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Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Ideas' started by PrincesRosaria, May 15, 2018.

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    If anyone is talented in modding, I was hoping to see a mod that adds a new social interaction for toddlers called "Offer Pacifier". So if a toddler is sad or angry, you can calm them by giving them a pacifier. The toddler can either decline or accept the pacifier. I know many people made pacifier CC who would love to share, plus I've downloaded many mods with custom social interactions injected into the game, so hoping it's possible. I think this idea works better than using CC pacifier accessories because It looks silly when toddlers are eating or drinking juice.

    The second mod idea is a door mod that assigns an NPC family to it. I created a mod that allows invited NPC's to stay indefinitely unless you leave your lot. So the NPC's would function like regular invited Sims with free Autonomy. But the door will assign them to the house on the lot (I play in a 64x64 lot with 4 houses built on it) The NPC family will help pay rent.


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