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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Orchestra, Aug 23, 2017.

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    In this challenge, your goal is to build an exact replica of your house. This includes dimensions, walls, floors, furniture, etc.
    You may even include your yard!


    • You are not making your dream house, your real house!
    • If you are including your yard, you must only make what is on your property
    • No substitutions! If an item looks like something else, it does not count! (ex. using a bath tub as a propane tank)
    • You may include pets/pet supplies
    • Certain items that serve the same purpose do count (ex. you may use a bookshelf if you store movies on a bookshelf)
    • No random wall art just to fill the space. If you have a poster on one wall, you may use any poster, but no paintings or photographs, and vice versa
    • Doors and windows must be similar as well
    • Whether you want to do your yard or not, you must include any decks or parts that attach to your house, even bushes
    • Include basements or attics
    • Small things may be left out (ex. I have a marionette by my desk, but I do not have to incorporate it)

    Get the house as similar as possible!!

    • You can use CC
    • You can use a random Sim
    • You don't have to be precise if you can't find a suitable item
    • Use walls and floors that have a similar pattern and color
    • Stop here


    • You can use CC
    • Make your Sim resemble you
    • Live out your Sim as you
    • Walls and floors must be exact!
    • Because you can use cc, you must be precise!
    • Include yard and garage


    • You can not use CC!
    • Create your entire family (residents in household) including your pets
    • Live out entire family
    • Walls, doors, floors, and windows must be exact, including basements or attics
    • House structure and form must be exact
    • Include yard and garage
    • Include any cars
    • Match any trees, bushes, large rocks, or bare patches of grass (ex. a burn pit or walkway)

    Note: I would create your sims and then enter Edit Town and build from there so you don't have to keep using motherlode or kaching.

    :hearts::unicorn:I would love to see your creations!:hearts::unicorn:

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