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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Dlinnyoko, Nov 23, 2018.

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    Can you design a house based off a single given 2x3 room?

    On the gallery, you'll find a single room saved onto a 50x40 lot. This room has nothing inside and is only decorated with two windows and a door. A wall covering is given also. Can you add to this tiny empty room to create a huge mansion?

    -Go to the gallery and find the entrance. You can find it under the #entrancechallenge tag. It is built on a 50x40 lot but may be placed on a lot of any size for this challenge.
    -The room comes with a door and windows. These windows may not be replaced (though colours may be changed). The style of the build should match the given items.
    -The wall covering may be changed freely.
    -You don't have to build a mansion if you don't want! The aim of this challenge is to build something based off of very little inspiration - only a window style and door style that can give a sense of overall style.
    -You can move the entry to wherever on the plot you wish.
    -If you wish to remove the back wall of the entrance to have it open up into a larger room, you can do so.

    You can upload anything you make under the #entrancechallenge tag - and let me know here! I'd love to see what people can come up with and if this interests enough people I might design some new/harder entrances to work off of!

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