Produce 101 In The Sims 4 Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by Loli Pop, Aug 9, 2018.

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    This isn't that much of a challenge but it kinda is sooo..... I also haven't tested this and I'm not sure if its possible. That is expected from me haha...Its also easier if you've watched the show! Anyway....

    This challenge should work with the base game! But mods are needed to have best experience which means a mod to get sims in the household and dance animations!

    This challenge is better if you’ve got a big following on social media! It’s not necessary but it’s way more fun and you get the produce 101 feel.

    WARNING! This challenge uses a lot of work, its long and it's hard to take control because this challenge is made to be almost the same as the show. It’s more like a reality show than a challenge. It may be to hard for you to accomplish.

    Challenge Name: Produce 101 In The Sims 4 Challenge

    Objective: To end with a certain number of sims and debut as a girl/boy group (3-12 members)

    Characters: to get the feel make a huge number of sims (an idea, maybe 50! You may also need to use a mod to get 50 sims in the household) If you have a big following on social media maybe tell them your making a let’s play and they should make sims to be in it and then pick the ones you like (without changing their looks or traits. If they have cc you don’t have your allowed to change it) it makes it seem like you’re actually having different sims from different companies coming. (Also have them say which company they’re from and whether the sim is vocal or a dancer to make it more fun!)


    • You can cheat hunger, fun, bladder, and hygiene needs! (They aren’t really seen in the show, but for the sake of it at least them be tired so they can sleep at night!)

    • All relationships must start as acquaintances

    • To make things interesting you can add in your own storyline, like drama just no fights (since non broke out in the show)
    • you may not be biased based on what company they’re from or what they look like

    • All the participants must be one gender (since in the show the trainees are only one gender)

    • There can not be more than 5 sims from the same company!

    • For the audition just have the sim(s) from the same company perform a dance (this is how you will introduce your sims!)

      • For figuring out what grades the trainees will get, simply use a wheel (those wheels that randomly pick a choice and put the grades “A, B, C, D, and F”)
    • It’s best to make specific outfits, practice rooms, and dorms for their grades (they will be wearing these most of the time)

      • Anytime the sims are not performing they must be in this outfit
    • Make a uniform of your choice that they will wear when they perform the pick me song! That’s what you’ll call it but it can be a song of your choice!

    Voting rules:

    • The reason why it's better for someone with a big following to do this challenge is solely for the voting purpose. Wasn't it the national producers that picked the trainees? For voting I suggest you start a poll that goes on for multiple days until the pick me song to see who is #1 up to your current number.

    • The way you want fans to vote is up to you, it can be voting for multiple trainees or one

    • Voters can change the person they want to vote for

    • Voters are allowed to be biased (haha)

    How things should play out:

    Since I have a lot of things to say, I’ll put them here cause it’s easier. Some things may be rules that I have typed subconsciously (so pay attention cause I can’t haha)

    Day 1:

    Starting off you must have a big number of trainees (sims) 50 is just a number suggestion. No less than 30! Each trainee from the same company must perform a dance as a group or soloist (even though there’s vocal they will be not singing its just a position, you can have a singing sequence if you like) make sure the national producers (fans) see the performance so they can start getting to know the trainees and start voting. After the performance spin the wheel and get the grade for each individual trainee (keep track of this!) After getting their dorms you can have them perform the night time routine (eat, talk, or sleep). No watching tv or using phones (they were not allowed to during the show) once all sims are asleep, that is it for day 1!

    Day 2:

    Day 2, all sims must practice! Simply for the entertainment you can have the sims do sim dancing by clicking on the radio! This must be in the practice rooms made for each grade. Practice should start at 8 am (idk what time they actually practice haha) it must end at 1 pm.

    Make sure you have the performance stage up and running so they can have a practice run! (here you may play the song you want to use and the dancing animation you want!) Only show a brief clip, don’t want the national producers to see it before the actual performance! After that they may do the nighttime routine.

    Day 3:

    Before starting the game have a poll on song options. Make sure there are 5 people in each group and then have a song option for each song, keep in mind that two groups will be performing the same song to go against each other. (For example, there are 30 trainees, to have 5 trainee in a group there must be 3 songs and 10 trainees total. Have the group split and you have 2 groups for 1 song. I will then make options for each group). Also see the current status of which trainee is leading and have them be center in the pick me song! Day 3, start it by showing the current places of the trainees, then show the pick me performance! (make sure leading trainee with the most votes is center!). After that performance make sure voting is still going on. (If people can only vote once start another pole so they can vote again for a different trainee). Have another poll be based on which trainees should be in which group for which song (the poll that was in the beginning). In the game spin a wheel to give each trainee a different grade but make sure it relates to their rank (votes) the top ranks must be an A, B, or C (A’s are the highist of the high, B’s are the middles of the high, and C’s are the lowest of the highs. Lower ranks must be D and F) to see whos name gets chosen and then make it seem like the trainee is picking the top 5 trainees for a group. After the 2 groups of 3 songs have been made have practice time! It should end before 9 pm so don’t take to long on this, it can be 2 sim days if it has to be but make it seem like 1. (if you want to make it exactly like the show put signboards of the song name and then line up the sims starting from lowest rank to highest standing exactly in the front center.) After all that is done, you may start the nighttime routine. (Make sure they are in there according dorms and practice rooms now that grades have changed!)

    Day 4:

    Day 4, voting is still going on, have another pole on who from each group should be leart! Before showing each groups performance you can make a little machinima scene of all thader and center. Make outfits for your sims to match the song concepts. Have fun with this pere mistakes and badness. Maybe show how center doesn't seem like the center member, or how the leader did a bad job. Also have fun with making choreography! Show the performance after and have the other trainees be in a backstage room! After each performance for group 1 and 2 have a vote against each member of each performance. (For example, Center (Tzuyu) vs Center (Momo) Lead Vocalist (Make these positions for fun except center) (Jisoo) vs Lead Vocalist (Lisa)) It’s best to have these poles run real time and then record the gameplay to match up. Now you can make another machinima clip on how they feel the suspense on who got more votes! This may take two episodes of your lets play and the sim days may be long. When done with this you may move onto the next day.

    Day 5:

    Day 5, check who the last 15 trainees are in the ranking system and that is who will be eliminated! Start a new voting pole for the trainees who are still in. In the game you can make a dramatic machinima scene of the 15 people who are disqualified and make it suspenseful. You will then announce the new ranks and then the new grades! After that they may go to there dorms and perform nighttime routine (Make sure they are in their appropriate dorms!) Have everyone wake up at 8 am and have them go to the song picking place. Have another pole on song choices again, there must be 5 trainees in each group. (For example, there are 15 trainees, there must be 5 trainees in each group. There must be 3 songs! So then I will make song options for each group) pretty much have the same pole for who will be in each group and who will be center and leader. Now have practice time, and then do the nightime routine.

    Day 6:

    Day, 6 continue checking on ranks and then in the game just pretty much copy day 4! Just skip the voting stuff and go onto making outfits, machinimas, and the performance. You pretty much just do that all over again. Except this time groups aren’t going against each other so just make the voting be on who was voted for more out of the group!

    Day 7:

    Day 7, repeat day 5 except 6 people are eliminated this round. Change ranks based on the voting and then start a new pole. Give them new grades and have them do nightime routine and so on that is said on day 5.

    Day 8:

    Day 8, continue doing day 6 and 7 until you are down to the last round of trainees. (Make sure to be eliminating trainees in a big number of sims! The numbers I used before were based off of 30 trainees total. Have the numbers be something like 20, 15, 10, 5 or higher or lower)

    Last round:

    After the performance, you see the current votes and depending on how many trainees you want there to be in the girl group, you eliminate the rest. You can make a suspensful machinima sequence on those people being eliminated and then the others finding out they made it to the group. You can also make a scene on the center being told they are center!

    Yes this is long, hard, and annoying but I got inspired! You may not want to do this because of how controling this is but its neccesary to get the flow! I hope you try it out and make it to the last round! I also want to see your lets plays! Link it or tell me where it is posted so I can watch and also vote!
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