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Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Orchestra, Aug 29, 2017.

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    This challenge is rather laid back. By that, I mean there's very few rules and no easy-hard levels like I usually include. This is (primarily) a CAS-based challenge.
    Step 1
    • Select 8 valid Disney princesses (Anastasia, Swan Lake, etc. does not count)
    • CAS CC is optional
    • You may also do a prince version, but one or the other!
    • You can make them teen-young adult, depending if you want to be precise on age
    • If you have teenagers, you must remove the school in Edit Town
    • Customize body and face precise to the character
    • Hair and eye color must be the same, though you can add highlights/lowlights
    • You may add tattoos
    • No make up that takes away from the character's accuracy
    • Clothes may be however you desire, but it is strongly recommended you make the main colors pertain to the character! (ex. Ariel w/ sea green, Rapunzel w/ purple, Aurora w/ pink, etc.)
    • Adjust traits and lifetime wish according to the character
    Step 2
    • You may have whichever town you desire
    • Pick the biggest plot possible!
    • You may not use CC lots!! (ex. premade castle)
    • You can use CC walls, floors, furniture, etc., but you must build the house
    • Create the "castle". Essentially, a modern castle fit for 8 princes/princesses
    • Design each room according to the resident
    • Have enough requirements for 8 Sims
    • You are allowed a Bonehilda
    Step 3
    • Allow them to get used to the house. If need be, do nothing productive for a day or two
    • Have a career in mind for each resident (ex. Mulan w/ Military, Rapunzel w/ Artist, Belle w/ Author)
    • Push the Sims toward skills that pertain to the character and will make the Sim more accurate
    • If a prince/princess fancies a Sim, you are completely allowed to have them date
    • It's recommended that you do testingcheatsenabled to adjust the partner to the canon couple

    Must have Supernatural pack!

    Another altercation to this challenge would be to select 8 fairies and follow the same steps you did for the modern Disney.
    The only difference would be to adjust the "castle" to be more of a woodland cottage.

    Cheats: testingcheatsenbaled true | motherlode

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