Self Sim Makeover CAS Challenge

Discussion in 'Challenges' started by femmeonamissionsims, Sep 4, 2015.

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    Hi guys! I had an idea that I thought might be fun. I hope you'll play along with me!

    Share your self-sim and let others give you a makeover!

    No changes to genetics - that includes body shape, facial structure, and eye color. Feel free to change clothing, make-up and hair! For hair, you can change the texture, style, or color. But if you do change the style, imagine you are giving them a hair cut - you can’t go longer than whatever hair they are already working with! (I know extensions are a thing, but I think it would be more realistic this way.)

    CC is great, both on your self-sim and makeovers! If possible, share the CC you used on your self-sim. But we’re going to be changing everything so it’s not required.

    If you post a makeover of someone, please try to post your self-sim as well to keep the challenge going!

    And of course, be nice everyone :)

    Okay, to get this started, here are some screenies of my self-sim for you to make over! She’s up on the gallery – find her using the hashtag #selfsimmakeover or under Origin ID: “femmeonamission", household name “Selfsim Makeover Challeng” (ran out of characters!). She has CC so make sure you have that allowed in your settings.


    CC Used:
    Curly Gurly by LumiaLover
    Casual Hair by Sims4TI
    Lashes by Kijiko (v.2)
    Cleavage mask by Chisami

    Have fun, everyone! Share your self sims and makeovers in this thread, and on the gallery with the hashtag #selfsimmakeover. Can’t wait to see how you style each other :)
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