Fruit legacy challenge!

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Acrogirl, Jun 27, 2018.

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    Fruity legacy challenge

    By Acrosims

    Welcome to the fruit legacy challenge! This is my first challenge I’ve written and I’m currently playing through it. Sorry in advance for spelling grammar etc. The goals of this challenge are like any other legacy challenge, play the same family through ten generations following the rules for each generation. There are some general rules for the whole challenge (unless otherwise specified):

    • The only cheats that are allowed are freerealestate, no money cheats

    • You can age up babies as soon as they are born

    • You can age up teens and children once they have an A in school

    • You cannot move sims out until you are done with their tasks

    • You can add in any townies you like

    • You can purchase reward traits

    • Aging must be on normal
    Have fun with the challenge and share you sims on the gallery with #flc #flchallenge

    Generation 1- Watermelon

    You were lonely as a child, so you started a fashion blog to make friends. It blew up and you are now a full fledged celebrity! As an adult you had a hard time having close friends and never really get to know people….

    • Must have bright pink hair, green eyes and pink and green clothes

    • Must have the cheerful, outgoing and non committal traits

    • Must complete up to level 8 of the the social media career in Internet personality branch or the entertainer career and then quit and go into the politian career or the business career in the investor branch.

    • Must complete friend of the world aspiration

    • Must max charisma and comedy skills

    • Must have 10 friends and 10 aquenitencs

    • Must have at least one child

    • Must have 5 exes but get no higher than boyfriend or girlfriend status with them
    Generation 2- Cherry

    Growing up in the spotlight made you long for a private life. You ended up not wanting to leave the house so you didn’t have to talk to anyone but your cat…..

    • Must complete the writer career in the author branch

    • Must complete childhood artistic prodigy aspiration

    • Must have red hair, red clothes and dark green shoes and accessories

    • Must complete the best selling author aspiration

    • Must have the creative loner and gloomy traits

    • Must max the writing and violin skill

    • Must have a pet cat and be best friends with it

    • Must adopt only one child
    Generation 3- Orange

    Growing up with a mother who never talked to you drove you insane. You were poor as a child because your mother didn’t know how to handle money. You knew you could do better, but she wouldn’t give you the chance. Now you have the drive to move up in the world by any means nesacary…

    • Must have the erratic, materialistic and ambitious traits

    • Must have orange hair and orange and white clothes

    • Must complete childhood whiz kid aspiration

    • Must complete the fabulously wealthy aspiration

    • Must complete the business career in the investor branch

    • Must max mischief skill and logic skill

    • Must be friends with 3 criminals

    • Have up to 3 kids
    Generation 4- Lemon

    Your mom only had one foot in the doorstep of the criminal world, you went all in. You killed your mom and took her money and now are putting it into illegal ventures…..

    • Kills mom with a Cowplant when she is a teen

    • Must have bleached blonde hair and pale yellow clothes

    • Must complete any childhood aspiration

    • Must drop out of school when she is a teen

    • Must have evil, mean and hot headed traits

    • Must be in the hacker branch of the criminal career

    • Must marry rich elder and then kill him

    • Must complete the public enemy aspiration

    • Must max programming, mixology and mischief skills

    • Must have 2 kids

    • Heir runs away as teen

    • Dies of anger after heir leaves
    Generation 5- Lime

    You never approved of your mother’s crimes, so you ran away when you were a teen. You had to live off of your painting skills and aspire to do the best you can for your new family….

    • Must have good, creative and family oriented traits

    • Must complete childhood artistic prodigy aspiration

    • Must have brown to green ombré hair (get some cc hairs)

    • Must wear green clothes

    • Runs away as teen and drops out of school

    • Sells paintings and works as a Laborer until young adult

    • Max the painting career

    • Complete the super parent aspiration or big happy family aspiration

    • Max the painting, photography and parenting skill

    • Have at least 4 kids

    • Date and marry only one person that has been a childhood friend

    • Die of old age
    Generation 6- Blueberry

    Your mom always told you to follow your dreams, so you became an astronaut and went to space. You had such a supportive family, you didn’t even think twice about what people would think when you fell in love and brought home an alien...

    • Must have the genius, romantic and geek traits

    • Must complete whiz kid childhood aspiration

    • Must have blue and black clothing

    • Must have blue short hair

    • Must finish the astronaut career in the space ranger branch

    • Have one child with a coworker that they are not above boyfriend/girlfriend status with

    • Go to space and meet an alien, marry and have a hybrid child with this alien.

    • Heir must not be the alien baby

    • Max logic, rocket science and video gaming skills

    • Must complete the elements collection

    • Only have two kids
    Generation 7- Blackberry

    Being raised in the shadow of their alien step sibling gave you a lust for verification. You made friends with all the right people doing minimal work to be in control…..

    • Must complete the politician branch of the politician career

    • Must complete the social butterfly childhood aspiration

    • Must always wear suits

    • Must have black and grey streaked hair

    • Must have the lazy, jealous and insider traits

    • Must max the charisma, comedy and baking skills

    • Must complete the leader of the pack aspiration

    • Must marry a romantic sim and have 5 kids

    • Must hate the heir of the family
    Generation 8- Plum

    You never really got out of your goth phase. Growing up being told to smile for the cameras made you more determined to frown…..

    • Must have gloomy, music lover and family oriented

    • Must complete any childhood aspiration

    • Must move out of parents house as soon as she ages up to YA

    • Must have black hair and lipstick

    • Must live in a different world as your parent

    • Must always wear black

    • Must max out piano and violin skills

    • You are not allowed a job, you can only make money from gardening, collecting and playing music on the street

    • Must only have one romantic interest and only have one child with them

    • Must complete music or gardening aspiration

    • Romantic interest must be a librarian
    Generation 9- Coconut

    Your mother always had your back,but you weren’t similar at all. Everyone labeled you as the “town freaks” daughter. You used your baking skills to prove to other people you weren’t the same as your mother...

    • Must be a foodie, goofball and romantic

    • Can look like what ever you like, just kind of like a coconut

    • Must complete any childhood aspiration

    • Must own a five star bakery/restaurant by the time she’s an elder

    • Must max the baking, cooking and gourmet cooking skills

    • Must date 3 of her employees

    • Must have 5 kids

    • Must complete the master chef aspiration

    • Must grow a cowplant
    Generation 10- Kiwi

    Growing up with 4 siblings hogging treats made you competitive and hate your siblings.. You can’t connect with anybody who is different from you, and always want to lift more weights.

    • Must be athletic, hates children and bro

    • Must have brown hair and brown and green clothes

    • Must complete rambunctious scamp childhood aspiration

    • Must max fitness skill

    • Must complete the bodybuilder aspiration

    • Must complete the athlete career in the bodybuilder branch

    • Must have no children

    • Must have a partner that is at soulmate status and shares a trait with them

    • All friends must share a least 1 trait with them

      I hope you enjoy this challenge! Comment on the thread if you play this challenge and any ideas for improvement . Keep an eye out for updates!
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    Thank you so much! Let me know what you think if you play it.
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    This sounds really cute! I might have to try it!

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