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Discussion in 'Store Discussion' started by Orangesimmer, Jul 8, 2016.

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    I want some help i bought some stuff from the sims 3 store and got free sets from there then i try to install it goes normally but then i open my game i dont have any off the stuff what i installed i have to reinstall my stuff all the time and it does not work pls i need help i spent money on simpoints and now i buy stuff and it doesnt work help me pls

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    Hey there! I can try to help. I dealt with the Store a lot back in Sims 3's heyday. :)

    Okay so if I'm understanding your problem correctly, you purchased SimPoints with real world money and spent them on Store items and you also downloaded some free Store sets, right? They showed up in your launcher but when you loaded your game, you couldn't find them? I remember this being a very common problem a few years back and it was caused by a few different things so I'll list them in bulletpoints for it to be easier to follow.
    • This may be a silly suggestion and I don't mean to be patronizing, but did you make sure you actually installed the content and didn't simply download it? When you purchase Store content and it downloads and shows up in your launcher, it hasn't actually been installed, yet. You need to click the install button in the launcher to actually install the downloaded content into your game. Again, so sorry if you knew this already, I don't mean to treat you like you're dumb or anything, I just remember a lot of people had trouble with this back when Sims 3 first came out and thought I'd get that out of the way, first, before sending you in circles with other suggestions, that's all. :)
    • Another silly suggestion, but make sure your game is fully up-to-date. Many Store sets require that your game be fully updated before they will install. To update your game, right-click on The Sims 3 in your Origin game library and select Check for Updates. If updates need to be installed, install them. If you have mods or custom content in your game, remove them before updating and do not put them back until you have made sure all your mods are updated for the latest patch. Then move on to the next step below.
    • If you know for sure that you have installed the packs into the game and that your game is fully updated but your Store content still isn't showing up in your game, try deleting the downloads from your launcher and then going to your purchase history on website. All your purchases are linked to your online account so you don't have to repurchase them every time you need to reinstall them for whatever reason. You can just download them again from your Purchase History page without paying again. After deleting the downloads from your launcher, go to your Purchase History page on and redownload all your purchased content to your launcher again. Once redownloaded, make sure you install the downloaded content in the launcher like I explained in the first step. Some people reported that simply redownloading their missing content from the Purchase History page solved the problem.
    • Run your game and see if your content is there after doing this. If it is not, then shut down your game and return to Go to My Page > My Account > My Profile. On your profile page, scroll down and look at the left hand sidebar to see your games, stuff packs and purchased Store worlds. If not all your games and stuff packs are registered here, you should register them. Click on Register a Game underneath this list and register any games that you didn't see listed. You'll need a valid registration code to register a game which can be found on the back of the booklet found inside the game case. Once you've ensured all your games are registered, try redownloading and reinstalling your purchased Store content as I explained in the previous step.
    • If you have redownloaded and installed your Store content after doing all of the above steps and your content still isn't showing up, you can reset your game to factory settings without going through the hassle of doing a full reinstall. For details on how to do this, see this helpful article here: After following all these steps to reset your game, redownload and install your Store content and see if it shows up in your game.
    Let me know if any of that helps! I remember the Launcher being so frustratingly finicky most of the time.
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