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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Nicolas Parra, Aug 27, 2018.

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    Hey guys, a few weeks ago I created a marvel legacy challenge, you can check the rules here and on Tumblr: Midnight- Whiskers :)

    I’ve wanted to create a sims 4 challenge for so long but i never knew what to do it about, and the other day it hit me, I did this challenge based on some of my favorite marvel characters, I had a lot of fun writing it and hope you have a lot of fun playing it!


    This is a 10 generation legacy challenge, each generation is based on a female character but your sim can be any gender you’d like.

    life span must be on normal

    Money cheats are allowed ONLY for story purposes

    and most importantly have fun!

    Gen 1: Wasp, Janet Van Dyne
    You came from a wealthy family but you always dreamed to make your own fortune, so what could go wrong when you are a CEO and rule a fashion empire? well, your love life never went so good.

    Aspiration: Friend of the world

    Traits: Outgoing, Ambitious and Genius.

    Career: Business


    • Marry a scientist, then divorce them, then get married and divorced again. (pretty much how it goes in the comics)
    • Run a retail boutique for at least your whole adult life.
    • Reach the top of the business career and complete the friend of the world aspiration.
    • Master the charisma and Logic skills.
    • Have a good relationship with Bees (wasp, get it?)
    Gen 2: Black Widow, Natasha Romanoff
    With your parents relationship always being on and off you knew marriage wasn’t for you, so you dedicated your life to become a badass spy.

    Aspiration: City Native

    Traits: Snob, Self-Assured, Noncommittal

    Career: Secret Agent


    • You can have boyfriends/girlfriends but you must never get married.
    • Have only one child.
    • Have a co-worker be your best friend but don’t have any other close friends other than them or your family.
    • Master the programming skill.
    • Reach the top of your career and complete the city native aspiration.
    Gen 3: Jessica Jones
    Your mother wasn’t the most loving person, you had no siblings but still you wanted to do good, you became a detective but your long life dream is to be a parent.

    Aspiration: Super Parent

    Traits: Loner, Lazy, Mean

    Career: Detective


    • Live in a needs TLC apartment at least until your first kid is a teen.
    • Have a terrible relationship before finding spouse.
    • Master the photography and mixology skills.
    • Reach the top of the detective career and complete the Super parent aspiration.
    Gen 4: Storm, Ororo Munroe
    Your parents always encouraged you to follow your dreams, so you did, you became a Jungle Explorer!

    Aspiration: Jungle Explorer

    Traits: Loves outdoors, Neat, Family Oriented.

    Career: Archeologist


    • Complete the Omiscan Treasures OR the Omiscan Artifacts collection.
    • Have 3 kids.
    • Get the storm chaser trait.
    • Get the HyperCharged moodlet at least once in your life.
    • Master the Selvadoradian Culture skill and complete the Jungle explorer aspiration.
    Gen 5: Hela, The goddess of death
    You were always the black sheep of the family, so you decided to embrace it, you became and criminal and you aspire to be a public enemy!

    Aspiration: Public Enemy

    Traits: Evil, Materialistic, Unflirty

    Career: Criminal


    • have a bad relationship with your two siblings.
    • Have a pet dog, this is your only close friend.
    • Only have one Boyfriend/girlfriend, but you breakup after they proposed to you.
    • Have twins.
    • Master the Mischief and Pet Training skills
    • Complete the public enemy aspiration and the Criminal career.
    Gen 6: Scarlet Witch, Wanda Maximoff
    You and your very athletic twin never knew your father, Everyone always rejected both of you because of your criminal mother, that and also you are a little out of your mind, but your tragic past never stopped you from trying to find THE ONE.

    Aspiration: Soulmate

    Traits: Gloomy, Erratic, Bookworm.

    Career: Writer


    • Have a great relationship with your twin.
    • Complete the crystal collection.
    • Get married on Love Day.
    • Master the Wellness, Writing and Flower Arranging skills.
    • Complete the Soulmate aspiration and the Writer career.
    Gen 7: Captain Marvel, Carol Danvers
    Since you were a child you dreamed about space, So you make it your mission to become an Astronaut, You are natural born leader and you love cats!

    Aspiration: Leader of the pack.

    Traits: Geek, Cat Lover, Active.

    Career: Astronaut


    • Get a cat after your first visit to space (chewie, anyone?)
    • Complete the aliens collection.
    • Attend to geek con as much as you can.
    • Master the rocket science and video gaming skills.
    • Have your spouse die when you are adults.
    • Complete the astronaut career and complete at least 3 milestones from the aspiration.
    Gen 8: Phoenix, Jean Grey
    You always had a big heart, you joined the politics career to help those who needed your help, also, you once died and came back to life.

    Aspiration: Mansion Baron

    Traits: Hot Headed, Art Lover, Jealous.

    Career: Politician.


    • Complete the Feathers collection.
    • Get the Heatproof trait.
    • Die and be brought back to life, in any way you want (wishing well, ambrosia, Book of life…)
    • Master the charisma and wellness skills.
    • Complete the Politician career.
    Gen 9: Spider-Gwen, Gwen Stacy
    Your life wasn’t always normal, I mean your mom died and then resurrected!, So all you ever wanted was a beautiful family and to be a musician.

    Aspiration: Musical Genius

    Traits: Creative, Music Lover, Vegetarian.

    Career: Entertainer


    • Complete the snow globes collection.
    • Your high school sweetheart died before you became young adults.
    • Later on you life you get married to you best friend.
    • Have at least 5 kids.
    • Master at least one instrument and the dancing skills.
    • Complete the entertainer career in the musician branch and your aspiration.
    Gen 10: Invisible Woman, Sue Storm.
    Among all of your siblings you always felt invisible, so the moment you became a young adult you got out of your house to start a family of your own!

    Aspiration: Big Happy Family.

    Traits: Good, Perfectionist, Family Oriented.

    Career: Doctor


    • Only date one sim through the course of your life, this must be your spouse
    • Marry an astronaut or a scientist
    • complete the geode collection with the help of your spouse
    • Have only 2 kids
    • Have a nice garden at home
    • Complete the Doctor career and the aspiration.
    If you play the challenge please tag me cause I’d LOVE to see! also, use the hashtag #MLC or #MarvelLegacyChallenge if you play here on Tumblr!
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    Freelance Graphic Designer
    Aww. Bummer. I don't have all the games yet. I will try out this challenge when I do. Great challenge btw!
  3. Charc1213


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    This looks really fun :)
  4. Zully56


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    wow! i really like this challenge <3 i definitely will try it
  5. Devin21


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    Love this!!!

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