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    • Search before posting: If you want to post a thread that requires help or assistance, make sure you search for certain keywords that are related to your issue before posting the thread. You can use the ''Advanced Search'' feature by clicking the top left button ''Search'' and selecting ''More..''
    • Don't go off-topic! Make sure the threads you create and replies you post are related to the forum category that you're posting in. Posts and threads that go off-topic will be deleted.
    • Hate speech is not allowed! Any form of hate speech will result in a ban warning/permanent ban!
    • Foul language is not allowed! Using swear words, threatening other members and harrasing them will result in a ban warning.
    • Illegal content is NOT ALLOWED! If you post links that redirect to illegal/pirated content or even talk about such content, your post will be deleted and you'll receive a ban warning.
    • Tolerance is the key. If someone shares their opinion about a certain topic, you don't have to agree with it, but there's no need to attack that certain person for it. Tolerance towards members that have different views and opinions is a must on Sims Community Social.
    • Report feature: If you think that someone is abusing these guidelines, feel free to report a post / member that doesn't follow the rules above. Our team will look into your reports as soon as possible and will decide what to do with the reported content.
    • Multiple (identical) posts are not allowed! We won't allow members to post identical threads on different categories.
    • Teen Rating: Keep your posts and media contents clean. Do not post anything referencing adult materials, this includes linking to adult themed patches and downloads for the Sims. Content on this site must be T for Teen rated.
    • Advertising: You're allowed to advertise your Gallery creations, custom content, mods, stories, challenges, sims websites and everything else sims-related in certain forum categories.
      • Share and promote! - YouTube videos, channels / Sims websites
      • Custom Content Corner - custom content
      • Modding Corner - mods
      • My Gallery - Gallery creations
      • Challenges - links/text of challenges you created or challenges that you'd like to recommend
      • Sims Stories - links/text of sims stories you created or sims stories that you'd like to recommend
      • Helpful links - Tutorials
    • Linking: You're NOT allowed to link to websites that contain explicit, sexual or any other harmful content. You're also not allowed to use this website as a way to promote your giveaway entries (example: pls like my photo on fb I need to win!!11!)
    • Posting sexual/mature/inappropriate media in your album/media categories is not allowed and will result in a ban warning!
    • Your Albums: we have nothing against posting your real-life photos, but it is recommended to keep your albums sims-related as much as possible!
    • Media Index: When posting certain Sims screenshots, make sure you put them under the right category! (so that we don't have to ;))
    • Videos: You're allowed to embedd videos in your Albums/Media Index that are Sim-related only!
    • You're NOT ALLOWED to upload illegal content to our Resources section. If you do so, that will result in a permanent ban!
    • You're NOT ALLOWED to upload anyone's work but your own! If you do so, that will result in a permanent ban!
    • You're not obligated to input your real-life location. Instead, you can input Sunset Valley, Willow Creek or anything else that comes to your mind.
    • You're not obligated to input an avatar of yourself. You're always free to upload avatars of your sims.
    • If you plan to create a sims role-play account, please mention that fact in your bio.
    • Do not abuse the ''Custom Title'' feature unless you're an actual ''SimGuru'', ''Moderator'', ''Administrator'' and so on...
    • You're not allowed to include foul language in your status updates.
    • It's recommended that you add small signatures. We support text, images and gifs!

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