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    Please send/link me images of your creations!

    Objective: Rebuild a visit-able school with all the necessary education requirements

    You may not use custom content!
    Setting Up
    • Enter 'Edit Town' and delete the school
    • Use that empty plot as your guidelines for how big you're allowed to make it
    • Can be elementary or high school, or neutral
    • If you choose elementary, have more colorful classrooms and toys and kid-friendly skill items

    • Courtyard
    • Office (Main/Nurse)(Can be separate or together)
    • Male and Female bathrooms (preferably more than one)
    • Canteen (& kitchen)
    • Gymnasium (and/or weight room)
    • Locker Room
    • Lockers
    • [One or More of]: English, mathematics, science, history, arts/music
    • Library
    • Computer Labs
    • Staff Areas

    • Auditorium
    • Band and/or Choir Hall
    • Pool & Showers
    • Boiler Room
    • Janitor's Closet(s)
    • Foreign Language
    Alternative or Similar Altercations
    • U.S. History - Civics - Economics - World History - Geography
    • Spanish - German - French (those are just common)
    • 2D Art - 3D Art - Junior/Senior Art Portfolio - Graphic Design - Photography
    • Chemistry - Biology - Zoology - Physics - Human Anatomy - Botany - Geology - Forensics - Astronomy
    • British Literature (Brit Lit) - Journalism - English - Creative Writing - Modern Novels - Sports Literature - Yearbook
    • Band (Marching/Symphony) - Choir (Concert/Chamber/Madrigal) - Music Appreciation - Theater (Drama)
    • Physical Conditioning - Physical Education
    The fine arts (theater/drama) can simply take place in the aud., but it's recommended that there be a classroom nearby for final exams or written assignments

    You must have a gymnasium, but you can also make space indoors or outdoors for sports (football / volleyball / baseball / swimming / track / etc...)

    It is recommended, but not required to have extra rooms to just make it look a little busier

    The rooms must obviously imply what they are! (ex. Spanish themes in Foreign Language)

    If you wish to take it further than the appearance of the school itself, you may purchase the property eventually and stock the shelves with appropriate books (ex. gardening in botany)

    You can include other extracurricular things, but again, make it obvious what the room is!


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