Negativity Patches: Introducing Questionable/Reckless/Upsetting outcomes and morals to the sims 4

Discussion in 'Feedback, Suggestions & Ideas' started by Theotherdesanta, May 14, 2018.

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    This is my first forum post and rather than stay in tune with the popular choices that simmers want, I felt maybe go off track and jot down some negatives that I would like EA to throw into the Sims 4 as a way of freshening up it's lacklustre/squeaky clean appearance.

    Every feature listed can have the opposite reaction depending on your play style, you could turn a disaster into a hurdle that your sims must overcome and while it will take some persistence and dedication to get said household on track, you can do it, of course this will have a 50/50 system where it fail, similar to chance cards introduced via Parenthood, however said outcome will leave a permanent mark on your household/sim whether good or bad, of course you may have a neutral outcome that some family are troubled by while others accept, this feature is meant to be a complicated one meant to boost gameplay and the sims 4's way of handling player/EA made stories.

    Failing school grades will lead to more than social worker visits/children being removed from the home: this adaption will also FINE said parents/guardians of the children and see their lives/careers take a downturn depending on severity.
    You have the chance to set them straight, cards will appear that can either boost them positively or negatively, a neutral card will be rare but if you're lucky enough to grab one you'll see both Pros and Cons affect the family.
    A saving grace card will come in the form of an agreement to send said child or children to summer school, they will stay for a duration of time before returning home with a B level grade which you must maintain or take higher to straight A's, long as they stay above C you'll be okay.
    If your sims child is a teenager and has behavioural issues you can send them to boarding school where they will be destined to join the military career, many chance cards here and yes some will ship them back home where they will either be punished, expelled or depending on your sims relationship/own stability.....thrown out of the house, your sims child will go stay with a (great Aunt/Uncle/unknown grandparent) until they are an adult and then once they've aged up you will receive a phone call asking if you'd like to make amends in which they come home, or if you refuse, they go into the general sim inventory where you can use them on their own, they will ALWAYS have negative memories and it will be hard to repair the relationship with parent/'s.

    Teen pregnancy and its outcomes: Of course, whats's a controversial content post without Teen Pregnancy, well with this it's very self explanatory and would require Story Progression to be fully functional.
    As mentioned above, your sims will require the ability to have an almost constant negative mental state, or just a state where poor choices were made, this has a rare outcome where you and your household pull together to help said teen and her baby BUT 97% of the time there will be negatives, unless you have a VERY close-knit family where everyone is at 100%, expect at least some other members to be shocked and upset.
    That doesn't mean you can't turn this situation into a workable adjustment to your life/play style, regardless of whose distraught over Susie coming home with a baby bump, you can manage the situation at hand, but again, expect negatives unless you have an impossibly close knit household.
    As to how Susie appears with a bump is either up to you or the game, you can give her a sweetheart to spend time with and eventually woohoo with (However it'll be under a different name) and no matter what it will come with a risk of pregnancy, although you can shorten it by taking a Woohoo ED class in which you can come home feeling sick, flirty, scared, angry, dazed because you've fainted during the class and or...curious...yes that will be an option.
    If left uneducated you will basically be having unprotected woohoo, however that is also a risk if your sim has negative grades and or a negative mind-state/Moodlet, you can have a pregnancy scare similar to adult sims who don't like kids or you can find out your pregnancy via a test, a nurse at school or by waiting till your second trimester (Chubbier teens are more likely to be a smidge clueless).
    Every teen has a choice to give up for adoption or keep, if your sim is a pure bred alien then they get the sad yet cute option to send it to their home planet where Random relatives will care for it as their own.
    to keep it and during the pregnancy almost everything will be compromised from education to work to their social circle, the social circle won't be all doom and gloom as you may find out who your real friends are and some may reveal a secret of their own to lesson your negative feelings.
    If you happen to be playing a challenge household of just a teen then you WILL be visited by social workers, similar options to adopt or keep but if you choose to keep then you can receive limited financial and education aid as well as childcare assistance. however if your teenager is constantly negative than you may receive a card telling them they are in no state to raise a child and have it removed, this won't be fixable however you may one day get a letter or call some that child wanting to meet you, they will always be in your family tree and once they're an adult you have the ability to find them or have them find you, plenty of chance cards for this one and despite it being a very negative themed idea you can make it a bit lighter with work and focus.

    Death and the aftermath: This one sort of stems personally but it would be good to see how Sims manage the idea of grief for more than a few days and in a form more accurate than just hunched and sobbing hysterically.
    Obviously this one will have many ties to the paranormal realms and involve ghosts and Grim himself, but this will also be a feature based on the emotional and lifestyle impact a death can cause to someone, yes with sims it won't be entirely on point but to see their moodlets fall or be caught in a downward spiralling loop for a few sims weeks will bring a challenge and difference to the way they work, whether its a pet or parent or brother or sister or cousin or even a child, they will go through a process that involves the desire to sleep all day, actually sleep all day because their bar drags itself up so slowly, the lack of wanting food, a change in walk, in body movements, their face is always sombre or sad, they don't want to go to work and when they do they often come home early regardless of what you tell them to.
    The features in this idea are the ability to be depressed, in mourning, have emotional breakdowns because your partner of so many years has just lost his life while cooking spaghetti, be weighed down by grief and struggle through the days because you have a soul mates trait binding you to this person forever.
    A possibly fun feature is the ability to call Grim and demand he bring so and so back, he can refuse, challenge you, show up and fight you or tell you to go get so and so yourself and give you a special key to the ghost world, another world in itself similar to that which we have aliens, you can go, find them and bring them back...or be told they're at peace and be told to move on, yes thats utterly heartbreaking but if their death was from old age...sometimes the dead just wanna be left alone.
    Of course if you do this for your pet...they'll always wanna come with you unless you receive the Grim friendship card in which Grim himself...has bonded with your pet, yes you can fight Grim for the pet to come back but you have a 50/50 chance along with some cards.
    If magic and Witches are ever brought into sims 4 then you can bring the person back by yourself, but Grim will be angry with you and possibly turn said sim into a zombie as revenge, or wipe their memory which is much crueller, one or two cards but they're more about not killing yourself should your Calderon explode.

    I'm going to end this here as i have some things to do but please comment on what Negative's you'd want to see Sims 4 tackle! Also I apologise for how poor this is, I have no idea how to create bullet points or how to make forums. Have a nice day, everyone
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    These are great ideas. I like them!
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