CC dissapeared from CAS(One Family)

Discussion in 'Technical Discussion' started by Wesley, Nov 24, 2018.

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    Hello, first of all English isn’t my first language so bear with me if I made some grammar mistakes, I will try to explain myself the best I can. Hope this is the right place to post this; :)

    I’m having problems with my main family about CC, my CC is fine, is working, I have them enabled, they show up at the start, the problem is with this specific household(Let’s call it Sol household) my CC is gone, all the sims keep the CC they already have, like genetic, hair, clothes but I can’t see my old cc, even the stuff they have on it! I though maybe is this save, is broken, but no, I went to another family to check them in CAS and the CC show up, everything! I tried to mix the households(Sol’s with one that works), the other household is fine, everything good, when I clink on the other sim(Sol) CC is gone just the CC I downloaded today show up the old one doesn’t, I will post a picture here so you can understand me better, also she is a vampire but it doesn’t have to do with that, since the husband is normal sim and he have the problem, everyone in that specific household;

    Maybe is because I had to recover from that save due to some malfunction of a mod ? which make all my sims, ALL, even the Death; 1 star celebrity, I save by error and had to recover the old save otherwise I would have to go house to house to opt-out everyone of my sims. I deleted the mod before going back > making the recovery.

    I really don’t know what to do, I made a copy of the household and still, I always use ‘save as’, I got out all my CC and add them again and still, deleted cache, checked the tags in the game in CAS and still, repair the game since I updated today(the hotfix for the big patch), just in THAT family the CC is gone, I start a new save and the CC show up, I tried to reset the sims and still, I don't know what else to try or do, so if anybody have this issue or some suggestions I will be very grateful with the help:(

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