Mrs. Peregrine's Home for Peculiar Children Challenge

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    Optional: You can only control one Sim

    NOTE:I do not know if this was already thought of, please don't yell at me. Also, I only have Supernatural and Ambitions expansion packs. If there are other items that I should note in the rules, please let me know

    Disclaimer: I am not basing this off of the movie, nor book plot. I am simply using the name as an example of what I mean.

    Often, unique children are shunned, cast aside, or treated as if they are different merely because of how they look or how their mind works. In this case, you're here to give them a home and welcoming environment. With a spacious house and plenty to do and learn, you give these wonderful children many opportunities, such as socializing. Because each child is unique and cast aside, they all have one thing in common; this will teach them to be accepting and look past the small flaws and into their true beauty that is their soul.

    Objective: Home school them and build up their social abilities without the need to change anything about them; make them a functioning member of society

    • You may have a Bonehilda coffin
    • Do not move anyone else in
    • If you leave the house, everyone goes with you (unless you're grocery or book shopping)
    • You can use elixirs, but nothing to cure or harm the children (Flask of Angry Bees/Potent Cure)
    • Do give them some "out" time so they don't get sad and stir crazy (something everyone can enjoy (no pools if someone is hydrophobic))
    • Once young adults, they may move out if you have made them functioning members of society
    • Teenagers can not have a part-time job
    • Do not use cheats to improve chance of winning (ex. Make All Happy)
    Setting Up
    • Moonlight Falls
    • Go into Edit Town and delete the school (so they don't have to attend)
    • If you would like to "motherlode" your way to a nice house, you may, but I personally recommend going into Edit Town mode before entering Create a Sim and making a house on a large plot (house may be as cryptic as you like, just having enough beds and such)
    • Create one house mother (young adult/adult male/female) - she does not have to be human, but it is recommended to take into consideration that she must be stable all the time. ex. Vampires can not go out in the sun, how will she keep an eye on children outside?
    • Create 7 Sims (child/teen) of varying genders and features. Having unique skin colors and if you have the Supernatural expansion pack, it is highly encouraged to make the Sims different species, it'll help immensely!
    • Have enough space for 8 Sims (not a cramped trailer)
    • Kitchen
    • Bonehilda coffin
    • Enough beds for every Sim (may be bunks, individual rooms, or sharing rooms, doesn't matter)
    • More than one bathroom (or one with several stalls)
    • Showers
    • Dining Room
    • Living Room / Lounge / Entertainment Room
    • A large study (fit with: bookshelves containing many skill books, many desks, maybe a couple computers)
    • You may have other editions like a fenced-off playground or an art room with art stuff, or a play room. Make it yours
    • Have many skill building items
    • Have items that can make you money (ex. sculpting station)
    • Bonehilda coffin
    • You can control all Sims
    • Use motherlode as you desire
    • Use elixirs to improve skills
    • Let them out often
    • Turn off aging


    • Bonehilda coffin
    • You can control all Sims
    • Occasionally let them out
    • Have lifespan on "epic" but on
    • Do not use elixirs
    • Do not use motherlode once in game
    • No Bonehilda coffin
    • You can only control the house mother
    • Let them out once a week or every other week
    • You cannot use elixirs
    • Have lifespan on "normal"
    • Do not use motherlode once in game

    Every child has become a functioning member of society before they become a young adult. You may allow them to move out and start a career. If you get attached like I do, you can let them stay at home but I suggest making modifications (like a better bed)

    The children become young adults and one or more cannot function in society or often create a disturbance. Immediate loss if a child dies or runs away

    "motherlode" cheat: [ctrl][shift][C] motherlode


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