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    You Can Only Control One Sim

    NOTE:I do not know if this was already thought of, please don't yell at me. Also, I only have Supernatural and Ambitions expansion packs. If there are other items that I should note in the rules, please let me know

    In this challenge, the only Sim you are allowed to control is the house mother. You live in a house with 6 orphan children, ages 6-10. Your job throughout this challenge is to keep the house in tip-top shape, and keep the children happy and healthy, avoiding "CPS" showing up. You will lead them to their potential futures, and hope that they lead a good life all because of you.

    • The ONLY cheat you may use is [motherlode] once! (just to get necessary items)​
    • You MAY NOT use any other cheat, especially ones to boost your chance of winning quickly (skill boosters)​
    • You cannot give the children elixirs (enlightenment, vial of bliss, skill booster, wish enhancer)​
    • You cannot be a fairy or witch and cast spells on the children​
    • You CAN NOT have a Bonehilda coffin on the premises!!!​
    • You MUST have enough beds and seating arrangements for the children!​
    • Children can only handle kid stoves to make muffins, so you must have the necessary appliances to make meals for them​
    [Depending on what expansion packs you have]
    • Laundry appliances are recommended, as you can not leave the house to go to the laundromat​
    [House Mother]
    • You CANNOT use lifetime happiness to boost her health (hardly hungry, steel bladder) or skills (multitasker)​
    • You cannot leave the house (or hire a babysitter)​
    • Do not let the children leave after curfew* (given with school and such, idk why they would anyway)​
    • You may have her acquire a hobby in her free time to earn some money (writing, painting, inventing, sculpting)​


    Setting Up
    • Lifespan of house mother may be as large as you want
    • Child lifespan must be set to full (2 weeks)
    • Teen lifespan must be set to full (4 weeks)
    • You do not have to have birthday parties for them, but it'd be a nice finale

    [STEP 1]
    • Select whichever town you wish, though Sunset Valley is ideal
    • In Create a Sim, start the list off with a human house mother, preferably young adult (male or female)
    • Add six children with varying appearances and traits [you may make it strictly male or female (or mixed) and can give them uniforms, though it is not recommended]
    • For an interesting twist, you can have a child with clashing traits (snob/friendly)
    • You may have some children be siblings, though it is highly discouraged if you desire the full effect of the challenge
    • The house mother is not related to any of them!

    [STEP 2]
    • Purchase an empty lot that does not exceed 50x50 - 45x55, etc.
    • Build a home with no more than two floors (must be finished (painted))
    • Include all necessary appliances
    • You may have more than one bathroom if you have enough money
    • The children do not have to have their own rooms. It may be two per room, or strictly boys or girls
    • Have living quarters for the house mother (a bed, etc.)
    • You must have child-friendly skill boosting items

    [STEP 3]
    • Care for the children and keep them in good health
    • "Serving" meals is ideal, as it would provide food for all of them
    • Help them with their homework and tutor them
    • Keep the house in decent shape
    • You may not have anyone else move in
    • While the children are at school, it is recommended you leave the house to shop or socialize to keep up your social bar and prevent the Stir Crazy moodlet

    Make it the full two weeks with children at optimal health, and be in good terms with them. Lead them to a good life

    The children are killed or taken away, or simply disobey you to the point of running away
    If this happens, you must start over, or choose a different challenge​

    • use "motherlode" cheat once to get house in order
    • win the challenge by having a successful 2 weeks

    • use "motherlode" cheat once to get house in order
    • raise children through teen years to young adults

    • only allowed household funds
    • raise children to young adults

    Motherlode Cheat: (Ctrl + Shift + C) motherlode (Enter)

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