Bad-Luck Sim challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Zully56, Oct 12, 2018.

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    Hello beautiful people! Today i bring you something that I had been working on for a little while and perfecting it, I hope you like it, if you want to do the challenge too, here are the rules:

    Your sim has bad luck, something bad always happens and only rarely does it seem that fate smiles at you.

    You will need:
    a 6-sided dice
    A sim with negative traits (Clean, Vague, Apprehensive, Irascible, Clumsy, Snobbish, or the one you consider negative)
    A lot with two good traits and one negative trait that you will change every day with the dice when your sim goes to sleep (1. Filthy, 2.Gremlins, 3.Quake zone, 4.Cursed, 5.Grody and 6. Mean vibe)

    Your sim must pass the four seasons in the selected house (start in spring)
    Every day, you must roll the dice to decide what will happen to your sim (1. Negative emotion, 2. Good Luck, 3. Sick, 4. Bye 1/2 money, 5.Thunderbolt and 6. Throw again (cumulative) )
    You can use Cheats of money only at the beginning of the game to make the house, (with the bad luck that the sim has, why shouldn't have a nice house?) or not, it is your decision, but once the challenge begins,you can longer use cheats in favor of the sim unless it is good luck *

    * In the case of the good luck option in the dice, you can choose what you want, whether a product you have just bought comes out for free (you get your money back), you win a thousand simoleons, the home automatically cleans up... etc, whatever makes your sim happy ... for a moment.

    Any doubt leave your comments, and any suggestion is also welcome, two heads think better than one!

    To see the challenge on my channel:

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