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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Dlinnyoko, Sep 15, 2018.

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    For this challenge, you will need two people! One person will need a lot of CC and the other should have it all disabled.

    I will also start a hashtag in the gallery for you to find others who are looking for a partner.

    1. The one with no CC must create a base game only Sim. No pack content, base game ONLY. Disable CC for now if you need to, no custom skin tones, eyes or anything is allowed. ONLY base game. Save what they look like somewhere where no-one but you can see it, you will need it later, but once you hand over the Sim for the second step you must NOT look at the base game Sim again until the challenge is complete.

    2. Give this base game Sim to the CC Simmer. They must give this Sim a CC makeover! Make sure to keep them as accurate as possible - black hair stays black, dark skin stays dark, green eyes stay green. Makeup and clothes must also be kept as similar a colour as possible! A blue top must go to another blue top, with as similar a shade as possible. Once done, save them to the gallery. You should also collect a list of CC for your partner and share with them what is used on the CC-heavy Sim.

    3. Firstly, you should download the CC list given by your partner, so everything is visible when you load up the Sim. Now you have a CC-heavy Sim in game, give them a no-CC makeover! (This time, pack content may be used.) The rules of colour staying the same still applies.

    Compare your original base game Sim to the one you got at the end of step 3! See what difference you got between each stage of the challenge.

    I've uploaded a Sim to the gallery under the #CCandBackChallenge hashtag to get someone started if they wish to jump to stage 2!

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