A Alien sim.

    -Your sim can’t have no money at the beginning of the challenge.

    -If you have two sims your second sim can be in the medical career but you will need to have level 10 in rocket science skill, level 10 in logic skill, and level 10 in the medical career in order to work on A Rocket ship.

    -Your Sims can’t build A home but A hideout. if you have get together you can use the bush to sleep and use the bathroom. more information in the build/buy section.

    -Your sim can’t live in any world only oasis springs.

    Build Mode/Buy Mode

    -You have to make your lot a mini forest so humans sims don’t suspect you like for example: (trees,bushes,flowers, etc)

    -You must live in oasis springs

    -No houses,rooms,etc. (little shacks Counts)

    -You are allowed to buy anything you want but you need to reach the amount it cost.

    Alien clubs (Get together required)

    You can use clubs as a advantage to get your sims back home to sixam by gathering collectables and going around exploring the strange planet or you can use clubs as a avantage to give you a excuse you party to party and cause mischief around town the choice is yours but there are rules,

    -Only Aliens can Join your clubs not humans

    -Do not use clubs as a avantage to boost your skills or help with a rocket ship.

    -Club gatherings can only happen at night.

    -You still have to wear your disguises


    the only way to win the challenge is to,

    First sim:

    Level 10 in the logic skill

    Level 10 in the rocket science skill

    Level 10 in the science career

    Completed any Knowledge aspiration

    Rocket ship completed

    Able to fly back to sixam

    (Optional) Second sim:

    Level 10 in logic skill

    Level 10 in the rocket science skill

    Level 10 in the Medical Career

    Completed any Knowledge Aspiration

    Rocket ship Completed

    Able to fly back to sixam

    Good Luck guys and remember to always have fun and take your time :)
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  2. Rudiarose


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    What of aliens take your sim and they get prego is it ok that you keep baby?
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