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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Kittykay66, Feb 11, 2016.

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    Your mission is to seduce don lothario once you are friends with him you must return back to base and tell your boss what you have found out about your target once you tell them you must then master the computer skill and hack into the lothario fund after that is done you must then become his love interest.
    Once don has taken the bait you must than gather more info from the other residents about lothario once killed or tooken down you must go on to j Huntington the third and get good with his friends and him once you destroy him you must return to your base in new crest and tell your findings to your boss to make this a little more challengingly you complete the transaction in 3weeks

    1. You must turn new crest into a special agent district little by little you must have a hideout in new crest and a couple of homes .
    2. Your sim must join the special agent career ( diamond agent)
    3. Your boss must live in the new crest area while you live in willow creek or oasis springs you choose .
    4. Once you takedown lothario and destroy him you must move on to your next target which is j Huntington the third
    5. Your character must be a young adult female she must be breathtaking or your definition of breath taking and she must have the following traits romantic and cheery and ambitious .her aspiration must be serial romantic .
    6. The challenge ends when your sim becomes a elder which means sims lifespan should be set to normal. spy.jpg


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