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Discussion in 'The Sims 4 Get to Work' started by Tatiana, Sep 21, 2015.

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  1. Tatiana
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    OK, so I was chatting with @Ami about the one thing that irritates me the most about the active careers and it's the way the places are filthy and NOBODY cleans!

    So, what if we played a scientist long enough so that they could get the raygun and then equip it with mind control/clean? Then, put it on a little lot and always have your Sims move to that lot long enough to get the raygun in their inventory. Then, move them to their real lots.

    Then when you play an active career? Your Sim will be able to force co-workers to clean!

    Have any other tips to make active careers more enjoyable?
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  2. Kai Chen

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    What a great tip!
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    I think that's a new thing i should consider about, because i had a sim at level 10 of their career and almost every novice co-workers clean the career lot regularly. If your sim works as a Doctor or a Detective, you may rarely see these problems because one of your co-workers may work at level 1 or 2, which means it may be their side-duties for keeping the entire workplace clean and tidy. But if your sim works as a Scientist, you may see this problem, because as you might know your Scientist co-workers can get promoted and at certain times they won't have to clean the lab anymore and focus on working on a higher task or project. I think your co-workers will do the cleaning if only they're feeling uncomfortable enough around a filthy workplace. =P

    I have three sims playing three out of the four active careers. For the Scientist, i haven't encountered this problem. It only appears that it still remains clean, no pile of trash left behind after co-workers done repairing broken items. I decided to take a try mastering the Doctor career. I finally reached the tenth level and i can wear my awesome Doctor uniform. (=P)
    Surprisingly, when i'm busy performing surgeries and treating sick patients, i found out that i have a novice co-worker (level 2) that is being very nice to me, very loyal, friendly, also always clean the hospital and repair broken items for me.

    I feel sad about her, praised her and told her to stop and drink coffee at the cafetaria, while i try standing in for her job mopping stinky puddles and throwing away disgusting garbages. :D:p
    Same as the Detective career, but Detective co-workers often do more repairing than cleaning.

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